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AdLibris ranking list for wine books

Top ten wine books: Top ranking on the internet

It’s fun with top lists. Especially when you are in the first place! I just happened to look at AdLibris’s (a leading internet book seller in Sweden) list of wine books. Our new book on Champagne is in the first place. Another book about Champagne is in second place, which underlines the popularity of bubble […]

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The world’s biggest wine producing countries in 2016, in short

The ranking of the world’s biggest wine countries is a bit different if you look at wine production compared to the top list for vineyard acreage. Here are the preliminary figures for 2016 (in million hectoliters) for the biggest wine producers according to OIV statistics: Italy, 48.8 Mhl France, 41.9 Mhl Spain, 37.8 Mhl USA, […]

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The countries with the world’s biggest vineyard acreage in 2015, in short

OIV, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin), recently presented statistics for 2015 and 2016 on wine production and wine growing in the world. In 2015 the world grape surface increased to 7.5 million hectares. Spain still leads with just over one million hectares. China is in […]

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Which country drinks the most Champagne?

The Champagne trade association Comité Champagne (CIVC) has recently published the 2015 export figures for champagne. Britain is still the country that imports the greatest volume of champagne while the United States is the number one country for value. (Sweden is curiously on an honourable 10th position.) Champagne sold 312 million bottles last year, an […]

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275.7 million hectolitres of wine in 2015

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine, OIV, has published figures for this year’s wine production in the world. In total, the world produced 275.7 million hectolitres of wine in 2015. It is 2% more than in 2014. Italy is at the top with 48.9 million hectolitres, closely followed by France with 47.3. Spain is […]

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Champagne GH Mumm in Reims

The ten most popular Champagnes in France

Most French buy their wines in supermarkets, GMS as the category is called here. So which brands are the most popular at the moment? We have the list where we find, not surprisingly, big houses and at the top a cooperative. 1: Nicolas Feuillatte (Centre Vinicole – Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte) 2: Alfred Rothschild (Lanson) 3: […]

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The most popular sparkling wines and champagne (in Sweden and France)

What do people drink for New Year? If we look at the statistics for 2014 in Sweden it gives you a hint. It was in any case very Italian. Here is the 2014 top-ten best-selling sparkling wines in Sweden at Systembolaget 2014: Note & translation: The ten best-selling sparkling wines at the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget. […]

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Barefoot, the bestseller in US

Which wine is the bestseller in the US? Looking at the top-ten list recently published by The Wine Economist, it is a wine called Barefoot, which is made by the large wine company Gallo. The average price for this wine is $ 5.64 and Barefoot made $ 622 million between June 15 2014 and June […]

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South Africa is “dynamic and exciting”. Tim Atkin’s top wines

Tim Atkin, Master of Wine, says South Africa is the most dynamic and exciting wine country in the New World. He has recently published his third annual report on the South African wines. In the report he also makes a classification of the, according to him, best estates. He was inspired by the Bordeaux classification […]

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Powerful French Wine Cooperatives

Some of the French wine cooperatives are big players in the French wine world. Which is not surprising. Nearly half of all French wine comes from cooperatives. The biggest is Val d’Orbieu in the Languedoc with 2500 members and a production of one million hectolitres annually. Here is an updated list of France’s largest cooperatives. […]

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The world’s best sparkling wine in 2014 is…

Every wine, or wine type, has its “best in the world” competition these days, it seems. Sparkling wine too of course. And since we are getting closer to the peak sparkling wine season of the year the news of the results of The World’s Best Sparkling Wine competition (or Effervescents du Monde) is timely. This […]

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World’s biggest selling spirit brands in 2013

The world’s biggest selling spirits is a curious bunch of brands. Most likely you will have heard of no more than two or possibly three brands on the list. Most likely you will not be familiar with the world’s biggest selling spirit, unless you have read our spirits posts before here on BKWine Magazine. In […]

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Restaurant table with clown

Sweden’s 10 biggest wine importers; includes some names you probably do not know

And a full listing of the 50 biggest suppliers to Systembolaget Statistics on the size of wine importers is interesting. The ten largest wine importers in Sweden (or more accurately: suppliers to Systembolaget) account for 64% of total sales. On the list there are, curiously, some names that not many people know about. One of […]

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The flags of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, the five Nordic countries

Italy, France and Spain, biggest suppliers of wine to Denmark

The wine preferences of the Danes are very different from those of their neighbours the Swedes. It no doubt has to do with a different history and culture but is certainly also due to the fact that in Denmark there is no monopoly, but a free market, unlike in monopoly-controlled Sweden. The monopoly in Sweden […]

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No, not Bacardi and not Absolut. The world’s top-selling spirits brands

The spirits industry is much more concentrated than the wine industry, and I am not talking about the alcohol contents. But even if one can easily think that the spirits market is dominated by a few big international brands that is not the case. If you add up the 100 biggest sellers they only represent […]

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Excellent wine photography from a wine blog + Ten photography tips for better pictures

