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Winery and vineyards in Languedoc

Imagine if you would buy a vineyard in France!

It is important to choose carefully if you want to become a vineyard owner in France. If you are not staggeringly rich of course. One hectare of vineyard that is not in an appellation costs a reasonable (?) 14,200 euros. On average, the appellation vineyards cost 147,300 euros per hectare. But here too you can […]

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A tractor for treatments in a vineyard in Champagne

How much does a vineyard cost in France?

If you are thinking of becoming a wine grower in France, here are some important figures just announced by SAFER, a government organization. In 2016, the average price for an AOP vineyard was 140,600 euro per hectare. The figure shows no major change since the year before. However, one change has occurred. The prices have […]

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Are old vines always better?

At what age is a vine at its best? When visiting wineries in New World countries you are sometimes surprised. The wine producers there talk about replanting a vineyard after only 20 years. It is considered old. While in France and elsewhere in Europe wine growers speak proudly of their 80-year-old plants and would not […]

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A beehive in the garden

Fermentation thanks to wasps?

An interesting research report concerning the yeast that can be found on the grape skins was published recently. Italian and French researchers believe they have discovered how this yeast on the grape skin has gotten there. Their results show that wasps are harbouring yeast in their digestive system, giving them to his offspring and spreading […]

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Batard Montrachet, Hospices de Beaune Grand Cru vineyard

Cultural vineyards in Burgundy

Just before Christmas we wrote about the applications of Burgundy and Champagne to be the French candidate for the 2012 UNESCO world cultural heritage. The happy winner was announced a few weeks ago and it was Burgundy. Together with the other winner, La Grotte orné Chauvet-Pont d’Arc, with cave paintings that are 35 000 years […]

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