Where are we now? What is happening with our wine travel activity?

This is from the introduction to the BKWine Brief #200 and also from our wine travel site on how life is in the wine tourism sector currently.

Where are we now?

It is easier to know where we are than where we will be. Our activity is fundamentally affected by what is happening in the world at this moment.

A very large and important part of what we do is to organise wine tours. All of our travel activity is, of course, currently on hold. All our wine tours for the spring season have been cancelled.

What about autumn? Since no one really knows what will happen in the fall/autumn we are working with the hypothesis that it will again be possible to travel. This means that we are planning for all the autumn tours as if they can go ahead. The autumn season is around two thirds of our business. We don’t know if it will be possible. Many things point to long term effects for the travel business, that it will suffer for a long, long time. We will have to wait and see and take decisions when we know more.

So, slightly amended, I will quote what I wrote on Facebook recently:

I am sure you understand that we are not doing any wine tours this season. We are keeping as isolated as possible, as everyone else, to help fight the virus.

We are also very uncertain about the autumn season. Even if covid has been “tamed” will wine lovers want to travel to wine regions?

So, as you can imagine, this will not be a good year for us, like for many others in travel and tourism. We live from our travel activity.

But you can help us a little bit:

Read what we write in the BKWine Brief and on BKWine Magazine. We hope that it might cheer you up and give you some pleasure. And maybe a little longing to go to a wine region, when that day arrives.

Also, follow what we post on Facebook, pictures, videos and stories from previous (!) travel. “Like” our posts (click the button!). Keep us and BKWine Tours in mind when you start feeling the urge to travel to wine country again. Think about us for your next wine tour. When the time is right.

But you can help us even more:

Tell your wine-loving friends about us. Tell them about our wine tours and our wine writing. Tell them that they should get our newsletter and “like” us on Facebook (BKWine Tours and BKWine Magazine) and Instagram (where we are @bkwinetours). And maybe join one of our wine tours sometime in the future (full info on

Whatever little help you can give us, it is much appreciated!

We’re trying to liven up your time in home-confinement or however you are dealing with this situation, or simply your time without travelling, by posting more than usual about lovely wines and wonderful wine regions.

We plan for the future. A future when we hope to meet you somewhere in a wine region.

Britt & Per

PS: Recommend to your friends to read the Brief !

Vineyards in the Languedoc

Vineyards in the Languedoc, copyright BKWine Photography


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