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Wine cellar with barrels and frescoes

Loire, Greece, Oregon, Campania, Ahr, Piedmont, New Zealand and much more in Handpicked’s range

Recommendations from an ambitious importer’s selection For a wine enthusiast, it is important to keep an eye on what the various importers have to offer. It is with the ambitious importers that you will find exciting wines, such as the importer Handpicked Wines. The big grocery chains selection is often largely populated by moderately exciting […]

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Takis Soldatos CEO of Oenoforos

A wine importing success story | Per on Forbes

Wine can be a cut-throat low margin business. There are also many “trophy wineries” launched by rich people who made their money in something else and then buys or creates a winery just for fun and life-style, without really needing to worry about profitability. It is all the more impressive then when someone launches into […]

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Mr Furer Sr looking out over the sea


Many great wines have their foundations in volcanic soils. Alsace’s Thann yields exuberant wines in the hands of Humbrecht and Schofitt. Across the Rhein in Baden’s Kaiserstuhl a number of winemakers achieve consistently good results from Pinots Noir and Gris. Madeira’s decomposed pumice soils are considered the best that island has to offer. Sections of […]

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Yiannis Boutari

Greek winemaker becomes mayor of Greece’s second city

Yiannis Boutaris was recently elected as mayor (a politically important role) in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second biggest city. Yiannis Boutaris is part of the same family that has given its name to the famous Greek wine producer Boutari (without the s). But in the 90s Yiannis Boutaris choose to go his own way. He left the […]

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Tsantali Mount Athos

Mount Athos Wine – Tsantali [E] – BKWine TV

Interview with George Salpiggidis, viticultural director of Tsantali Winery. He talks about Tsantali’s wine made on the holy peninsula of Mount Athos.Evangelos Tsantali established the Mount Athos vineyard in the early 70s, with mainly international grape varieties. Today the vineyards cover around 100 hectares. Much has been replanted more recently, also with traditional Greek grape […]

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Evangelos Gerovassiliou, Domaine Gerovassiliou

Domaine Gerovassiliou in Greece [E] – BKWine TV

Interview with Evangelos Gerovassiliou founder and owner of Domaine Gerovassiliou. He founded the winery in 1981.Domaine Gerovassiliou is a winery located not far from Thessaloniki (Thessalonica) in the hillsides of Epanomi, in northern Greece. Evangelos Gerovassiliou believes that the future of Greek wine is based on the indigenous native varieties, for example, malagousia, a grape […]

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Stellios Boutaris, Kir-Yianni Estate

Kir-Yianni Estate, interview with Stellios Boutaris in Greece [E] – BKWine TV

Interview with Stellios Boutaris, winemaker and co-owner of the family vineyard Kir-Yianni Estate winery, founded by Stelios father Yiannis Boutaris, located in Naousa (Naoussa) in northwestern Greece. One of the main varieties they focus on is xinomavro, sometimes likened to pinot noir but really with more family resemblance to nebbiolo or syrah. Stellios also talks […]

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Angleos Iatridis, Alpha Wine Estate

Alpha Wine Estate, Greece [E] – BKWine TV

Interview with Angelos Iatridis, co-owner and co-winemaker at Alpha Wine Estate (Ktima Alpha) together with the partner Makis Mavridis. Alpha is located in the village Agios Panteleimon, Amyndeon. North-western Greece, viticultural appellation region Florina. The name of the appellation and wine region is Amyndeon. Alpha was one of the first private vineyards in the Amyndeon […]

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Wine from northern Greece

I’m probably not alone in having some pré-jugées about Greek wines. A bit like, OK, a bottle of retsina can go down once in a (not very frequent) while, but hardly more than that. But there is actually much, much more than that in Greek wines! Not least in northern Greece, in Macedonia. There you […]

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