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New papers from the Wine Economists? Do we seek solace in alcohol or is it the other way around?

The Association of American Wine Economists has published two new intriguing papers. The first is about the development of economic thinking and viticulture. The second is on a more unexpected subject: it is a study on the correlation between monogamy and alcohol consumption. It turns out that in societies that move from polygamy to monogamy […]

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Alcohol consumption

How much alcohol do people drink in different countries? Here’s some statistics on the alcohol consumption, counted in litres per capita (persons over 15), for 2003: 1. Luxemburg: 15.5 l 2. France: 14.8 l 3. Ireland: 13.5 l 4. Hungary: 13.4 l 5. Czech Republic: 12.1 l 6. Spain: 11.7 l 7. Denmark: 11.5 l […]

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French government launches unsuccessful anti-alcohol campaign

The French government has launched a campaign targeting youngsters that wants to discourage young people from drinking. According to reports in Decanter, the reactions from youngsters seem to indicate that the campaign has had questionable success. They report reactions as ranging from ‘I have not seen it and I don’t care’ to ‘I have seen […]

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Wine is like fish, but more fun

An American study has show that a moderate alcohol consumption has a similarly positive effect on the health as eating fish that is rich in omega 3 fats. The study compared wine drinkers with fish eaters and concluded that drinking wine in moderate quantities had the same beneficial effects as eating lots of fish. Just […]

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