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Cognac’s incredible success on export

There is a wine region in France that is really doing well at the moment. And that is Cognac. Sales increased in 2018 for the fifth consecutive year. 205 million bottles of cognac were exported. This equates to 98% of the entire production. The United States buys 94 million bottles annually and is the largest […]

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Cognac is doing well on the export markets

The French wine and spirits exports hit an all-time high in 2016. In total France exported wine and spirits at a value of 11.9 billion euros. This was an increase of 1.2% from the year before. Now this was actually not thanks to the wine but to the French spirits, more particularly Cognac. Cognac did […]

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Pinot noir from New Zealand

New Zealand wine exports

In the 12 months to January 2011 New Zealand exported 1.56 Mhl (156 M litres). Almost all of it, 84 %, goes to the three top export markets: UK, Australia, and USA. Here are the top ten (to 13) export markets for NZ wines: UK: 34 % of total exports Australia: 30 % USA: 20 […]

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Chile and France bestselling wine countries in Denmark

Some Danish wine statistics: According to the Wine and Spirit Organisation in Denmark, and Chile is the top wine supplier to Denmark with a market share of 17%, followed closely by France with 16%. Italy has increased its share significantly, as has South Africa. Australia and Great Britain (!) are the big losers with […]

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Austrian wine exports up

For the first six months 2009 Austrian wine exports were up 10% in volume and only marginally down in value (-1.8%). Austria needs be cautious in the longer run though, since the general price level has fallen and an increasing portion of the exports are in bulk rather than in bottle (especially to Germany). “For […]

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French export markets

The latest export numbers we found was from 2006: a total of 14 million litres were exported (excluding sparkling wines). 58% were red or rosé and 42% white. The main export destinations: UK: 20% of the exports Germany: 17% Belgium: 12% Netherlands: 10% USA: 8% Japan: 4% Canada: 4% Switzerland: 3% Denmark: 3% Others: 19% […]

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Champagne exports down 5%

It’s unusual to hear negative numbers from Champagne but in 2008 exports fell with 4.8% to reach “only” 322 million bottles. Counted in value it is estimated to have added up to 4.5 bn euro. 45% of sales go on export (51% if counted in value). In spite of the decrease 2008 is one of […]

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French wine exports stable

Wine exports from France reach in 2008 virtually the same level as in 2007, counted in value. The total value of the exports reached 6.8 bn euro. If you look at the volume, though, exports fell with 10% and reached 13.7 bn hectolitres.

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South Africa’s wine exports up 30%

Wine exports from South Africa grew with almost 32 % in 2008 to reach 4 million hectolitres. The biggest export market is Great Britain where volume growth was 22%. South Africa has reached fifth place among wine suppliers to the UK with a 10% market share. The other big export markets are Germany, the Netherlands, […]

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American wine exports pass the $1 billion

$1,008,259,000 is the number, so the billion was passed with a whisker. That’s the value of American wine exports in 2008 which was an increase with 6%. More than 90% of the wine comes from California. Wine is, according to Linsey Gallagher, marketing director at The Wine Institute, California’s second largest export product. USA is […]

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South African wine exports boom

The ten biggest export markets for wines from South Africa (source: WOSA, million litres over Jan to Jul 2008, change relative to 2007): 1. UK, 61 Ml, +26 % 2. Germany, 37 Ml, +9 % 3. Netherlands, 18 Ml, 0 % 4. Sweden, 16 Ml, 0 % 5. Africa, 15 Ml, +177% 6. Eastern Europe, […]

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South African exports grow

The exports of South African wine continue to grow. In 2007 the sales increased in all but two of the top ten export countries, the two exceptions being the Netherlands and France. 49% of exports is white wine, 45% is red, and 6% is rosé. The biggest growth markets were New Zealand (+236%, but from […]

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Tuscan wine exports show healthy growth

Tuscany increased its exports last year by 5.6%. The biggest growth was reported for exports of white wine to India that was up by 661% (from an infinitesimal base one assumes). Among the more significant markets growth numbers were good for the United Kingdom (+20%), Japan (+17%) and Switzerland (+16%). Exports to the US shrunk […]

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Argentine wine exports

Wine exports from Argentina are increasing steadily. Between 2005 and 2007 it grew from 11.8 million cases to 16.2 M cases. Over the same period the average price per exported litre of wine increased from $ 2.33 to $2.76. The largest export markets: 1. USA 2. UK 3. Brazil 4. Canada 5. Netherlands 6. Denmark […]

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Champagne exports

France drinks a bit more than half of all the champagne sold (53%). The biggest export markets are: 1. UK, 11% 2. USA, 7% 3. Germany, 3.4% 4. Italy, 3% 5. Japan, 2.7% Followed by Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, and Australia. (Source: Drinks Business/CIVC)

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Australia biggest exporter to Sweden

In dramatic contrast to Denmark, let’s take a look at Sweden and the sales statistics. The “old world” is struggling considerably more here, and in particular France. Here’s the top ten exporters of wine to Sweden in 2007: 1. Australia, 16.5% (an increase with +31.7%, i.e. in 2006 the market share was 13.3%) 2. South […]

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France in the lead in Denmark – for the moment

France, Italy and Spain are holding on to their positions on the Danish market although they have lost a few percentage points in market share. This is the top list (source: and Vin og Spiritus Organisationen i Danmark, 1. France, 19.7% (-1.1% från 2006) 2. Italy, 14% (-0.9%) 3. Chile, 14% (+1.1%) 4. […]

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Record wine exports from the USA

2007 was a record year also for American wine exports. Wine worth $951M (€606M) were shipped, up 8.6% in value. Californian wines completely dominate US exports accounting for 95% of all exports. 50% of exports are to the EU (up 7%), about a quarter goes to Canada followed by Japan, Switzerland and Mexico.

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Record exports for Austrian wines

Austria continues to develops its wine exports. In 2007 it is estimated that exports will reach 56 million litres or €105 M. Contributing to the positive figures is the fact that the average price of a bottle sold on export has also increased. The biggest markets are Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

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French wine exports growing

2007 was a good year for French wine exports. In value, exports grew y 7.7% and in volume by 2.9%. The total value (including vermouth and spirits) reached 9.5 bn euro (2006: 8.9 bn, 2005: 8.0 bn, 2004: 7.7 bn), compared with a more modest import number of 1.3 bn euro. Wine represents 70% of […]

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Italian exports up 14%

Italian wine exports are expected to grow with 14% in 2007. Italy is today the number one supplier of foreign wine in the US with a market share of 30% (compared to France in second place with only 22%). The second largest export market is Germany, but mainly for low budget wines (average price €1.10 […]

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Australian wine exports up 6%

2007 saw a growth of 6% in Australian wine exports according to the recently released figures from Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. The biggest export markets are the United Kingdom and the USA, even if the latter declined substantially in 2007.

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