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New appellations are added to the wine world continuously. And not only in France and Italy. The New World has also realized the advantages of designations of origin. It is no longer just the grapes that are mentioned on the label, but also where these grapes have grown.

And that’s a good thing. It means that producers are becoming more and more aware of their terroir, their special climate and their special soil. In the long run, it will benefit the quality of the wines.

But frequently we hear negative voices about appellations, especially the creation of new ones. The reason seems to be that these new appellations are not well-known. Which is natural because they are new. Perhaps they will have a hard time trying to reach fame and maybe they will never succeed.

But is that a reason not to create new appellations of origin? Of course not. The wine world is constantly evolving, it grows, new areas are added, and a new awareness of the old ones arises. On the contrary, it would be strange indeed if new appellations were not continuously added. In addition, the trend today is that consumers want to know where everything they put in their mouth comes from, whether it’s wine, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken or pork chops. Put a label of origin on the product and suddenly it becomes more attractive.

Even new wine regions must have a chance to become famous. It can’t be that everybody who didn’t get their AOC in 1935 has missed the boat.

As wine drinkers, however, we need to understand what appellations really are. Above all, it is an origin that is guaranteed. Not high quality. It does not have to be a “great wine” just because it has an appellation. Sometimes an AOC or a DOCG is more about the wines having a long tradition in the region than being well-known for quality.

Perhaps appellations are created as much for the producer as for the consumer. All wine producers are proud of their little part of our globe. For a normal wine consumer, it’s hardly possible to feel the difference between neighbouring appellations (this often applies also to not so neighbouring appellations). And it’s not really about being able to feel the difference, but simply to know where the grapes have grown. And to imagine the landscape in front of you when you drink the wine.

Indeed, there are more and more exciting wine regions to explore and experience. The best thing to do is of course to go explore them in close-up, on site.

This coming winter you have the possibility to join us on one of our wine tours that will take you to one (or more) of these exciting appellations. Why not take the opportunity to join us on the wine tour to South Africa for instance? There is plenty of world-class wines to taste and sceneries to enjoy. And “appellations”, although they call it something else. Hemel en Aarde, Walker Bay and Swartland – regions that no one had heard of a decade or so ago. Simply because they virtually did not exist. But now they make outstanding wines. Or perhaps you prefer Chile-Argentina or New Zealand?

Plenty of wines and wine regions to explore!

Britt & Per

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