From bone dry to super sweet, sherry on-line with Gonzalez-Byass

At the occasion of the international sherry week (November 7 to 13) Gonzalez-Byass did a tasting over video with several European cities, including Stockholm. The tasting was led, on video, by Gonzalez-Byass’ chief winemaker Antonio Flores, who has been responsible for the production of sherry at Gonzalez Byass since 1980.

We tasted eight wines, from the lightest fino Tio Pepe, to the powerful and sweet Noé PX. There is a large spread in the style; the first five wines are totally dry and the last three are increasingly sweet. There are few other wine regions that have such a large spread in style, and with only two grapes, Palomino Fino and Pedro Ximénez. Wines well worth a try!

Gonzalez Byass sherry range

Gonzalez Byass sherry range, copyright M Lindelow

Tio Pepe Fino

~6 euro, 37.5 cl


Clear yellow colour. Pure clear nose of white wine, mineral, stone dust, a little yeast and a little fruit.

The taste is tangy with a some salty tones and good body like umami with some fruit. On average, four years old.

Viña AB Amontillado Seco Palomino

~9 euro, 37.5 cl


Colour of light amber. A bit flowery, fairly big nose with some oxidative notes, with hazelnuts, vanilla and caramel.

Rich and full in the mouth. Good acidity and hints of salt and minerals. Some oxidation. Long aftertaste. Will go well with food. A bigger wine than Tio Pepe, more than 12 years old.

Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe, Vina AB, Del Duque

Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe, Vina AB, Del Duque, copyright M Lindelow

Del Duque Amontillado VORS

~23 euro, 37.5 cl


Light brown colour. A little closed aroma of roasted coffee, Christmas spices and dark caramel. Ethereal tones of varnish and old furniture. 30 years old, it is more oxidized than Viña AB.

High acidity and very rich. Good notes of minerals, precious woods, saltiness and long aftertaste. Complex and big.

Alfonso Oloroso

9 euro, 37.5 cl


Light brown colour. Medium aroma of dark caramel, a little soy sauce, vanilla and candied orange peel. Tones of wood and varnish.

Balanced flavour with medium acidity, vanilla, coffee, slightly sweet tones at the end even though it has only 3.5 g / l sugar.

Gonzalez Byass Alfonso and Leonor

Gonzalez Byass Alfonso and Leonor, copyright M Lindelow

Leonor Palo Cortado 12 Years

~9 euro, 37.5 cl


Light brown colour. Large ethereal nose of wood, dried fruit, toffee.

Somewhat fiery taste (it has 18% alcohol content), full-bodied taste with high acidity and some glycerine, candied oranges and some dried fruit. Saltiness and long aftertaste.

Apostoles Palo Cortado VORS Muy Viejo 30 Years

~23 euro, 37.5 cl


Dark brown but transparent colour. Palomino 87% and 13% Pedro Ximénez. Medium aroma of coffee, chocolate, some soy sauce.

Full bodied flavour with coffee, vanilla, dark caramel. Some sweetness from the PX grape (60 g / l sugar).

Gonzalez Byass sweet sherries

Gonzalez Byass sweet sherries, copyright M Lindelow

Matusalem Oloroso VORS Cream Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum

~23 euro, 37.5 cl


Cream sherry or Oloroso Dulce (sweet oloroso). Dark chestnut brown like coffee. Medium big, ethereal nose with dark molasses, coffee.

Very full-bodied and oxidized flavour of dark caramel. Some fieriness from 20.5% alcohol. 130 g / l of sugar. Long aftertaste.

Nóe PX VORS Pedro Ximenez Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum

~23 euro, 37.5 cl


Very dark and dense brown colour. Ethereal nose with chocolate fudge, Kahlúa, dried seaweed, mushrooms and a little soy sauce.

A massively big sweet wine with intense sweetness, saltiness, mineral, but with a balancing acidity. Over 30 years old, with a long aftertaste. To drink on its own instead of dessert. About 400 g / l of sugar.

Mats Lindelöw writes for BKWine Magazine on tastings and events with wine merchants and wine importers in Sweden.

Eight Gonzalez Byass sherries

Eight Gonzalez Byass sherries, copyright M Lindelow

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