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BKWine Brief nr 161, January 2017

Streamlined or personal? What is it that makes a wine feel personal, as if it has a special character? It really has nothing to do with the price. Sometimes I get the impression that some winemakers have magic fingers. Or is it simply a question of good soil and micro climate, and clement weather? Having […]

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BKWine Brief nr 160, December 2016

Sparkling trends It is popular to talk about upcoming trends at this time of year. An ongoing trend that certainly will continue in 2017 is the world’s unquenchable thirst for bubbles. In 2016 Prosecco and Cava had an enormous success. Champagne has been doing well although the domestic market is a bit slow at the […]

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BKWine Brief nr 159, November 2016

Parisian café or Japanese sushi? How is the traditional Parisian café doing? Everywhere you look in the French capital, you see a sushi restaurant or a sushi takeaway where there used to be a café. As soon as a café disappears, the Japanese are there. We now have four sushi places 5-10 minutes’ walk from […]

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BKWine Brief nr 158, October 2016

High or low alcohol Are you one of those consumers who think that the alcohol level in wines is getting higher and higher? Actually, this is an undisputed fact. Wine has more alcohol now than it had in the past. Some consumers do not care, while others look at the label and are horror-struck if […]

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BKWine Brief nr 157, September 2016

Aromatized wine? Flavoured yeast? Luxury wines without oak? On our trip to the southern Rhone Valley last week we tasted the unfermented grape juice from freshly harvested Grenache. It was delicious and sweet. But it didn’t taste like a wine, of course. A wine’s flavour is developed during the fermentation. Aromas that are already present […]

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BKWine Brief nr 156, August 2016

Terroir, desirable or despicable? It is interesting to see how a word can be reassessed. Take the word terroir. A word that every wine lover uses about ten times a day. And always in a very positive spirit. A wine that tastes of its terroir is a successful wine, a wine that stands out, a […]

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BKWine Brief nr 155, July 2016

True or not true? You can find tons of information about wine on the Internet. Who look things up in books nowadays? (Actually, as we write wine books, we hope that many do!) It is practical to be able to find everything quickly and smoothly in your computer or phone, but it is also dangerous. […]

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BKWine Brief nr 154, June 2016

The respect for a fine wine Wine drinking has been democratized in the last 50 years. There are today wines in all price ranges, for all budgets, for all kinds of consumers. Screwcaps and bag in boxes have eliminated the ceremonial opening and serving of a wine. But one thing remains. The respect for the […]

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BKWine Brief nr 153, May 2016

Some who have just recently entered the world of wine, new wine lovers, recent wine enthusiasts, sometimes says that it is so “difficult” to taste wine. On the contrary! It is the easiest thing in the world to taste wine. The most important thing when you taste wine is if you like it or not, […]

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BKWine Brief nr 152, April 2016

A lot happens in April. Some things that are supposed to happen, like the tasting of young Bordeaux wines from vintage 2015. Other things that shouldn’t happen but do happen nevertheless, like devastating frost nights. The entire northern France, as well as other countries, have been hit and the southern regions have not been spared […]

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BKWine Brief nr 151, March 2016

White, red or rosé? Colour is not just about that! What is the importance of the colour of the? Quite a lot actually. Many people like dark, dense wines, they promise body, power and lots of fruit. But lightly coloured wines, like wines made from Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo can have as intense, even more […]

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BKWine Brief nr 150, February 2016

This is number 150 of the BKWine Brief! Who would have thought that when we started one hundred and fifty issues ago!? Revolution in the New World? We have just come back from a wonderful tour in South America. You will hear more about that in coming Briefs. We spent two weeks in Chile and […]

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BKWine Brief nr 149, January 2016

Wine descriptions… How should a wine writer describe a wine so that everyone understands what he/she means? “Excellent” is of course a good word in this context which cannot easily be misunderstood. Possibly it is a bit short although sometimes it can actually be enough. Some writers choose to write entire novels about each wine […]

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BKWine Brief nr 148, December 2015

With Christmas holiday preparations to take care of maybe you don’t have time to read BKWine Brief. Or, maybe this is the time when you do have time! Whatever the case, this month’s Brief has more reading that usual. Christmas is also a time to say thank you. We are very happy that we have […]

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BKWine Brief nr 147, November 2015

