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Norwegian aquavit to become a protected denomination

The Norwegian government is in the process of introducing rules that will make the name “Norwegian aquavit” (norsk akevitt) a protected denomination, according to The rules will e.g. require that the aquavit must be made in Norway (seems reasonable), must be made from potatoes (which apparently is not the usual raw material in other […]

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Cognac Renault acquired by Altia from Pernod Ricard for € 10 M

Cognac Renault is a brand that is mainly known on the Scandinavian market. Best known is the premium brand Renault Carte Noire, popularly called Black Renault. Altia Corporation, controlled by the Finnish state, has acquired the brand and some stock from Pernod Ricard for 10 million euro. (The acquisition is pending approval from authorities.) We […]

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Vodka drinkers world-wide

The world is drinking a lot of vodka. The biggest market is, unsurprisingly, Russia, followed by the USA. Here are the top tipplers (2008 numbers, source: The Drinks Business): Russia: 269 million cases USA: 55 M Ukraine: 41 M Poland: 33 M Kazakhstan: 10 M Belarus: 9 M UK: 8 M Germany: 7 M Uzbekistan: […]

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Naked Absolut – Absolut irony

We read in the newsletter WoW News (no, it’s not about computer games!) that Absolut Vodka is launching a new marketing campaign: Naked Absolut: ” In An Absolut World, There Are No Labels” with e.g. the catch phrase Absolute Anticipation. They have launched a special bottle on the theme, without any label. WoW quotes Kristina […]

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World’s biggest selling spirit brands

Smirnoff – 24,300 (thousand cases @ 9l) (owned by Diageo) Bacardi – 19,200 Johnnie Walker – 16,050 (owned by Diageo) Absolut – 10,730 (owned by Pernod Ricard) Jack Daniel’s – 9,075 Captain Morgan – 7,800 (owned by Diageo) Baileys – 7,700 (owned by Diageo) Cuervo Tequila – 7,260 (owned by Diageo) Ballantine’s – 6,170 (owned […]

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Vin & Sprit with Absolut sold to Pernod Ricard

Finally, the Swedish state has sold V&S Vin & Sprit, the producer of Absolut Vodka. After an outdrawn bidding process the French company Pernod Ricard has come out as the winner. They will be paying SEK 55 billion (€5.62bn). They outbid Bacardi, Fortune Brands (the Absolut distributor in the US) and EQT (a private equity […]

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V&S Vin & Sprit to be sold at auction

The Swedish finance ministry has confirmed that V&S Vin & Sprit will be sold. V&S is one of the world’s biggest spirits companies, owning the Absolut Vodka brand, and is currently a state owned company. It has also been confirmed that it will be sold to the bidder offering the best price and the best […]

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The state vodka company grows its sales

V&S Vin & Sprit Group, the state owned company that primarily makes Absolut vodka, announced in its third quarter figures that sales volumes were up 9% to 7 million 9-litre cases, operating profits grew with 23% to 677 million SEK and profit after tax was 423 M SEK (+29%). Positive numbers that may well help […]

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Whisky from Öland

As opposed to many other internationally famous spirits (Calvados, Cognac,…) whisky does not have a regionally protected name. You can make whisky anywhere (e.g. in Japan, or on Ireland). Wannborga Distillery & Vineyard and Ölands Farm Brewery have joined together in a project to make whisky on the Swedish island of Öland in the Baltic […]

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