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Geese in the vineyard at the Emiliana Winery, Chile

Geese in the vineyard at the Emiliana Winery, Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Chile and Argentina are two very intense countries and so are many of their wines. There are many parallels between the development of the countries and the wines. Today both Chile and Argentina make wines in world class. It is easy to think that all wines from here are dense power horses but that would be wrong. There are all kinds.

There is a lot of experimentation going on in the wineries, exciting new things; different grape varieties; sometimes oak, sometimes not. There are plenty of things to discover. If one knows where to visit.

The landscape is spectacularly beautiful. Both in Mendoza and in Chile the majestic Andes mountain range is a backdrop to the vineyards.

The BKWine wine tour to Chile and Argentina starts with a day at an estancia on the Pamapas followed by a couple of days in Buenos Aires, including tango of course. Then we head to Mendoza: lots of wines, lots of asado (the Argentinean version of a barbecue orgy), lots of everything!

Then we cross the Andes on a spectacular road journey over the mountains. In Chile we stay, among other places, in a charming hotel in Santa Cruz, learn how to be a winemaker (for a day), more asado, many vineyard visits, discover Santiago and, not to miss, Valparaiso! Winery visits, gastronomic feasts, and the charms and sights of two Latin American countries in a nutshell. Read more on wine travelling in Chile and Argentina here, including pictures and video.

Join us, Britt and Per, on this unique and exclusive wine tour / gourmet tour to Chile and Argentina. Book now!

Travel to the world’s wine regions with the wine experts and with the wine tour specialist!

Organic vineyard in Chile

Organic vineyard in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

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