What will be next? No-alcohol vodka?

Actually, that is exactly what the Swedish monopolist retailer Systembolaget has launched, but of the flavoured kind, called “snaps”, or aquavit if you prefer. Basically, aquavit is just a white spirit (vodka is a good start) with some spices. The monopoly has launched a set of 0% akvavits. is there a point?

We have not tasted it, we are happy to say, and we fail to see the point with it. If you do not want to drink alcohol why would you want to drink an akvavit? It is not quite the same thing as no-alcohol beer or wine. They have at least some other flavour and structure elements.

We have read some tasting notes from people who have tasted them. “An insult of a product” was what one commenter said: and

A fountain in Antigone, Montpellier

A fountain in Antigone, Montpellier, copyright BKWine Photography



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