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World trade in wine 2000-2012

English wine exports increase sharply, up 21%

English wine has become really trendy, especially sparkling. Now, the wines from the Brexit island are also moving forward in the export market. And maybe it’s exactly Brexit that’s the reason behind it. The pound has fallen (soon at parity with the euro) and English wine has become cheaper in other countries. Exports increased by […]

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Shipping all over the world

Bordeaux exports stable in 2016

Bordeaux exported 2 million hectolitres of wine (270 million bottles) in 2016. The region accounts for 17% of French wine exports in volume and 36% of the value. China and the US compensate for declining exports to Europe. The six largest markets for Bordeaux wines in value are: China: The growth continues and China is […]

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Jean-Marie Aurand, director general of the OIV

The status of the wine world according to the OIV | press conference

OIV, the International Office of Vine and Wine, keeps track of world wine production, vineyards surface area, wine consumption and many other interesting things in the global world of wine. In their press conference on April 11, 2017 they presented the situation for global wine in 2016. We will come back to all the details […]

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Which country drinks the most Champagne?

The Champagne trade association Comité Champagne (CIVC) has recently published the 2015 export figures for champagne. Britain is still the country that imports the greatest volume of champagne while the United States is the number one country for value. (Sweden is curiously on an honourable 10th position.) Champagne sold 312 million bottles last year, an […]

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Spanish wine selling in France

France imports more wine than you might think. Last year the country imported a record amount of wine and most of it was cheap bulk wine from Spain. In total France imported 7.2 million hectolitres last year, an increase of 11 % from 2014. 81 % of this was bulk wine and 75 % came […]

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Likya Merlot Syrah Okuzgozu, Turkey

Status of world wine: vineyard surface, wine production & consumption, import-export | Per on Forbes

2015 is a year that did not present any great surprises in the overall picture of the global wine production and trade. Vineyard area is stable, production is stable, consumption is stable, and world trade in wine continues to grow. Decidedly un-sexy and headline un-friendly. A few things can be worth pointing out. The USA […]

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OIV press conference video: the state of wine in the world

This is the full press conference of the OIV, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, Jean-Marie Aurand, director presents the latest world wine business data on a press conference. The press conference took place at the OIV offices in Paris on April 18, 2016. The conference is in French and is about one hour […]

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Belgian market for wine

Wine in Belgium, import-export and consumption statistics

When you ask wine producers what their main export markets are you often hear things like Great Britain, the USA, Germany, today sometimes even China etc. And if you then ask “You mean you don’t export much to Belgium?” you get the reaction “well, yes, of course, that’s one of our most important markets. But […]

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Selling wines to Swedish consumers, what are the rules?

If you are a wine producer you might wonder what the rules are for selling to Swedish consumers. Or if you happen to live in Sweden, you might wonder if and how you can buy from producers or shops in other countries in Europe. The question is the same and we have done some research […]

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World sparkling wine consumption

The world drinks more and more sparkling wine | Global market for sparkling wine

The world production and consumption of sparkling wine has increased significantly in recent years, according to a recent report by the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine). 17.6 million hectolitres of sparkling wine was produced in 2013. Over ten years the production has increased with 40%. The consumption is also changing: today we drink […]

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French wine exports 2013: stable

The French wine exports brought in 7.81 billion euro in 2013, roughly the same figure as in 2012. Thus the large increases in value we saw between 2009 and 2012 (+12% per year) are over, at least for the moment. The exported volume in 2013 was 14.54 million hectolitres. Figures for French wine export and […]

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The USA becomes the world’s largest wine market

Jean-Marie Aurand is the new general director of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine), an organization based in Paris. In May, he presented figures and trends for the wine countries in the world. As expected, the United States is now the world’s largest wine market with a consumption of 29.1 million hectolitres of […]

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Global trade in wine 2000-2012

The fifth article in the series on global vineyard, grape growing, wine production, wine consumption, and wine trade statistics: “Global wine exports and wine imports: The world trade in wine has gone up since 2000 although it went down slightly in 2012. But in real terms (inflation corrected) it seems that the value of the […]

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The world wine market: some conclusions on how the world of wine may change

We have published a series of six articles on world wine data (OIV statistics). In the last article we draw some conclusions. Here is an introduction to the article where we talk about what may happen in the future (in the previous ones we look more in detail at the data): “Bringing it all together: […]

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Global wine production vs consumption 2000-2012

World wine market, implications for winemakers, consumers and policy-makers

Bringing it all together: conclusions on the world wine industry situation 2000-20012 Europe is slowly losing its dominant position both as a vine grower, wine maker and consumer. The New World is gaining share. The over-supply of wine that existed some years back has disappeared and we may be heading for a wine “shortage”. More […]

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Top wine importers Rest-of-World

World trade in wine 2000-2012

Global wine exports and wine imports The world trade in wine has gone up since 2000 although it went down slightly in 2012. But in real terms (inflation corrected) it seems that the value of the wine has gone down. Winemakers get less money today than in 2000. France is the biggest exporter in value […]

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Who is the biggest supplier of wine to Systembolaget, the wine monopoly in Sweden?

Three countries dominate the sales to Systembolaget. We have compiled statistics showing which countries the Swedes prefer and how their preferences have changes in recent years. Look at the statistics here: Biggest wine suppliers to Sweden: Italy and South Africa

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Pinot noir grapes in the vineyard in Alsace

World Wine Statistics 2010

Statistics and other numbers for the world of wine in 2010: the planted vineyard acreage, the wine production, wine consumption, wine exports and imports. (A summary of previously published stats. Source for all: OIV) World vineyard acreage in 2010 Global vineyard surface area shrunk in 2010 to 7.6 million hectares, loosing around 10,000 ha. The […]

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Barrels piled high in the wine cellar

All time high for Bordeaux export

Le Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux , CIVB, has recently published the 2011 export figures for Bordeaux. And the figures are impressive and actually the highest ever. 2.16 million hectolitres of Bordeaux were exported during 2011, an increase from 2010 by 22% . The value of the export has also increased, by 30%, to […]

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Dom Luis I bridge in Porto over the Douro river

World wine exports booming; top 12 countries

It is in the world wine export numbers (international trade in wine) where you see the real boom. Wine is more and more consumed outside the country of production. There are two big drivers behind this: the big producers are consuming less wine domestically and thus have to export more. Secondly, there is a host […]

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