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BKWine runner-up in wine & travel blogging competition

A bit of a mouth-full, wine / travel blogging competition… Great Wine Capitals is an association of some of the world’s great wine regions. Their mission is to spread the word that these wine regions are fantastic travel destinations. Last year they arranged a competition for bloggers who write on wine and travel. We write […]

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Reader statistics for web sites (and magazines) and five million articles

For printed publications there are in many countries at least a quasi-official reader statistics for magazines and papers (or on circulation or print run numbers). In Sweden this is called “TS Controlled” edition, in other countries something else. This is primarily interesting for advertiser to evaluate the reach of advertising. But it is also interesting […]

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Circle of Wine Writers logo

Welcome to the CWW, Magnus Reuterdahl

One of BKWine’s reporters and writers joins the Circle of Wine Writers Magnus Reuterdahl, one of our contributors, has just been admitted to the Circle of Wine Writers. We say a big welcome Magnus! Magnus is a frequent writer and reporter here on BKWine Magazine as well as on his own blog Magnus Reuterdahls vinblogg […]

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A Swedish cow in profile on a green field

The profile of a wine blogger

Wine blogging probably started in the US an has been slowly spreading across the world. France was rather slow to catch on (has always been a bit of a laggard on the internet) but in recent years it has become a very active wine blogging scene. A French business student made a survey of the […]

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Swedish Wine Blogs

Some free help from us to wine marketing people This is our attempt to make an (as much as possible) comprehensive list of Swedish wine blogs. On BKWine Magazine (this site) you can find this list in the menu Resources > Swedish Wine Blogs. Why on earth would you be interested in a list of […]

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Will you also come to Turkey to taste wine in November?

The European Wine Bloggers Conference (apparently has changed name to The Digital Wine Communications Conference but is still EWBC for short) will take place in Izmir in Turkey in November. It is a fun event that brings together a wide variety of people who are closely or vaguely involved in communication around wine online, for […]

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In the wine cellar at Quinta do Tedo in the Douro Valley

On the travelog travel blog

You do read our travel blog, don’t you? You really should! With info around wine travel (not only our own) and other fun things. For example, some recent articles: Fantastic Sicily – new wine travel destination! James Halliday’s Wine Companion on BKWine wine tours. James Halliday is probably Australia’s most famous wine writer. He has […]

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Wine bloggers' motivation

Wine bloggers: profile, motivation and influence

A survey of French wine bloggers Guillaume Lempérière has recently published a study on French wine bloggers. It is part of his marketing research work at the Rouen Business School. Here are some of his findings (just a selection of some of the things I found most interesting). The objective is to see how blogs […]

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