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Natural cork is the most environmentally friendly closure

A study done by the consultancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers has shown that natural cork closures on bottles are the most environmentally friendly closure: synthetic (plastic) corks were deemed nine times more damaging to the environment and screw caps twenty two times more. The study was commissioned by Amorim, the world’s largest cork manufacturer, but is said […]

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Champagne Light?

Champagne is bottled in heavy, solid bottles so that they will not burst from the pressure inside the bottle. A typical champagne bottles weighs in at around 900 grams, almost double a regular bottle. CIVC, the champagne producers’ association, has asked Mumm Champagne to trial a lighter bottle, weighing only 835 g, a reduction by […]

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Petition for cork-cork

A group of environmentally minded people have launched a petition to preserve and promote the natural cork, and in particular the forests that produce the cork bark. A change to screw cap risks damaging the today extensive and well managed cork oak forests. The group says that the oak forests are important for example for […]

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Champagne and Bordeaux act against carbon emissions

Bordeaux recently launched the initiative ”bilan carbone” (~the carbon score sheet), a project to analyse the carbon emissions caused by the Girondin wine production. They already know that 756 million bottles of wine are produced each year but how much CO2 does it produce? That’s what will be studied in the project, in order to […]

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Weighty arguments against fat bottles

Two wine heavy weights, Jancis Robinson and Oz Clarke, have both recently lambasted the tradition of using extra-heavy bottles for prestige cuvees. Many producers use thick and heavy glass bottles for their top wines to give an added sense of luxury. Robinson has launched a name-and-shame campaign on her web site and Clarke attacked the […]

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Less green house gases with the right tools?

Californian, New Zeeland, South African and Australian winemakers’ associations in collaboration with Provisor Pt Ltd have developed a tool to analyse the green house gas emissions from wineries. The tool is based on an Excel spreadsheet file and helps the wine producer analyse the emissions in three groups: 1. Direct emissions (from tractors, heating/cooling equipment […]

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Greener wines? – two new papers

Environmental issues are very much in vogue today, not least in wine. The American Association of Wine Economists have just published two new papers in on the subject: ”Eco-Labeling Strategies: The Eco-Premium Puzzle In The Wine Industry” by Magali A. Delmas and Laura E. Grant, and ”Ceago Vinegarden: How Green Is Your Wine? Environmental Differentiation […]

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How big carbon footprint from wine?

Tyler Colman, better known perhaps under his blogger pseudonym Dr Vino, has made a study of what greenhouse gases your wine consumption generates. Being in the US, the basic question he asked was “Is it better (=lesser emissions) to drink a wine from Bordeaux or one from California”. The Bordeaux wine will need longer transport […]

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