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Per Karlsson portrait Britt Karlsson portraitWines for women?

Recently, I heard about a survey about the alleged different tastes of men and women in wine. The report apparently killed that myth (but I have not read it myself).

Anyway, we hear every so often wine producers mention a wine as “this is a wine that women like.” It is the mostly the somewhat older wine producers who say it, so maybe the description is on its way to become extinct. It is never used about powerful muscular wines but rather a little lighter wines. Does he (always a man) know from his own experience that women like this wine or is it what he believes women should enjoy? I do not know. I never – really never – heard a wine producer say the opposite, that “this is a wine that men like”.

But it is far from exclusively the previous generation of wine producers who reason like this. It’s at least as common, and maybe even more so, among the marketeers trying to get you to buy the wines. They profile customer groups in female (and maybe sometimes male) and tailor the wine, the packaging and marketing message according to what they think fit these thirsty wine-craving women.

Male and female also appear in the context of “feminine and masculine wines”. These descriptors were more used a few years ago and it feels like this is less common today. Maybe they are not “politically correct” any-more?

Does it matter who is supposed to like this wine or that?

It is of course of importance to the marketing people. It is now known that women account for the majority of wine purchases. Thus, campaigns should target them (?). But who buyes the wine and who decides what to buy is of course not always the same person.

Perhaps it’s a bit like food and wine pairing, where there are also lots of outdated stereotypes (which we will return to another time)?

Do not drink what you are supposed to like, based on principles, rules, traditions, or stereotypes. Drink what you like. But this is perhaps too banal to say?

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Britt & Per

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