Record 30 participants at the Scandinavian Wine Fair and Wine & Spirit Competition on February 11

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30 Scandinavian wine and spirits producers will participate in the BKWine Scandinavian Wine Fair in Paris on February 11. This is a record number at this unusual wine and spirits event. In connection with the Wine Fair there will also be the first ever Scandinavian Wine & Spirits competition where more that one hundred products are expected to compete for the medals. The Wine Fair will take place on Saturday February 11 at the Cercle Suédois (Swedish Club) in central Paris between 11.00 (11 AM) and 18.00 (6 PM). The Wine Fair is open to both professionals and the public. The Fair is organised by BKWine in collaboration with The Swedish Club in Paris and Restaurant Rivoli. Full information is available on the site: (page no longer available).

Britt Karlsson of BKWine, the organiser of the event, says ”I am extremely happy with the strong and record turn out for this event. We have a very interesting, and unusual (!), group of wine and spirit producers who will present their products both to the trade and to the public. All with a Scandinavian link.”. The Wine Fair will give the visitors to the event the opportunity to taste well over one hundred different types of wines and spirits and to meet the winemakers in person.

The First Scandinavian Wine & Spirit Competition that will be held in connection with the Fair is the first time ever that Scandinavian producers of wines and spirits will have the opportunity to together have their wines and spirits evaluated by an international panel of expert judges. The best products will be awarded medals that will be announced at the Fair on February 11.

There will be participants, in the Fair and in the Competition, from all Nordic countries except Iceland: Denmark (7 participants), Finland (3), Norway (7), and Sweden (13). Most of the participants in the BKWine Scandinavian Wine Fair actually make wine, or spirits, in traditional wine producing countries. The most popular country for Scandinavians to settle in and start making wine is France, judging from where participants in the Wine Fair come from. But there is even three exhibitors who make wine in Sweden. Wines and spirits from the following countries will be presented at the event: France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, USA, Sweden.

This is the full list of participants:

– Birkedal-Hartmann & Cie, Cognac, France (N – Norway)
– Chateau K, Bergerac, France (N)
– Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla, Jerez, Spain (N)
– Georg Breuer, Rheingau, Germany (S – Sweden)
– Profils-Bordeaux, France (N)
– Chateau Carsin, Bordeaux, France (SF – Finland)
– Chateau Lecusse, Gaillac, France (D – Denmark)
– Gute Vingård, Gotland, Sweden (S)
– Vinmand/Createur de Vin Didier Cornillon, France (D)
– Celliers des Dominicains, Collioure, France (S)
– Chateau Peyriac de Mer, Languedoc, France (D)
– Chateau Champcenetz, Bordeaux, France (D)
– Domaine Gachot-Monot, Bourgogne, France (D)
– Jenssen Cognac, France (N)
– Vignobles Croce-Spinelli, Chateau Clarettes-Domaine du Saint Esprit, Provence, France (S)
– Abbaye de Sainte-Radegonde, Muscadet, France (SF)
– Finca La Molineta, Spain (SF)
– Chateau de Costis, Vignobles Mazeau-Bergstrom, Bordeaux, France (S)
– Domaine Pialentou, Gaillac, France (S)
– Nangijala Vingård, Sweden (S)
– Villa Sandahl, Hungary (S)
– Chateau Kirwan, Margaux, Bordeaux, France (D)
– Chateau Raissac, Languedoc, France (N)
– Lars Torstensson (Domaine Rabiega, France, Hedges Family Vineyard, USA, Vinzavod Assenovgrad, Bulgaria) (S)
– Blaxta Wine, Sweden (S)
– Bache-Gabrielsen, Cognac, France (N)
– Domaine Canto Perlic, Gaillac, France (S)
– Chateau de Palayson, Provence, France (S)
– Chateau de Mons, Bordeaux, France (D)
– Chateau de Castex d’Armagnac, Armaganc, France
– Chateau de Nozay & Château Favray, Loire, France
– Braastad, Cognac, France (N)

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