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La Vinocave wine shop in Reims

“Foreign” wines in France increase the market share

In France you drink French wines. With the variety that exists in this huge wine country, you never get tired of French wines. But the fact is that the French drink more and more foreign wines. An study on wine sales in big grocery stores (where most wines are sold) shows a rise in recent […]

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A tractor for treatments in a vineyard in Champagne

How much does a vineyard cost in France?

If you are thinking of becoming a wine grower in France, here are some important figures just announced by SAFER, a government organization. In 2016, the average price for an AOP vineyard was 140,600 euro per hectare. The figure shows no major change since the year before. However, one change has occurred. The prices have […]

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Shipping all over the world

Bordeaux exports stable in 2016

Bordeaux exported 2 million hectolitres of wine (270 million bottles) in 2016. The region accounts for 17% of French wine exports in volume and 36% of the value. China and the US compensate for declining exports to Europe. The six largest markets for Bordeaux wines in value are: China: The growth continues and China is […]

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Young people drinking wine in a wine bar

Young Wine Drinkers in New York and London, what they drink | Britt on Forbes

It is sometimes said that the young people of today do not drink wine. It may be true or not, but whatever the case it is very different from one country to another. A recent market report shows surprisingly positive numbers from New York and London. An overwhelming majority of the young people in these […]

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South African wines gaining ground in the US

Americans drink more and more South African wine and they drink higher quality South African wines. Sales of South African wines in the United States increased by 14% in the past 12 months and the value increased by 25%. There is an increasing interest in the US at the moment for small South African quality […]

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Who sells wine in Denmark?

It is not only in Sweden that the Italian wines are popular. Also in Denmark, Italy is the largest wine country with a market share of 21.5%. Chile is in second place with 13.3%, closely followed by Spain, France and South Africa. In sixth place is Australia with 6.8%. In Denmark, the supermarket chains have […]

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Is the world heading for a wine shortage?

So far there has never been any shortage of wine in the world. Rather the opposite. For a long time there was a large surplus but since some years back this surplus is gone. Now the world makes about as much wine as it drinks. But this year the issue has become topical. The start […]

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Vinlandet Frankrike in the OIV library

Discovery in the OIV library

The other day I was at the OIV, the International Organisation for Vine and Wine, to attend their press conference on the status of the wine economy in the world (follow the link for the article I wrote about it). It was an interesting presentation, as always, and always interesting to see what people conclude […]

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Spanish wine selling in France

France imports more wine than you might think. Last year the country imported a record amount of wine and most of it was cheap bulk wine from Spain. In total France imported 7.2 million hectolitres last year, an increase of 11 % from 2014. 81 % of this was bulk wine and 75 % came […]

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Per & Britt Karlsson, Vinlandet Frankrike, OIV book prize awards, with the OIV President

Receiving “The Nobel Prize of Wine Literature”

A few months ago we were at the OIV ceremony for their annual book awards. To pick up our prize. OIV is short for International Organisation of Vine and Wine (or Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vin), a technical collaboration organisation where most of the world’s wine producing nations are members. You could […]

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Thirsty Dragon by Suzanne Mustacich

The business of Bordeaux and China | Per on Forbes

A few years back China became Bordeaux’s biggest export market. Over a few years the Chinese market grew from almost nothing to become the market that Bordeaux could not live without. How this happened is the subject of a new book, Thirsty Dragon, China’s Lust for Bordeaux and the Threat to the World’s Best Wines, […]

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Sales of other fortified wine by Systembolaget in Sweden

Emergency Alarm: We no longer drink sweet and fortified wines

Why do we no longer drink sweet wines? The Swedish monopoly Systembolaget recently presented the market situation for sweet wines and fortified wines in Sweden. It is catastrophic. And perhaps illustrative of what happens in other countries too. Sweet wines disappearing? Over 25 years the consumption of sweet wines has fallen by around 85%. In […]

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Belgian market for wine

Wine in Belgium, import-export and consumption statistics

When you ask wine producers what their main export markets are you often hear things like Great Britain, the USA, Germany, today sometimes even China etc. And if you then ask “You mean you don’t export much to Belgium?” you get the reaction “well, yes, of course, that’s one of our most important markets. But […]

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What do consumers think about organic wine?

