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Alain Senderens

Chef Alain Senderens, a French restaurant legend | an interview | Per on Forbes

It is not often you meet someone who has voluntarily given up on having three Michelin stars, even if recently we have seen a handful of great chefs do it, or claim they did it. But even in this case Alain Senderens was a precursor. He “handed in” his three stars in 2005, after 28 […]

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Poulprix, a "natural" wine from the Jura region

Trending in Paris: “natural” wine bars and restaurants | Britt on Forbes

Since a few years back it seems the craze on the Paris wine bar and bistro scene is restaurants focusing on “natural” wines, and similar low-intervention wines (sometimes also called “primitive” wines). This is a curious trend in some ways since these wines are sometimes hard to understand and not immediately appreciable by many wine […]

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Special shop for Bag-in-Box

In France, there is now a retail chain that sells only bag-in-box wines. It is called Bibovino and the first one opened in Paris a year ago. The range is expanding all the time and more and more AOP wines are launched. Most recently it was a Crozes-Hermitage. Bibovino specializes in organic and biodynamic wines. […]

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The roof of Hospices de Beaune, Hotel Dieu in Beaune, Burgundy

Bistro Bourgogne Sud, Paris restaurant – Food and wine from southern Burgundy | BKWine Pick

Located in central Paris, this restaurant called Bourgogne Sud really offers exactly what the name indicates: food and wine from the southern part of Burgundy. The chef Gilles Breuil is from Mâconnais and the wine list is filled with goodies from Macon and the nearby Beaujolais. You can choose from several excellent Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint Véran […]

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A pisco sour in the shadow

El Picaflor – Peruvian restaurant in Paris | BKWine Pick

Inspired by our South America wine tour trip in February we recently went to a Peruvian restaurant here in Paris, considered one of the very best. And we were not disappointed. We started with a pisco sour – of course! And it was delicious. They use egg white and cinnamon so it tasted a bit […]

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Au Nouveau Nez: an excellent Paris wine bar & shop with natural, organic and biodynamic wines

We made a very pleasant discovery in the 20th arrondissement in Paris the other day. It is a wine shop/wine bar called Au Nouveau Nez. You are greeted by Agnès, who runs the place, and you instantly feel at home. It is open as a wine shop all day and from 6 pm you can […]

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Great Gold Medal at the BKWine Scandinavian Wine Fair in Paris

Murder in the vineyard? BKWine appears in a detective novel

Gute Winery’s gold medal winning grappa plays role in Swedish crime book I was sitting lazily reading a Swedish crime novel on the balcony the other day. The book was “The Alchemy’s Eternal Fire” by Anna Jansson (my translation). I read it in Swedish but I’m sure it is translated into English as most Scandinavian […]

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Tete de Gondole by Domaine Chahut et Prodige

Au Nouveau Nez, “natural” wine shop / wine bar in Paris | BKWine Pick

We made a very pleasant discovery in the 20th arrondissement in Paris the other day. It is a wine shop/wine bar called Au Nouveau Nez (which is a play with words, the name means “ the new nose”, but also, if you spell it a little bit different, but pronounced the same, “the newborn”). You […]

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The restaurant table with knife fork, napkin

Restaurant Cinq-Mars, Paris | BKWine Pick

Le Cinq-Mars is a typical, friendly restaurant du quartier where people working in the offices all around come and have lunch and local residents have dinner. The obligatory rickety wooden chairs, wooden table, nice ISO wine tasting glasses (French restos are generally not very good at glasses), but with a touch of design and chic. […]

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A wine shop in Paris

Organic wines from Lavinia

Lavinia is one of our favourite wine stores in Paris. Whatever you are looking for, it seems that you find it at Lavinia. If you want, for example, to have a tasting with organic wines, you will find lots of them at the Lavinia wine shop, at different price levels. At a very reasonable price […]

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Vineyards and the village with church. Morgon, Beaujolais

