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The harvest in Austria

It seems that the wine harvest in Austria was a difficult one but that in the end it can give some good wines, albeit with high acidity (good ageing potential?), and some excellent sweet wines. We have not been in Austria this year, unfortunately, so we cannot give you our own impressions. We have previously […]

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Harvesting gamay in a Beaujolais vineyard

The wine harvest around Europe in 2013

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel around to many of the European wine regions at harvest time, thanks to our many wine tours. It gives us a unique opportunity to get a feeling for how the harvest is and plenty of opportunities to discuss with the wine growers. Here is a short […]

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Harvest report 2011: A good vintage in Austria

The harvest reports keep coming in from various regions. Over all the producers seem happy, more or less, even though there were some problems, at least in France. But of course, nobody wants to be too pessimistic about a vintage! Anyway, each year has its charm, doesn’t it? Here is a report from Austria. Harvest […]

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A barrel aging cellar with people tasting wines

Harvest report 2011: the vintage in the Rhone Valley

Here is another harvest report from one of the French wine regions: The Rhone Valley. Admittedly, this press release sometimes reads more like a promo sheet with too much hyperbole: “Rhône Valley wine professionals have dared to take risks by favouring optimal vine maturity”, “Wine lovers will recognise the accessibility of our flawless, supple and […]

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Harvest workers picking grapes, chenin blanc

Harvest report 2011: The Loire Valley vintage

The 2011 vintage in the Loire Valley seems promising. When we were there in early October the winemakers we met sounded very optimistic. However, it has been a year with extreme, or perhaps more accurately, very strange weather patterns. The whites look very promising, both the dry and the sweet. The reds had an unexpected […]

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Harvest report 2011: A good vintage in Austria

The wine harvest in Austria in 2011 was overall good in quality as well as quantity according to the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. It was not a year without problems, warm weather for example led to low acidities unless the winemaker was careful. The volume was up to “normal” levels after a 2010 that was […]

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A vine in flower

Champagne raises yields with 20%

Champagne is one of the few wine regions where the permitted yield is modified almost every year. This is done in an effort to manipulate supply and demand and the prices that champagne sell for. The control organism, the interprofession Comité interprofessionnel des vins de champagne (CIVC), recently decided to raise the maximum yield for […]

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Harvest Report 2010 – a first instalment

September is the harvest month in Europe. Most producers are a bit reluctant to make statements about the quality of the harvest at this early stage. Nevertheless many are happy with the result so far. At least when it comes to the quality. The quantity is in some places a bit of a problem. Richard […]

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The harvest has begun! In Rivesaltes! (old news…)

First to harvest in France this year was (according to what is claimed) a wine producer in Rivesaltes: Domaine Rombeau. They started already on August 12, which on the other hand is just about what they usually do, says the owner M de la Fabrègue. Rivesaltes is a wine district in southern France, close to […]

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Harvesting with a harvest machine

Mechanical harvest

Grape harvest with a harvest machine (tractor) A winegrower can either harvest manually with people in the vineyard, or do mechanical harvest with a machine. Mechanical harvest is done with a dedicated harvester or with a module attached to a vineyard tractor. Is manual harvest better than machine? The received wisdom is that manual harvest […]

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How much (or how little) wine in Champagne?

There have been lots of discussions in champagne this year on how much the growers will be permitted to harvest. Curiously, the limit is not set until the beginning of September. Wit the crash in champagne sales the big houses wanted to limit the yield to 7500 kg/ha, compared to 13 000 kg/ha last year. […]

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Champagne harvest started on September 15

On September 15 the harvest began in Champagne. They have had a cool but reasonably dry summer so the expectations are for a comparatively small quantity but with healthy grapes. The maximum yield has been agreed to 13,600 kg grapes per hectare (exactly what that translates to in hl/ha is difficult to say but it […]

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2008 – hot and dry in Roussillon

Many European wine regions have had a cool and dreary summer, even if it has not been too wet. Almost the opposite is the case in Roussillon in southern France. They have had a hot and dry summer leading to an unusually early harvest. Some wineries started picking as early as August 11 but the […]

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The harvest has started in Bordeaux

The harvest will be later than usual this year, due to the cool summer. But the ‘ceuillette’ for the white wines has already started. For example, at Chateau Carbonnieux, a winery in Pessac-Léognan / Graves that makes both red and white wine, the picking of the sauvignon blanc grapes commenced on September 5. But they […]

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Mechanical harvest at Isole e Olena | BKWine TV

Harvest at Isole e Olena winery in Chianti, Tuscany. Harvesting the grapes with a tractor – mechanical harvest machine. You can see the ripe grape bunches in the vineyard before harvest and the naked grape stems that remain after the harvester has passed. In the vineyard in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy. – Machine a vendanger pour […]

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Germany harvests ice wine

On November 18-19 weather was cold enough in Germany to harvest the famed ice wine, Eiswein. 1500 l Riesling and 1200 l Pinot Noir (!) were harvested in freezing weather in Baden. Rheingau, Nahe, and Franken also made some ice wine, as well as small quantities in Mosel. This years abundant German harvest made more […]

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2007 smallest harvest since 2000

The latest statistics from SCEES shows that 2007 will be the smallest harvest in France since 2000. Only 47.1 M hl will be produced. The decline is biggest for Vin de Table in Languedoc (due to dry weather) and in the cognac producing region (due to bad weather and rain). In the northern region (Champagne, […]

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German harvest: big volume, excellent quality

A sigh of relief can also be heard in Germany after this year’s harvest. they had an early flowering and good weather during the harvest (but what happened in between was perhaps not so great). This led to excellently ripe grapes in all wine regions in Germany. The volume is estimated to 11 million hl, […]

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Good quality but small volume in Muscadet

In Muscadet this year’s harvest promises to yield very good quality but limited volumes. An early and warm spring kick-started the vegetation period. But a cold and humid summer caused problems with the flowering (limiting the quantity) and also led to some problems with rot (mildiou). But from the end of August the weather returned […]

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More harvest news: great year for Châteauneuf-du-Pape

The summer has been exceptionally sunny and windy in Châteauneuf (as opposed to some regions further north). They have had a bit of rain during the harvest but it has not caused any serious problems (it was rather welcome after the very dry summer). The producers’ federation expects it to be an outstanding vintage (following […]

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Small harvest in Italy

Italy expects to make the smallest harvest for 50 years, partially due to bad weather in the south. In the south there has been frequent rain which has cause diseases in the vineyards reducing the yield. In the north, the weather has in contrast been very hot. It is expected that this will lead to […]

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