A major market research conducted on behalf of Sudvinbio, a French producer association for organic wines, shows how consumers in four countries – France, Germany, the UK and Sweden – perceive organic wines. A large proportion of the respondents in the different countries drink organic wine from time to time. If they are hesitant to […]

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Barefoot, the bestseller in US

Which wine is the bestseller in the US? Looking at the top-ten list recently published by The Wine Economist, it is a wine called Barefoot, which is made by the large wine company Gallo. The average price for this wine is $ 5.64 and Barefoot made $ 622 million between June 15 2014 and June […]

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New wine drinkers in China

When China began to drink wine it was red, expensive Bordeaux that was sought after and most preferably Château Lafite-Rothschild. And the bottles were given away as gifts. This was some years ago now, and the Chinese market has evolved a lot. Now there is a new generation of wine drinkers in China. These are […]

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French wine exports 2013: stable

The French wine exports brought in 7.81 billion euro in 2013, roughly the same figure as in 2012. Thus the large increases in value we saw between 2009 and 2012 (+12% per year) are over, at least for the moment. The exported volume in 2013 was 14.54 million hectolitres. Figures for French wine export and […]

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South African wine exports: UK leads, France makes a surprising appearance

Great Britain is still the biggest importer of South African wine. The country takes almost a quarter of the South African exports. Germany, however, has increased its exports of South African wine and is now not far behind the UK. Exports of bulk wine from South Africa are increasing and in 2013 it accounted for […]

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The USA becomes the world’s largest wine market

Jean-Marie Aurand is the new general director of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine), an organization based in Paris. In May, he presented figures and trends for the wine countries in the world. As expected, the United States is now the world’s largest wine market with a consumption of 29.1 million hectolitres of […]

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Why do the wine importers hide behind multiple names?

In a recent article here on BKWine Magazine on the largest wine importers (in Sweden) I speculated about why many of the largest wine importers have several subsidiaries. In some it become a maze of companies, each headed (fully or partially) by the same people but under different company names. The four most thorny wine […]

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WineMeridian logo

What you need to do to sell your wines better in Sweden

BKWine interviewed in the Italian magazine WineMeridian The Italian online magazine WineMeridian has just published an interview with us on how better to sell wines in Sweden. Or to put it in another way, we explain a bit about how the Swedish wine market works and the market dynamics that there are. The interview published […]

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Restaurant table with clown

Sweden’s 10 biggest wine importers; includes some names you probably do not know

And a full listing of the 50 biggest suppliers to Systembolaget Statistics on the size of wine importers is interesting. The ten largest wine importers in Sweden (or more accurately: suppliers to Systembolaget) account for 64% of total sales. On the list there are, curiously, some names that not many people know about. One of […]

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Sales of organic wines (in Sweden)

The sales of organic products at the Swedish state alcohol monopoly are targeted to be 10% of total sales by 2020. That is the target set by the Swedish state (i.e. the owner). Organic wine best-sellers today are, not surprisingly, four bag in boxes: Gosa Monastrell from Spain with 1,5 million sold litres (“gosa” is […]

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The CIVB headquarters in Bordeaux

Bordeaux CIVB wine business press conference 2014

The annual press conference of CIVB, Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (the Bordeaux producers’ joint organisation for development, control, lobbying and political actions), with Bernard Farges, president, and Allan Sichel, vice-président and president of Fédération des Négociants, two of the most influential persons on the Bordeaux wine scene currently, took place yesterday in Paris. […]

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The flags of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, the five Nordic countries

Italy, France and Spain, biggest suppliers of wine to Denmark

The wine preferences of the Danes are very different from those of their neighbours the Swedes. It no doubt has to do with a different history and culture but is certainly also due to the fact that in Denmark there is no monopoly, but a free market, unlike in monopoly-controlled Sweden. The monopoly in Sweden […]

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Who is the biggest supplier of wine to Systembolaget, the wine monopoly in Sweden?

Three countries dominate the sales to Systembolaget. We have compiled statistics showing which countries the Swedes prefer and how their preferences have changes in recent years. Look at the statistics here: Biggest wine suppliers to Sweden: Italy and South Africa

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Biggest wine suppliers to Sweden: Italy and South Africa

Italian wines overtook South African in 2012 as most popular During four years South Africa has been the best selling wine supplier country to Sweden. In 2012 they had to hand over the top spot to Italy. Sales of Italian wines increased strongly in 2012. Swedes bought 20% more wine from Italy in 2012 than […]

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Wine shop at a co-operative

Wine in bulk, a growing market, Spain is top producer

Larger and larger quantities of wine in the world are sold in bulk. The volume has doubled over the past 10 years. Spain is the leading country when it comes to selling bulk wine (35% of the total bulk volume in the world). Italy comes second (23%) and Australia is the third largest in terms […]

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Strong demand for organic wines

Both the demand for and the production of organic wine continues to experience strong growth, according to the latest numbers from Millesime Bio. Over seven percent of the French vineyards are now working according to organic principles! The three biggest producers of organic wines are Spain, Italy and France. Read more about the recent trends […]

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A glass of sparkling wine

The Germans like their Sekt

7% of all wine produced in the world is sparkling, according to Vitisphere. This is an increase of 2% since 2002. 65% of the sparkling wines come from France, followed by Italy, Germany, Spain and Chile. As for the consumption of sparkling wine Germany tops the list closely followed by France. The Germans drink up […]

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