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A park bench, Lisbon-Oriente

A picture essay from ”Oriente” in Lisbon

A while back I had a few hours to spend in Lisbon. I was visiting Portugal to go to some oak forests and vineyards. (More on cork production here.) I was staying at a hotel in the part of the city called Oriente. Much of it was built for the Expo 98 world exhibition that […]

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Harvesting cork bark in Alentejo

The CEO of Amorim on corked wines, technical innovation and the world market | Per on Forbes

Just a few years ago, or perhaps mainly in the mid 90s and early 00s, corked wines were a big discussion subject. Some people reported 4-5% cork defects in wine, sometimes even 10%. We started to see serious “alternative closures”, mainly plastic corks and screw caps. Today that debate has mostly disappeared (although not quite […]

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Cork soaking for TCA testing

VINC, new TCA-free cork from the Cork Supply Group

The Company Cork Supply Group, a major supplier of natural corks, introduced earlier this year a new cork called VINC. This is a cork that is guaranteed to be free of TCA contamination. In other words, a wine sealed with VINC will not be corked. VINC is a technical agglomerated cork, which means that it […]

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Port tonic overlooking Porto and the Douro River

Does port need a boost?

The answer is probably yes. Many sweet wines are struggling on the market today. (Excepting of course those table wines that are sold as “dry” but which contain a substantial amount of sugar, sometimes well above 10 grams per litre.) Port is one of the great classic wines, one of the first wines in history […]

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A vineyard in Sancerre

A new and exciting wine travel autumn is ready for you

We have finalised all the planning for the coming autumn / fall wine tours. You can read more on the program further down in the section on wine travel. We have two new destinations to offer you this year. Piedmont in northern Italy with wine and truffles, including a cooking workshop. And also Alentejo, the […]

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Chateau Brane Cantenac corks

Amorim launches NDtech, a new and innovative TCA-free natural cork

Portuguese company Amorim is the world’s largest producer of natural cork for sealing wine bottles. The company works since many years with advanced technology to minimize the risk of cork taint. Cork taint, which makes the wine smell of mouldy cardboard boxes, is due to a chemical component called TCA (2,4,6 Trichloroanisole). Cork taint has […]

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The view over the river and vineyards from Quinta do Tedo in the Douro Valley

The autumn / fall wine tours 2017 – dates and destinations

In a week or two we will have the full wine tour programs ready. We will publish them as soon as we can on the wine travel site. But we can already give you the destinations and the dates: Bordeaux, September 27 – October 1 The Douro Valley, Portugal, October 18-22 Piedmont, wine & truffles […]

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Taylor's Tawny 40 years, 30, 20, and 10

Seven Port wines from Taylor’s to brighten up your holidays

A tasting of a selection of Taylor’s port wines illustrated the wide variety of port wines that exist, ranging from young ruby to vintage ports to lay down in the cellar to old and mellow tawny. When Taylor’s export manager Jorge Ramos came to Sweden he met with BKWine Magazine’s Mats Lindelöw. We tasted Taylor’s […]

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Grapes just in from harvest at Quinta do Noval, Douro

Top wines from Axa Millesimes in France, Portugal, Hungary | Britt on Forbes

It takes a lot of capital to assemble a collection of several world leading properties in just a few decades. Insurance companies have a lot of capital but usually they do not invest in wine. An insurer who has done that is AXA Millesimes in France. In just three decades they have acquired a handful […]

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A glass of Moscatel de Setubal

Periquita, Hexagon, Moscatel and more from JM da Fonseca | Britt on Forbes

Portugal has a treasure trove of outstanding wines but few – far too few – find their way outside of Portugal. One of the few that is known all over the world is Periquita from the José Maria da Fonseca company, one of the most successful Portuguese wine producers. What is perhaps less known is […]

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Italy, Portugal, Germany, USA and Austria at Handpicked Wines

Two years ago, my overall impression from Handpicked’s range tasting was very positive.  It focused on smaller producers who had “something extra” that can make the difference in a large wine selection. (Handpicked Wines is a Swedish importer specialising in wines from small-ish producers.) It was therefore with great expectations that I looked forward to […]

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Fonseca vintage ports

Old and new among Fonseca’s Port Wine

This year it is 200 years since Fonseca was founded in 1815. In different ways a magical year 1815, the year when Napoleon’s army was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by the English, Scottish and Prussian troops. To the English port have always meant a lot, and so it still does. Of course it […]

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Anselmo Mendes Curtimenta

A small selection of wines from Portugal from the Portuguese Wine Day, and Anselmo Mendes

Is it possible to describe a wine country with over 300 indigenous grape varieties? Yes, but it takes a while. Is it possible to try 300 wines in three hours? Yes, if you do not talk to any of all 36 producers present at the Portuguese wine day. Then you would not know that the […]

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Tempranillo (Aragones) in a vineyard in Alentejo, Portugal

Time for some wine from Portugal! | Per on Forbes

Portugal is not a big wine country but they make some excellent wines. But they are not always easy to understand since the wine regions are little know and the grape varieties are even more obscure. But the fact that they mostly stick to their traditional grape varieties makes the wines even more interesting to […]

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Grand noir experimental cuvee from JM da Fonseca

Jose Maria da Fonseca is not only Periquita!