There are certain countries, Sweden for instance, that have specific Christmas specialities that are eaten only for Christmas. Christmas food in this sense does not exist in France. Here people eat loads of delicacies instead. Tons of oysters, lobster, scallops, foie gras, marinated or smoked salmon, Bresse chicken. Cheeses such as Mont d’Or and Roquefort. […]

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BKWine Brief nr 146, October 2015

Wine consumers often have great respect, not to say reverence, for fine wine. Old vintages, famous producers, famous vineyards. It affects us all at some point. An awe that comes when you realize you have a Grand Cru or something similar in the glass. Wine is not just a beverage. If it were so, the […]

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BKWine Brief nr 145, September 2015

An insider’s tip to the wine enthusiast: do not pay much attention to vintage tables and ratings. This year’s harvest is a prime example of why you should not bother too much about what you read in vintage ratings tables. Last Friday I was in Champagne, at Chassenay d’Arce, an interesting cooperative in southern Champagne […]

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BKWine Brief nr 144, August 2015

It is sometimes strange to see how different trends and how media seem to affect our taste in wine. When they aired a popular TV series about Italian food Italian wines and travel to Italy became tremendously popular. We can see a somewhat opposite today with South Africa. South Africa has for quite some years […]

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BKWine Brief nr 143, July 2015

Cheap wines are sometimes criticised for being “blended.” Strangely enough, this is seen as something negative. But in fact most wines, almost all, are blended. More expensive wines are also blended. In Champagne they blend wines from an area as big as 30,000 hectares. In Bordeaux they blend 3-4 different grape varieties. A red Burgundy […]

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BKWine Brief nr 142, June 2015

We received an email from Philippe Bernard the other day, one of our favourite wine producers, in Fixin in Côte de Nuits. He was very busy, not only in the vineyards but also in the cellar where the reds 2014 are doing their malolactic fermentation at the moment. And it looks very promising, he says. […]

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BKWine Brief nr 141, May 2015

Wine drinking doesn’t really have any seasons. With one big exception. Rosé wines. I have decided never to recommend a rosé to anyone. Sounds hard? Maybe even narrow-minded? Many years ago, I was totally against rosé wines and considered it more or less as an unnecessary wine. Then I discovered that actually quite a lot […]

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BKWine Brief nr 140, April 2015

Our travel in April has taken us both to Sancerre, to Chablis, to Bordeaux and to Champagne. The vines had reached different stages of evolution in the various districts. But everywhere we saw a nascent green colour and beginning leaf canopy. From now on things will develop fast! The vines grow so that you can […]

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BKWine Brief nr 139, March 2015

March has been filled with some interesting trips for us. We have been in Hungary and tried a variety of Hungarian wines that impressed us a lot. We went there to see the very interesting wine fair VinCE in Budapest. You will soon see more reports on Hungarian wines and winemakers on BKWine Magazine. We […]

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BKWine Brief nr 138, February 2015

Spring is in the air? Spring is (maybe) in the air although the vineyards around Europe still stand naked, waiting for their first green leaves. Some wine producers are doing the pruning of their vines, an important activity. You have to know what you are doing. The vine must be cut and shaped in a […]

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BKWine Brief nr 137, January 2015

We have just made official the wine tour program for the coming autumn. Take a look at the info below in the Brief. We will also soon be publishing the dates for our two upcoming long distance tours, Chile and Argentina, and South Africa. They will take place in early 2016. Watch this space. In […]

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BKWine Brief nr 135, November 2014

This month we give you a double dose of reading in the BKWine Brief. It’s been two meagre months, in terms of reading the Brief, since we have had so many wine tours to deal with in September and October. But now we are catching up. Lots of articles, lots of news items and recommendations. […]

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BKWine Brief nr 134, October 2014

One of the things you discover when you travel around wine regions is that there are many, many more wine producers than those that are well-known and internationally distributed. He who is content to just try the large, big-name, well-known producers misses many exciting wineries. In Sweden, that I come from (bot don’t live in […]

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BKWine Brief nr 133, September 2014

Right now there are two important things going on. No it’s not the Middle East. Nor Ukraine. Not even the new Swedish government or Scottish secession vote. It is the wine harvest and the wine travel season. Let’s start with a few brief glimpses of what we’ve seen of the harvest in 2014 so far: […]

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BKWine Brief nr 132, August 2014

The first thing I have to say is that we are very excited. Very excited to soon see our first book in English, on organic and biodynamic and natural wines, on the shelves in book shops. (We have done four in Swedish.) Rumour has it that it should be in shops around September 18! Read […]

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