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Domaine Turner Pageot, Emmanuel Pageot & Karen Turner

Domaine Turner Pageot, Emmanuel Pageot & Karen Turner

Domaine Turner Pageot is a very small wine producer in the Languedoc, in the little town of Gabian. It was created by the husband and wife team of Emmanuel Pageot and Karen Turner, he from France and she from Australia. Emmanuel runs the vineyard and winery while Karen spends most of her time working as winemaker and manager of another (very famous) Languedoc wine estate.

They make a small range of very interesting wines, both red and white. Perhaps the most curious wine they make is the white which they vinify (at least in recent years) as a red wine, with skins, which gives it a very unusual and interesting character. Not to forget their other wines of course.

Web site:

Note: Last year we produced a series of “promotional” videos for Turner-Pageot. But they are not so much promotional as videos telling the story of a small winery in the Languedoc, so we thought it would be a good idea to share them here with you.

It is a series of nine videos, five in English and four in French.

Here are the English videos.

The Domaine Turner Pageot in Languedoc

In the first video Karen gives a short introduction to the domaine and talks a bit about the vineyards and the terroir, as well as how they do the winemaking:

Turner Pageot – passion and history

In the second video Karen talks about how she after being brought up in an Australian Catholic girls’ school came to be a winemaker in the Languedoc. It is a fascinating story of how life may turn out and how important it can be to follow the advice of the chiropractor. But she also talks about the philosophy and the passion that goes into their wines:

Biodynamics and phytotherapy at Domaine Turner Pageot

In the third video Karen talks about how they work with organic culture, with biodynamics, and phytotherapy. She explains the different preparations and infusions they use and how and why they do it:

The white and rose wines of Domaine Turner Pageot

The two last videos are about their wines: the white, rose and red wines, as well as the verjus, the unfermented, unripe grape juice that is wonderful for cooking:

The red wines and the style of Domaine Turner Pageot

The videos also exist in a French version where Emmanuel talks about the domaine.


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