Continued great success for rosé wines with France, Spain, and the USA as leaders

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We are in the peak of summer, and many glasses are probably filled with rosé wine. Many people are happy that rosé wine exists. In a recent report, FranceAgriMer (a body under the French Ministry of Agriculture) called rosé wines “crisis dampeners”.

We have seen a certain slowdown in growth for rosé wines in countries such as France, the USA and Italy, but new markets are developing, mainly in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia. Also, some traditional markets such as Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands are increasing their rosé consumption.

Rosé wine is made mainly in France, Spain, and the USA. However, production has increased in Chile, New Zealand and Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. France is number one in production, consumption, and value of exports. Spain is the number one exporter in terms of volume.

Globally, rosé wines’ market share of still wines has increased since 2013 and now amounts to 1 in 10 bottles, 10%.

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A glass of rosé in the garden a summer evening
A glass of rosé in the garden a summer evening, copyright BKWine Photography

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