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Much criticism against Bordeaux primeur prices

When the prices for the Bordeaux primeurs of the 2009 vintage started to be announced earlier this spring it led to quite a lot of criticism both from the trade and in the press. Are they over-priced? It is interesting to note that sales of Bordeaux fell dramatically in 2009 and most of the classed […]

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Bordeaux prices continue up for 2009s?

More and more “release prices” have been announced from the chateaux in Bordeaux, for the wines that were tasted a couple of months ago at the “primeurs”. The tendency seems to be upwards, sometimes a lot. However, it is a little bit early to judge the total picture. But from what has been seen so […]

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Bordeaux primeurs prices falling

Quite as expected (and demanded by many) the prices of the Bordeaux Primeurs (2008 vintage) have fallen. As we reported in the last Brief, Angélus set the tone with a release price down 40% from last year. Many other chateaux have now announced what price they demand for the latest vintage. It is decreasing prices […]

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Falling Bordeaux prices?

It is still too early to say what will happen to the Bordeaux prices. The presentation phase of the primeur campaign (wines from 2008) is now over and we are moving to the “price game”. Up? Stable? Down? We will know in the coming days and weeks. The UK market (most loudly) has clamoured for […]

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Bordeaux primeurs 2007 finds a tough market

The primeur season for the Bordeaux 2007s has ended and it seems to be, just like our summer weather, with a lot of clouds in the sky. The international market is notably less interested in the wines this year. Or at least, the reaction seems to be “it’s too expensive”. It is most of all […]

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Bordeaux Primeurs under attack, again

Jean-Claude Berrouet, ex-winemaker at Château Petrus in Pomerol, one of Bordeaux’ most expensive wines, writes critically about the primeur releases in Bordeaux. “The Primeurs” are presented each year in March after the vintage to a great hullabaloo of wine merchants and journalists who gather in hundreds if not thousands in Bordeaux for the event. Berrouet […]

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