The Svensson Taster (Svenssonsmakaren, which perhaps should translate to the John Doe Taster) is the strange name of a wine blog written by David Lindén. It is in true traditional “blogging spirit”, short (sometimes) and personal stories about what David drunk and sometimes ate. David has also at one point written a guest article here […]

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The world’s biggest spirits brands 2012

Do you know which the world’s biggest selling spirit is? It is probably not at all what you think! There is actually quite a lot of myths around which is the world’s biggest selling spirits brands. One reliable source for information is IWSR (International Wine and Spirits Research). They have recently published their Top 100 […]

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Biggest wine suppliers to Sweden: Italy and South Africa

Italian wines overtook South African in 2012 as most popular During four years South Africa has been the best selling wine supplier country to Sweden. In 2012 they had to hand over the top spot to Italy. Sales of Italian wines increased strongly in 2012. Swedes bought 20% more wine from Italy in 2012 than […]

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Meininger's Wine Business International

The “wine media power list” of Swedish and international wine communicators

BKWine among WBI’s Major Wine Media Players WBI looks at Scandinavia, China, Russia, Germany, UK, US and Brazil Meininger’s Wine Business International (WBI) is an eminently readable magazine about … the business of wine. In their June issue they looked at wine media across the globe and attempted to identify which are the major players […]

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Perhaps not quite the world’s best syrah but no doubt good wines

Syrah du Monde is a wine competition for wines made from the syrah grapes. No prize for guessing. As with all competitions, you can only win if you decide to take part in the competition so one should perhaps not take the part of “World’s Best” too literally. On the other hand, the wines that […]

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A lone tree an a dry field a hot day

The EU’s wine production 2011: Favourable and not so favourable heat

We read on www.vitisphere.com that the European Union has published figures concerning the EU wine production in 2011.  Total volume produced within the union in 2011 was 165 million hectolitres (an increase by 1.5 % from 2010). 39 % of the production is wine with the highest classification (Appellation d’Origine Protegée, Denominazione di Origine Protetta […]

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The most read articles in January 2012

Here is the list of the top ten articles for January, i.e. those that had the most readers (in English): Wine Tweeting 1: how to get started on Wine Twitter 11 wine regions to discover (or rediscover) during 2012 The 2012 calendar with sexy winemakers launched A selection of “grower’s champagne” producers Wine tweeting 2: […]

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The most visited pages and articles in 2011

Here are the most visited English language pages on BKWine Magazine in 2011. Or to be really correct, since we re- launched the web site in the new design in early June, and excluding the blog page, newsletter archive page and other non-editorial pages: Short Gastronomic Glossary: English-French-Swedish The 2012 calendar with sexy winemakers launched […]

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Dom Luis I bridge in Porto over the Douro river

World wine exports booming; top 12 countries

It is in the world wine export numbers (international trade in wine) where you see the real boom. Wine is more and more consumed outside the country of production. There are two big drivers behind this: the big producers are consuming less wine domestically and thus have to export more. Secondly, there is a host […]

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Bottles aging in the cellar

World wine production down in 2010, top 12 countries

Just like vineyard acreage, world wine production shrunk in 2010. The total volume of wine produced in 2010 is estimated to be 263 million hectolitre, down from a bit over 270 Mhl in 2009. Here’s the split on continents: Europe: 66% Amercias: 19% Asia: 5.5% Oceania: 5% Africa: 4% The New World has gained 7% […]

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Guyot double pruned vines in the vineyard

World vineyard acreage: diminishing; top 12 countries

Global vineyard surface area shrunk in 2010 to 7.6 million hectares, loosing around 10,000ha. The “old world” is still very dominant although the “New World have increased in importance, gaining just over nine percentage points over the period. Here’s the split: Europe: 57% Asia: 22% Americas: 13% Africa: 5% Oceania: 2.7% The world wide vineyard […]

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Sagrantino di Montefalco grapes in Umbria

11 wine regions to discover (or rediscover) during 2012

We probably all have a tendency sometimes to choose the wine that sounds familiar or what happens to be easiest to find on the shelf. Here is a list to encourage you to look for those things that are a bit more off the beaten path in terms of wine regions. 1. Apulia, southern Italy […]

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Fine Magazine on Bordeaux, exclusively for readers of The Brief

Fine Magazine is a super-luxury-premium wine magazine (that is actually published in Finland!). Their latest issue is a special celebration of Bordeaux wines. The write, among other things, about “the 100 Best Bordeaux Wines Ever Made” (well, let the hyperbole pass for this time). There are articles on several of the most exclusive estates: Château […]

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EasyJet and British Airways serve the best wines

A good idea not to focus on the business class wines in this recently held competition but instead on the wines served in Economy. How many of us fly these days in business…? The competition included 12 reds and 12 whites and the winners were perhaps not quite as expected: Winners for white wines: EasyJet […]

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The world’s best selling vodka is…?

So is the world’s biggest selling vodka brand something one has heard of? Actually it is. The leading brand is Smirnoff that sells almost twice as much (24 M 9l cases) than the number two, Khilbniy Dar. And Absolut comes third with 10 M cases. Here is the top ten: Smirnoff Khilbniy Dar Absolut Zelenaya […]

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