Exciting producers of natural wine, a shortlist

“I have approached natural wine with a certain healthy (in my opinion) skepticism. But after a recent tasting of natural wine courtesy of wine importer ‘Vin & Natur’, I must say I was pleasantly surprised”, says BKWine reporter Magnus Reuterdahl. Here is his pick of the best producers from a wine tasting organised by the wine importer Vin & Natur.

The producers of natural wine seem to have come quite a long way since the rather uneven efforts of the early days.

Here’s my list of some of the most exciting producers of natural wine to look out for.

  • Julie Balagny,
  • Andrea Calek,
  • Aurélien Laherte,
  • Domaine de l’Octavin,
  • Noëlla Morantin,
  • Olivier Horiot,
  • Domaine Montanet-Thoden,
  • Michel Guignier,
  • Domaine des Cavarodes La Grande Colline,
  • Mas Coutelou,
  • Hervé Villemade,
  • Domaine Derain och
  • Domaine du Perron

Magnus Reuterdahl writes is an avid wine blogger. You can read his thoughts on Magnus Reuterdahls wine blog, or follow him on twitter where he goes by @reuterdahl.

You can also read his more extensive report from the wine tasting on the Swedish version of this page.

Naturvinet Benoit Vourault Gilbourg

Naturvinet Benoit Vourault Gilbourg, Copyright Magnus Reuterdahl

Naturvinet Andrea Calek Babiole, Copyright Magnus Reuterdahl

Petit poussot Octavin

Naturvinet Petit poussot Octavin, Copyright Magnus Reuterdahl

Noella Morantin Chez Charles

Naturvinet Noella Morantin Chez Charles, Copyright Magnus Reuterdahl

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3 Responses to Exciting producers of natural wine, a shortlist

  1. Nayan October 26, 2012 at 13:20 #

    Andrea Calek’s Babiole is awesome !


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