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Hail nets in Chablis

Violent hail storm destroys vineyards in Crozes-Hermitage

Hail storms can be violent and the 20-minute storm that affected Crozes-Hermitage and part of Saint Joseph on June 15 was exceptionally violent. Some winegrowers saw their future harvest reduced by at least 50%. The hail storm then continued to Savoie and into Switzerland where the damaged continued. The hailstones were of a size that […]

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The Pope's Palace in Avignon

Rhône Festival in Denmark on September 20

Inter Rhône and The Wine Company in Denmark invites you to the eleventh edition of “Rhônevinfestivalen” (the Rhône Festival) on Saturday, September 20. The festival takes place at Dansk Vincenter in Avedøre just outside of Copenhagen between 11 am and 4 pm. There will be more than 30 exhibitors and you will be able to […]

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The big Rhone wine jamboree: 11-14 March 2013

Les Découvertes en Vallée du Rhône is a travelling wine show that takes place every second year in the Rhone Valley. Every appellation organises a gargantuan tasting with all the producers (well, almost). The wine trade and wine journalists go from village to village to taste. Worth a visit! Read more about this big movable […]

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Vineyard workers on a steep hill

The big Rhone wine jamboree: 11-14 March 2013

Les Découvertes en Vallée du Rhône is a travelling wine show that takes place every second year in the Rhone Valley. Every appellation organises a gargantuan tasting with all the producers (well, almost). The wine trade and wine journalists go from village to village to taste. It is a magnificent occasion to taste a large […]

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Britt’s Wine of the Month # 2 : Domaine des Granges de Mirabel 2010, Michel Chapoutier, Vin de Pays des Coteaux de l’Ardèche

This is a very pleasant viognier from well known Rhône Valley producer Michel Chapoutier. He is based in Tain l’Hermitage but for this wine he has moved over to the other side of the river Rhône, to the beautiful department of Ardèche. This is not your typical viognier. It is less aromatic, which is why […]

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Winter in the Rhone Valley

Hard winter killed vines in the Rhône Valley

This winter was harsh in many parts of France. The vines can handle quite cold temperatures in winter time and it is rare that it gets so cold in France that they do not survive. But now, announces La Vigne, the producers in the Côte-du-Rhone have established that 20 million vines froze to death last […]

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A barrel aging cellar with people tasting wines

Harvest report 2011: the vintage in the Rhone Valley

Here is another harvest report from one of the French wine regions: The Rhone Valley. Admittedly, this press release sometimes reads more like a promo sheet with too much hyperbole: “Rhône Valley wine professionals have dared to take risks by favouring optimal vine maturity”, “Wine lovers will recognise the accessibility of our flawless, supple and […]

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Old vine in Cairanne

Côtes du Rhône Villages

With the recent battering taken by French wines from less-heralded areas, a spotlight’s been turned to raising the status of some appellations in the southern Rhone valley. The last ascension to cru status was Vacqueyras in 1990. There’s been talk for years of which village would be next with most bets on Cairanne. At the […]

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Wine cellar in Vacqueyras

Tasting 20 years of Vacqueyras: 1989-2009

— Vacqueyras 1989 Signature Domaine des Amouriers Mature, long taste with aromas of the garrigue and some dried fruit. Very well preserved and very tasty. — Vacqueyras 1990 Traditionelle Domaine la Garrigue Intense nose of tobacco and cedar wood. Good concentration, length and balance. — Vacqueyras 1991 Cuvée Prestige Le Clos des Cazaux Quite light […]

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Happy 20 Year Anniversary, Vacqueyras!

The AOC Vacqueyras is celebrating its 20th birthday. It was in 1990 that Vacqueyras was upgraded to an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. Before that it was “only” a Côtes du Rhône. A wine tasting in Paris recently of the 20 vintages made during these first twenty years as an appellation show that Vacqueyras indeed is a […]

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Discover the Rhône Valley wines

”Les découverts en Vallée du Rhône” is a giant movable wine tasting along the river Rhône. The purpose is to give you an opportunity to discover Rhône wines. It is organised by Inter Rhône, the growers association, and the next edition takes place on 1-6 March 2011. an excellent opportunity to taste a lot of […]

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The village Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and the ruins of the Pope's summer palace

Domaine Roger Sabon, Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Domaine Roger Sabon in Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a true family domaine. Roger Sabon created the domaine in 1952. His three sons Jean-Jacques, Denis and Gilbert are all involved and now also Julien and Delphine, children of Denis, and Didier Négon, oenologist and married to Séverine, Jean-Jacques’ daughter, work at the domaine. The family has 17 hectares […]

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The Châteauneuf-du-Pape book now in e-version

A few months back we wrote a book review on the Châteauneuf book by Harry Karis, what must be the definitive magnum opus on the producers in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. However, it is a huge book (2 kg?) so not very easy to lug around on your travels in the Rhone Valley. Now the book has been […]

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Frederic Duseigneur, Domaine Duseigneur

Domaine Duseigneur part 1, farming the vineyards w Frederic Duseigneur [E] – BKWine TV

Interview (part 1) with Domaine Duseigneur (Rhone), Frederic Duseigneur. Domaine Duseigneur is a small family wine producer in the southern Rhone Valley just across the river from Chateauneuf-du-Pape, run by the brothers Frederic and Bernard (they also work with the famous French sommelier Philippe Faure-Brac). Frederic sees himself more as a farmer than a winemaker. […]

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Discover the Rhone Valley

Every two years there is the Découvertes en Vallée du Rhône. It’s a gigantic movable wine show. Each (major) village organises a tasting/show with the local producers. It starts in the north in Ampuis (Côte Rôte) on March 1 and ends in Pont du Gard (Côtes du Rhône) on March 6. An excellent opportunity to […]

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