New growing season for South Africa in full swing

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In Europe, people are exhaling after a challenging harvest season that has just ended (a fair few weeks ago by the time you read this). In South Africa, the new growing season has started and is now in full swing and with it also the speculation about the potential of the 2024 harvest.

The producers are happy with the rain that came during the winter. Above average rainfall in all growing regions has filled dams and soils. This is according to harvest forecasts compiled by industry bodies Vinpro and SAWIS. Water, and its access, is a critical aspect of South African wine production.

Spring came early, with the first buds appearing two weeks earlier than last season. The number of buds per vine was consistently high and even, a testament to the excellent winter conditions. It has been cool and rainy during the spring, with quite heavy downpours in some places at the end of September with floods as a result.

We’ve seen some dramatic pictures from the south coast, Bot River and Walker Bay. Some wine districts have been affected, exactly how seriously it will affect production is not yet known.

Overall however, people are optimistic about 2024’s potential.

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Vineyards and mountains in the Banghoek Valley, Stellenbosch
Vineyards and mountains in the Banghoek Valley, Stellenbosch, South Africa, copyright BKWine Photography
The sea-view from Hermanus in the Walker Bay area on South Africa's south coast
The sea-view from Hermanus in the Walker Bay area on South Africa's south coast, copyright BKWine Photography

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