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Are old vines always better?

At what age is a vine at its best? When visiting wineries in New World countries you are sometimes surprised. The wine producers there talk about replanting a vineyard after only 20 years. It is considered old. While in France and elsewhere in Europe wine growers speak proudly of their 80-year-old plants and would not […]

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Marselan, recently planted vines

Experimental planting of new vines with resistance to mildew allowed in Languedoc

The producers of the Languedoc has now received its long-awaited permission from the Ministry of Agriculture to start growing, on an experimental basis, new grape varieties that are developed to be resistant against powdery mildew and downy mildew, we read in La Vigne. Not having to treat the vineyards against these two problems is of […]

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350, 600 and 400 years old vines

Some time ago we wrote about some very old vines in Bordeaux., our Danish colleague, has picked up on the story and has found one that is 350 years old in Alto Adige in Italy, at Schloss Katzenzungen in Prissian. That ancient vine was also well know to one of our readers. She even […]

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Old vines – and again

The vine on the Place de la Victoire in Bordeaux was planted sometimes towards the end of the 18th century and it is still standing. Like all other vines it needs pruning and this year it was trimmed on March 15 by three pruning experts. The grape variety is the rare Cruchen Nègre. It was […]

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The genome of the vine mapped

French and Italian researchers have mapped the full genome of the vine. It is the fourth plant after Arabidopsis, rice and poplar that has had its genetic fingerprint identified. The results were recently published in the scientific journal Nature. Le Figaro

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