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Fake wines and forgeries

The wine business is in no way safe from fraud or fakes. You may remember the recent scandal when a wine producer in the south of France sold large quantities of pinot noir wine to an American customer. The problem was that he sold much more than what was made in the appellation… Or the […]

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The founder of the Spanish Wine Academy wanted by Interpol

The headline only refers to one of the aspect of this strange story. Pancho Campo founded some years back the Spanish Wine Academy, a training and event organising profit motivated corporation (and not as one might guess from the name an official Spanish body). Campo is also the organiser of the wine hullabaloo Wine Futures […]

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“The world’s smartest way to sell alcohol”

Usually, this is a story that would only appear in the Swedish edition of the BKWine Brief but this is so outrageous so we have to share it with everyone. In a recent issue of one of the biggest daily paper the Swedish monopoly retailer of wine and spirits, Systembolaget, run a two page ad. […]

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Laser detects fraud in old wine bottles

As expensive wines get dearer the problem with wine fraud increases. A team of researchers at the Centre d’études nucléaires de Bordeaux Draguignan (CENBG) has developed a method that will make life more difficult for fraudsters: Using a laser and studying how the light is reflected from the bottle they can identify when the bottle […]

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New counter measures against counterfeit wines

In parallel with exclusive wines becoming more and more expensive counterfeit wine bottles are becoming a more frequent problem. Much fake wine is no doubt never found out but sometimes you hear stories about a fake bottle of Pétrus in a London restaurant, or a counterfeit old Lafite at a dinner in Hong-Kong etc. Two […]

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