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Less spraying with resistant grape varieties

For more than a decade there has been research going on in France in order to obtain grape varieties that are resistant to the fungal diseases oidium and mildiou. The research organization INRA believe that these varieties will be able to come on the market in 2017. 36 different resistance crossings are already out in […]

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Champagne Roederer has its own nursery

Champagne Louis Roederer has, as one of the few wine producers in France, been approved as a “pepiniériste privé”, ie as a private nursery for vines. Roederer will now grow their own American root stocks. On these they will graft cuttings taken from their own vineyards. It is very unusual for wine producers to do […]

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The forgotten Catalonian grapes found by Torres

The large wine company Torres of Catalonia in Northern Spain continues its work with so-called forgotten grape varieties. Torres has been working on this project in Catalonia for 30 years now. One reason for the project is that they hope that some of these grapes will prove to be well suited for the future when […]

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A budding Batard-Montrachet vine

Chardonnay remains a popular grape

In the U.S., people drink more and more wine. In 20 years, from 1993 to 2013, the volume of wine that Americans are buying doubled. The average American spends USD 8.06 per bottle of wine. The domestic wines dominate. Wines from California has a 57% market share in terms of volume and 64% by value. […]

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Are old vines always better?

At what age is a vine at its best? When visiting wineries in New World countries you are sometimes surprised. The wine producers there talk about replanting a vineyard after only 20 years. It is considered old. While in France and elsewhere in Europe wine growers speak proudly of their 80-year-old plants and would not […]

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Save the old (unknown?) grape varieties

There are several hundred grape varieties that can be used by winemakers in different countries. But the major well known varieties are very dominant. 30 varieties account for about 70% of world wine production. The many lesser known grapes have to be content with sometimes only a few hectares. Is a wine more exciting and […]

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Grape growing and wine-grape varieties world-wide

If you are interested in wine, grapes and statistics, then you are in for a treat. The University of Adelaide has published a book by Kym Andersson and Nanda R Aryal called Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where? A Global Empirical Picture. You can buy this massive tome of 690 pages for $77 from the […]

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Bonarda, the second most grown quality grape in Argentina

Bonarda could well deserve a bit more attention. It is actually the second most grown “quality” grape in Argentina. (Argentinean grape statistics is sometimes a bit confusing, just like Argentinean inflation statistics. Often it does not include grapes that are not considered to be “quality” grapes, like e.g. criolla and cereza. But sometimes they are […]

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Monopoly on grape varieties! Why?

In recent years, many new wine laws have been introduced in the EU. Among other things, the rules for “wines without geographical origin” have changed. These used to be called vin de table in France (table wines). Today they are called Vin de France, a name that should sell better in the world. And now […]

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Divico, new fungus-resistant grape

A new grape has been born in Switzerland, developed by the research institute Agroscope Changins. The Swiss are good at developing environmentally friendly grapes and this new grape, called Divico, has good resistance to both grey rot, mildiou and oidium. The grape is a cross between two grapes: gamaret and the hybrid bronner. With Divico […]

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French pinotage?

Last year, in 2012, seven new grape varieties were approved for wine production in France. Five of these were foreign varieties that are considered of interest either for the production of French wines or for plant nurseries to grow for export. The five “foreign” varieties were nebbiolo, nero d’avola, pinotage, touriga nacional and saperavi, a […]

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Marselan, recently planted vines

Experimental planting of new vines with resistance to mildew allowed in Languedoc

The producers of the Languedoc has now received its long-awaited permission from the Ministry of Agriculture to start growing, on an experimental basis, new grape varieties that are developed to be resistant against powdery mildew and downy mildew, we read in La Vigne. Not having to treat the vineyards against these two problems is of […]

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