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Winter and spring wine tours

Our winter tours have been on the program for a few months and now we have also finalised our tours for the spring 2017. All details are or will soon be (for Champagne and Bordeaux) on our website Here are the dates: Chile & Argentina, January 28 – February 12, 2017 South Africa, February […]

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An update on our wine tours (September 2017)

What’s on at BKWine Tours Champagne, September 14-18 Bordeaux, September 28 – October 2 Douro Valley, October 12-16 Chile and Argentina in South America, January 28 – February 12, 2017 South Africa, February 24 – March 7, 2017, with Safari add-on and Golf add-on Champagne, April 19-23, 2017 Bordeaux, May 3-7, 2017 For more information […]

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New on the wine travel program

We have some news for the autumn travel program, a new destination, as well as some classics. The new destination (i.e. new on the English language program; we’ve done it for many years for Scandinavians) this year is: Champagne, September 14-18, 2016, a fantastic occasion to discover this both exclusive and trendy district for bubbly […]

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Travelling in Catalonia, a video

Catalonia in north-east Spain produces some wonderful wine and is home to a fantastic gastronomy. On the wine side it is of course also famous for the cava, Spain’s sparkling wine. Catalonia also makes some delicious red and white wines in the Penedes region. Almost as well-known as Penedes are the wines from Priorat. They […]

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Top ten wine travel destinations

What is your best wine tour destination? If I ask 10 people that question I would probably get ten different answers. What is “best” depends on what you want so in essence a list of “the ten best wine travel destinations” is not a very meaningful exercise. A bit like “the world’s top ten wines”. […]

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Autumn wine tours with BKWine, 2016

All details have now been finalised for the autumn wine tours, and they were recently officially launched. All dates and all the programs are ready. This is how the autumn wine tour program looks: Champagne, September 14-18 Bordeaux, September 28 – October 2 Douro Valley, October 12-16 Three exciting tours to classic wine regions. You […]

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Glass of Bubbly logo

A Glass of Bubbly on wine travel

A Glass of Bubbly is an e-zine on all sorts of bubbly wines. They recently featured one of our wine tours in their magazine, our wine tour to South Africa. MCC is what they call the quality sparkling wines in South Africa, short for Methode Cape Classique. Read more on the BKWine Travel Blog on […]

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Christmas presents for the vinous adventurer

Every wine lover’s favourite Christmas present is surely a wine tour to one of the world’s wine regions! It is a Christmas gift that lasts for a long time with memories for a life time. To give to a wine friend or to yourself. Our winter and spring wine tours are already filling up rapidly. […]

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The cathedral in Reims

Wine regions are also World Heritage!

We have just had a mini-series about wine regions that are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Nine different wine regions are on the list that we have. Of the nine wine regions we do, or have we done, wine tours to seven. Seven out of nine, not bad! To four of them, […]

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Mendoza is the most popular destination in Argentina

Mendoza is by far the most popular travel destination for those who want to explore the wine regions in Argentina, according to a study published on WineSur. Considering that Mendoza is also by far the biggest wine producing region in the country this is perhaps not a big surprise. The second most popular region is […]

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A selection of BKWine Tours press mentions

Our wine tours in the press, on the travel blog

On BKWine’s Travel Blog we have recently published some press mentions that our wine tours have had. We are quite proud of all the positive words. Read more: USA Today: “Critically acclaimed and highly professional international wine tourism company” Huffington Post: “How to visit a vineyard” Travel Gluttons: “An exciting journey for wine lovers“ Wonderful […]

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How to be successful in wine tourism

How to become successful in wine tourism is the theme of a conference and panel discussion at the (excellent) wine fair Vinisud that takes place in Montpellier in February. The event is probably mainly geared towards wine producers and tourism organisations who want to work better with wine tourism, “oenotourism”. BKWine is probably one of […]

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What’s on at BKWine Tours: scheduled wine tours as of September 2013

Here is what is on our list of scheduled tours currently. (English language tours only. For Swedish language wine tours see We also do custom designed wine and food tours. Bordeaux, 18-22 September (closed) Douro Valley, Portugal, 23-27 October (closed) South America: Chile and Argentina, 1-16 February 2014 South Africa, 28 February – 10 […]

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What’s on at BKWine Tours, looking forward from July 2013

Wine tours currently on the schedule at BKWine Tours Bordeaux, 18-22 September Douro Valley, Portugal, 23-27 October South America: Chile and Argentina, 1-16 February 2014 South Africa, 28 February – 10 March, 2014 For more information please contact us on email or on phone (we’re on French time), or go to our wine travel site […]

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