New wine importers and closed wine importers

It is not complete but quite close. We have probably Sweden’s most current list of wine importers. We recently received a message from an importer that was not included, so we added his business: WineBee is not a new importer, but we have not noticed them before. They work mainly with Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. “Our ambition is to introduce small and medium-sized wine producers from these countries.” Sounds interesting and worth exploring. Now they are on the list. At the same time, we have updated the entire list.

New wine importers on the list:

  • Deliq
  • Fine Brands (formerly N57)
  • Happy in the Hat
  • Högberga Vinfabrik
  • Lively Wines
  • Peters Mat- & Vinhandel
  • Principum (formerly Kjeffes Bodega)
  • Reconnaissance Wines
  • Urbanbeverages (part of Primewinegroup)
  • Varbergs Vingrossist
  • Wine Group Sweden
  • Winebee
  • Winemaster

Deleted from the list (appears to have ceased business)

  • Alambic Försäljnings AB
  • Allwine
  • Andersson Wines International
  • Anton Zangerl
  • Bergs Vinhandel
  • BGS Wine Import (se Primewine)
  • Cezar Group
  • Modern Wines (Fondberg)
  • GK Wines International
  • Gladivin
  • Happy Palate
  • Lancel
  • Muram International AB
  • Origo Wine & Whisky Correction: they’re still active
  • Peak Wine Partners
  • Pixbo Vin
  • Sevengrapes
  • Swedish Wine Cellar Correction: they’re still active
  • Vinkompaniet
  • Vinomatik
  • Wahlbergs Drycker
  • Zonum

Perhaps this seems to be an incredibly high turnover in the wine importing business, and that’s the way it is. One can see it as a consequence of it being so easy to become a wine importer in Sweden, but hard to do very well. There are also many “hobby importers” who make a living from something else but think it might be fun with a small wine import business on the side. It makes the holidays in the wine districts so much more exciting, for example. But when the business does not progress much or when the interest cools, it turns into nothing.

Here you will find the full Big List of Swedish wine importers! You may also be interested in the Big List of Swedish internet wine shops, online retailers.

Have we missed someone? Send us an email.

Wines at the Drop Shop wine bar and shop in Budapest

Wines at the Drop Shop wine bar and shop in Budapest, copyright BKWine Photography

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