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Chianti Classico Collection wines

Anteprima in Tuscany: Chianti Classico Collection 2018

New vintages: Chianti Classico 2016 and Chianti Classico 2015 The Chianti Classico Collection, the preview of the new vintages from the wine region Chianti Classico between Florence and Siena, takes place in Florence every year in the beautiful former train hangar Stazione Leopolda. It is one of the Tuscan “anteprima”, or “anteprime” as it more […]

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Sangiovese, not a happy grape?

Who would not be happy to be in Tuscany? Apparently not sangiovese, according to what Asa writes on the travel blog. Sangiovese, she says, is often described by female winemakers as “a stubborn old man” and by male winemakers as ” a hysterical woman”… (Remember that we are in Italy.) But handled correctly and with […]

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Franco Marinelli, Azienda Agricola Marinelli, Montecucco, Tuscany

Montecucco, a Tuscan wine region too watch

From Montecucco, a new wine region in southern Tuscany that was just made DOCG Montecucco is one of the “new” wine regions in Tuscany, Italy, that has powerful neighbours to fight for consumer mind share with and has several challenges. But that is making great progress and wines to take note of. BKWine’s reporter in […]

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Sangiovese to be planted in Languedoc

One of the effects of the wine sector reform that has recently been done in France is that it will become somewhat easier to plant unusual or untraditional grape varieties. According to 40 hectares in Languedoc will be planted with sangiovese. The Italian vine nursery Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (VCR) has sold some 150,000 vines […]

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