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Street art, graffiti, in Valparaiso in Chile

Street art to promote Chilean wine in Valparaiso

The mythical Chilean port city of Valparaiso is a fascinating city in many ways, not least thanks to the artistic street art that gives the colourful city even more colour. Now the wine is also represented. In November, a group of talented street artist were asked by some Chilean wine producers to create large murals […]

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Nittardi in Tuscany, a wine and art enthusiast

We know of several wineries where beautiful works of art are on display in the cellar and in the vineyard. Åsa has visited Nittardi in Tuscany, owned since 1981 by a German-Italian couple that also has an art gallery in Frankfurt. Besides having sculptures and pictures by well known artist here and there the couple […]

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Artist’s interpretation of Wine Personality of the Year

Britt had the honour to be named “Wine Personality of the Year” last year by the world’s biggest wine tasting association, the Munskankarna club. One of the things that “The Profile” is subject to is being depicted by the brilliant wine comics artist Ulf Jansson (who has published a book with his works on  Bengt […]

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Wine Art Estate Winery

Wine and art – free ebooks

Many wine producers illustrate the label with a beautiful work of art. Some (wealthy) owners of wine estates are also art collectors. Philippe Margot is a Swiss wine writer who has written a number of ebooks on how different wine producers work with art. He has written on e.g. Chateau La Lagune, Domaine Trevallon, Taittinger […]

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Snow White goes wine tasting!?

Perhaps an idea for the Guggenheim or the Tate? In the entrance hall of the Centre Pompidou museum in Paris (one of the modern art museums) there was recently a very strange event: and “installation” by the artist Catherine Baÿ. Around a dozen Snow Whites gathered around a strange table, decorated with candelabra with black […]

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Art and wine: Mouton-Rothschild and Taittinger

The prestigious Bordeaux property Château Mouton-Rothschild and the famous champagne house Taittinger are well known for their linking of art and wine. Mouton Rothschild decorates the label of each new vintage with a painting by a famous (or sometimes not so famous) artist. Taittinger has made a series of champagne bottles designed by artists, with […]

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400 Bordeaux chateaux sold at auction

On December 18 a bit over 400 Bordeaux chateau were sold at auction in Paris. It wasn’t the actual wine estates that were sold of course, but depictions of them. In 1850 the first edition of what was to become a legendary wine book was published: Cocks et Feret’s Bordeaux et ses vins (Bordeaux and […]

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A wine poster for your wall?

Willi’s Wine Bar in Paris is an excellent spot to go for a glass of wine or a (not so simple) thing to eat. Each years Mark Williamson, the owner, asks an artist to make a poster for the wine bar – now going 25 years back. 23 of the 25 posters are still available […]

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Mouton-Rothschild 2005 designed by Guiseppe Penone

Each year, since 1945, a new artist is chosen to decorate the label of the Mouton-Rothschild bottle. The latest vintage to be released, 2005, will be carrying a ‘top banner’ (to speak in internet terminology) drawn by the Italian artist Guiseppe Penone, sometimes categorized in the Arte Povera movement. See the label here.

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