Uncorked: Good wines we have tasted recently, July 2013

Tasting glasses at VinisudUncorked: Under this heading we collect various wines that we have tasted, and liked, recently. It can be wines that we have had during dinner at home, at wine tastings, press lunches, visits to vineyards, or other occasions.

We describe the wines just with a few short sentences, tasting notes that we hope will give you a short but accurate impression of what we thought of the wine, without delving into finer points of fruit, minerality etc etc.

  • Marius 2012 by Michel Chapoutier, Pays d’Oc IGP Terret/Vermetino

This is an unpretentious white wine, to be drunk for instance when you have lunch or dinner outside and look for something uncomplicated. Ripe, exotic fruit and a bit floral. Nothing fancy, but pleasant. Approx 5 euro.

  • Domaine le Clos du Serres Les Maros 2011, Terrasses du Larzac, Languedoc

Béatrice and Sébastien Fillon makes this lovely wine from Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan. Lots of ripe fruit but still very fresh. Spicy and complex, smooth on the palate but structured.

  • Domaine le Clos du Serres, Le Clos 2011, Terrasses du Larzac, Languedoc

Another really good wine from Beatrice and Sebastien Fillon down in Languedoc. Clean fruit, elegant and refreshing.

  • Domaine Philippe Prunier Damy Les Grands Champs 2002 Auxey-Durresses Prermier cru

Very good Pinot style. Hints of spices, quite full bodied, warm and ripe fruit. Perfect to drink now. A real treat.

  • Clos Henri 2009 Pinot Noir, Malborough, New Zeeland

Famous Domaine Henri Bourgeois in Sancerre started to make wine in New Zealand about 10 years ago. Now the family makes red wine from Pinot Noir and white from Sauvignon Blanc, just like at home in Sancerre. This wine is pure Pinot Noir in style with a high acidity and aromas of cherries and some spices. A more full bodied version of their Sancerre Pinot noir.

  • Champagne Devaux, Cuvée D

Delicious Champagne from the less known southern part, Côte des Bar. Made from 60 % Pinot Noir and 40 % Chardonnay, partly fermented in small oak barrels, aged five years on the lees. Complex and toasty aromas. Full bodied.

  • Château Lynch-Bages 1992

A classic Pauillac from a light year. Aromas of cedar wood and some dried fruit. Light and elegant in style. Very drinkable. We bought it in 1994 and paid 89 French francs for it.

  • Domine Guyon, Nuits Saint Georges 1999

A puzzling wine! Felt more like Bordeaux than Burgundy. No Pinot Noir aromas at all. Instead there were cedar wood and tobacco both on the nose and on the palate. But we appreciated the finesse and the elegance all the same. Domaine Guyon’s wine are often quite dark, structured and powerful.

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