Domingos Soares Franco, who is Jose Maria da Fonseca’s chief winemaker, was recently in Stockholm for the Portuguese wine day and had a separate tasting of his wines. Jose Maria da Fonseca is one of Portugal’s most renowned wine producers and has been producing wines since the mid-1800s. Most famous are the Perquita and Moscatel […]

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Two classics on BKWine’s wine tour program for the autumn: Bordeaux and Douro

If you want to go on a wine tour where you will really get to enjoy some of the best food and wine as well as get behind the scenes at the wineries, then you can find no better than BKWine. You can hardly find a wine tour operator with better wine credentials than us. […]

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A short note on the coming season’s wine tours: Bordeaux and Douro Valley

We have two great classics on the coming autumn’s wine tour program. First the Bordeaux wine tour; if you have never been to Bordeaux then it is a very special experience to see this the world’s most famous wine region. On the other hand, if you have already been there, I can promise you that […]

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New wine tours to the world’s exciting wine regions

We have just launched the program for our autumn wine tours. It is a small selection of two top quality destinations where you can enjoy some of the best wine and food experiences: Bordeaux, the most classic of wine regions with world famous chateaux. This tour will take you to both some of the “famous […]

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Taylor's Single Harvest Port 1863

Port Wine for Christmas, and for laying down. From vintage 2011 back to 1863!

Taylor’s, a port house with a history and with plenty of good bottles We are many who uncork a bottle of port wine for Christmas. But port is a wine that is really nice the rest of the year too. Taylor’s is one of the most famous port wine houses, with a long history and […]

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Dazzlingly beautiful videos from the Douro Valley vineyards

The Douro Valley makes some outstanding wines but it is also a spectacularly beautiful landscape. The river meanders through a landscape where wine growing has put its mark almost everywhere. Whichever way you look there are steep hills, incredibly steep hills, with narrow terraces. The terraces are sometimes no more than one row of vines […]

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Quinta do Noval 2012 Vintage Port

Quinta do Noval is one of the most famous port wine houses. Nowadays, it is owned by French insurance company AXA, which also owns several prestige châteaux in Bordeaux. Recently Quinta do Noval declared a new vintage, namely 2012. This year was not an obvious vintage for all port wine houses. But the director of […]

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Revolution or evolution among winemakers in the Douro Valley? | A travel story

The Douro Valley, as in so many other places, there is a lot of talk about the new generation of winemakers. Per is sceptical; a region cannot change generations like that, all at once. But after meeting Oscar and Claudia Quevedo, Sandra Tavares and others, he starts to think that there is something to it […]

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News on the travel blog: customer feedback and press clippings

We have some news on the travel blog, comments from people who have travelled with us in South America and a mention of our wine tours in the gastronomic press. Read more here: “You feel really very privileged”, wine tour to Chile and Argentina Portugal and Bordeaux wine tours in Milsabores

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Chateau Pech-Latt, Corbieres, Languedoc

Organic wines, a somewhat random selection of recommended bottles

Organic wines are getting more and more sought after. Journalists write more and more about them and hopefully, finally, people are realizing that there are some very delicious organic wines out there. Here are some recommended examples of what we have tasted recently. Domaine Duseigneur Lirac Odyssée 2012 Lirac is opposite Châteauneuf-du-Pape, on the other […]

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Lagares, Quinta do Noval, Douro, Portugal

Sweet meets red, and white! Combine sweet foods with sweet wines.

Sometimes you want to finish dinner with a glass of sweet wine with the dessert. There are many types of sweet wines to choose from, such as sauternes, port wine, vin doux naturel, tokaji (or tokaj), sherry, vendange tardive and much more. So what wine to choose with what food? We had the opportunity to […]

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Marques de Borba, J Portugal Ramos Vinhos

Exclusive finds in the Portuguese wine cellar and Swedish gastronomy

Is it time to re-evaluate Portuguese wines? One can find many rarities in Portugal that can be proudly served at the best tables. Some of the best wines from Portugal combined with some of the best Stockholm has to offer of gastronomy was recently on “the menu” at Frantzén in the Old Town. BKWine’s Anette […]

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Douro river, vineyards, Alves de Sousa sign, Douro

New discoveries in the Portuguese vineyards

Portugal is a relatively unknown wine country, apart from port wine. But in recent decades, the Portuguese “table wine” production has made significant steps forward. Today you can find wines from Portugal, both in the category “medium-priced and very affordable” wines as well as true top-quality ones. The Portuguese wine day gave an opportunity to […]

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This autumn’s wine tours sneak preview

We will be launching two new wine tours in the autumn. But already today we can give you the information here. It will be one great classic and one tour to perhaps the wine world’s most spectacular river: Bordeaux, September 17-21 Douro Valley in Portugal, October 22-26

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Kopke colheita 1957

Kopke Colheita 1957 | Magnus’ Wine of the Month

A few weeks ago I was in Portugal, mainly to taste wine and port. Port wine is something I to connect with Christmas (and all other days too). To sit and sip a glass of really good port wine together with a piece of chocolate, a piece of cheese or just with the feet warming […]

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Taylors 20 and 40 year old tawny port

Taylor’s, a pioneer and a traditionalist in Port wine

Young port vs. old port? What about the tawnies? And why are most port wine houses named after ancient Englishmen? Jorge Ramos straightens it all out with a little bit of help from Taylor’s range of port wines. BKWine’s Ulf Bengtsson reports. When I think of port wine, I find the questions just stack up. […]

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