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CheckMate Puffer for sexual confusion

Sexual confusion in the vineyard, in a new simpler version

When we visited Château Pichon-Baron, grand cru classé in Pauillac, recently we saw a small canister in the vineyard that we have never seen before. This canister is called CheckMate Puffer and is a new way of distribute pheromones that protect against the grape worm with the method with the curious name “sexual confusion”. The […]

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New organic pesticide against rot (bytritis)

UK research company Eden Research has developed an organic pesticide, called 3AEY. The product has now been approved for sale in the EU. 3AEY is made of tea tree oil and lemon juice and is said to be effective against rot. The product has so far been found to have the same protection as conventional […]

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A dead truffles fly on a pin, copyright BKWine Photography

Suzukii fly in the vineyard

A brand new insect has made its debut in the French vineyards. This we were told at one of our visits to Champagne a few weeks ago. This insect is called drosophila suzukii and is a fly coming from Japan. It was first seen in Switzerland and in the Rhone Valley, where it lays its […]

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Austrian wine, Sander Weissburgunder

Taste of ladybird

We all like ladybirds, don’t we? But maybe not the taste of them! Drinks Business reports from the “Cool climate conference” that recently took place in Tasmania that ladybugs often are seen as a positive presence in the vineyards because they eat insects that could harm the vines. But if you have a lot of […]

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The wine louse threatens Australia

The wine louse (phylloxera vastatrix) has been found in Australia. The dreaded insect showed it’s ugly head in Europe at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries and almost wiped out all of Europe’s vineyards. Luckly, someone found the remedy: graft the European vines on American rootstocks to get a disease resistant plant. […]

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Moth new threat to Napa vineyards

A small moth called Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer is the latest threat to Napa vineyards. One such moth was recently found in a trap in Napa Valley. The evil beast eats the leaves and the grapes and also causes fungal problems. They will now try and find out if it was an isolated moth that had […]

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