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Grilled sardines

Wines for the summer barbecue parties!

This time of the year food and wine magazines are full of suggestions as to which wines to choose for the outdoor summer parties. So why not also here in BKWine Brief! We love barbecue parties ourselves. It is not really difficult to choose a barbecue wine. You pick something you like, not too fancy […]

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Gravad lax, marinated or salt-sugar cured salmon

How to make gravlax – 10 easy steps

This is one of the very luxurious Scandinavian delicacies… Did you say luxurious? 1) It’s really easy to do, 2) salmon is not strikingly expensive… And it’s very good! Some call it gravlax salmon, which is a bit silly, since lax means salmon. It’s simply a marinated salmon (“grava” is a traditional way of marinating, […]

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Why white wine goes better with fish

White wine with fish is one of the best known rules of thumbs in food and wine matching. Researchers at Mercian Corp in Fujisawa in Japan has discovered why red wine and fish don’t marry well. Apparently, when the iron contents in the wine reaches 2 milligrams per litre or more there’s a chemical reaction […]

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What wine with chocolate?

At BKWine’s and Le Cercle Suédois’ recent Wine-With-Chocolate tasting general consensus was that Banyuls goes very well, as does Madeira. To dark and therefore not so sweet chocolate you can try a Madiran (!). Beer did not mix well at all with chocolate though. Some were also very enthusiastic about the combination with Malt Whisky.

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