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Spraying by helicopter, forbidden but not quite

Should spraying by helicopter or air-plane be banned? Yes, says Segolène Royale, the French Minister for ecology, sustainability and energy (as well as ex-presidential candidate and ex-partner of the current president). There is actually already an EU ban on helicopter spraying but winemakers and some other farmers in France (banana growers in Guadeloupe, for example) […]

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Big tractor equipped for spraying

Pure and healthy country air?

Well, not always. In the district of Blaye in the Bordeaux region recently an entire school class was taken to hospital after having exhibited symptoms of poisoning, which apparently were due to a wine producer spraying his vineyard nearby. The wine producer used a common and permitted product to spray against fungal diseases. But the […]

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Spraying with helicopter

Copper, less dangerous than we think? Or not?

At the end of May, the EU Commission will decide whether to keep the present levels of copper permitted for organic growers or if the levels should be reduced. Currently, organic growers are allowed to use a maximum of six kilograms of copper per year and per hectare. Or more precisely, it is counted as […]

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Saved by the bell? (Or by the copper in the vineyard?)

No, more likely by copper. Many organic growers survive thanks to the permission they have to spray with copper against the severe fungal disease mildiou. This applies not least to the organic growers in Burgundy where the weather can be both cool and rainy. Currently, organic producers in Europe are allowed to use a maximum […]

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Cold Facts: a misleading TV program on wine growing and wine making

It caused a certain brouhaha when an ”investigative” television program on wine was aired recently in Sweden, Kalla Fakta (Cold Facts). Several wine producers and wine importers appeared in the program in a way that can best be described as misleading or manipulative. The program talked about treatments in the vineyard showing as “scandalous” agricultural […]

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Mandatory spraying in the vineyard

It can be costly to refuse to spray against the grasshopper that spread the disease flavescence corée. Flavescence dorée is a bacterial disease that weakens the vine. The only thing you can do to prevent the disease from spreading is to remove the infected vines and to use insecticide against the grasshopper that spread the […]

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Sandy soil in a vineyard in Castile and Leon in Spain

Copper harms beneficial bacteria

Copper is an effective way to fight the fungal disease mildiou. However, spraying too much copper in the vineyard is not good for the soil and the water and this has been known a long time. Now researchers have discovered another problem with copper. Spraying copper can affect the bacterial flora and the yeast population […]

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