Restaurant Albion, Paris | BKWine Pick

When you live in the southwest part of Paris, as we do, you feel like you are a bit far from the center of things. At least when it comes to new wine bars and wine restaurants that almost always seem to be located in the northeastern arrondissement: 10th, 11th , 12th, 19th and 20th […]

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Word of mouth for wine bars in Paris

ParisByMouth.com has several interesting recommendations for anyone who wants to visit wine bars/wine restaurants in Paris. Some of them are old classics Juveniles, Willi’s Wine Bar, Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, Le Baron Rouge … Some are new classics La Verre Volée, Legrand, Fish … Aand some are new discoveries for us Les 3 Seaux, […]

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Canard Apicius 2010, by Alain Senderens and Jérôme Banctel

Alain Senderens and Jérôme Banctel have shared with us their recipe for one of their signature dishes, the Canard Apicius 2010, including an updated wine suggestion, for an article that we have done on Alain Senderens for Chef Magazine in ther series on “Living Legends”. Here is the recipe in the original French. The English […]

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Buvons Nature, wine show for ”natural wines” in Paris 9-11 December

Buvons Nature (~ drink natural) is the name of a wine show for “natural wines”. “Natural wines” is a rather vague denomination for a philosophy that wants to reduce (but not eliminate) the intervention / treatment in the vineyard and in the wine cellar. Sometimes they are touted as more healthy wines, with often quite […]

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Wine bar, bar a vins

Wine bars and wine restaurants in Paris, a selection by Finare Vinare

Finare Vinare is an anonymous Swedish wine blogger (the name means Finer Wines in English). Evidently he was recently in Paris to explore some of the wine bars and wine restaurants. We are familiar with several of the addresses he mentions and can only agree that it is address worth exploring if you happen to […]

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Wine tastings and wine shop in Paris: Legrand

Legrand Filles & Fils is one of the many very interesting wine shops you can find in Paris. It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for some interesting bottles to carry home. In addition they have a wine bar and serves lunch if you are hungry. They regularly hold tastings and have […]

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L’Authentique, Paris 15 restaurant | BKWine Pick

L’Authentique is, as one can guess from the name, the classic café-bistrot type of restaurant that you can find in Paris when you walk away from the big streets, in residential and small-office parts of Paris. It’s a simple café but with a food and wine ambition. You can see some of it from the […]

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Glass and bottle on a cafe table

La Gazzetta Restaurant, Paris | BKWine Pick

La Gazzetta is a restaurant that is a mix of Italian and French. It is in a decidedly un-fashionable part of the city, the 12th arrondissement, very close to one of the most interesting food markets in Paris: Le Marché d’Aligre. It is a Parisian café-restaurant, quite simple, quite crowded, and quite friendly. With a […]

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Wine tastings at Cave Legrand wine shop in Paris

LEGRAND Filles & Fils is one of the many very interesting wine shops you can find in Paris. They regularly hold tastings and have a series they call “Tuesday wine tastings”. Here’s this seasons program: 15 November 2011 Bordeaux – Pauillac – Château Pontet-Canet With d’Alfred Tesseron Participation : 180,00€ 22 November 2011 Champagne – […]

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”What is there to do in Paris?”

Someone asked us that question the other day so we sat down and wrote an email with a list. It ended up being a selection of all sorts of things: restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, museums, places to visit (don’t miss the Marché aligre!)… Then it struck us that perhaps that list could be interesting […]

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An enjoyable trip to Paris – some recommendations

Someone recently asked us the question: Do you have any good recommendations for Paris? Restaurants that are good but not necessarily luxurious, nice place to visit, museums that one might not think of…? We should, shouldn’t we? So we sat down and gave it a thought. Since the people who asked the question would be […]

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In the restaurant

Glou – Cuisine et vins sympathiques, Paris 3 | BKWine Pick

Modern style restaurant and wine bar. For lunch they offer a menu for 15 euro or choose something à la carte, maybe grilled sardines – very good! – or a steak tartare. Many interesting wines between 20 and 30 euro (you get a pleasant Picpoul de Pinet for 19 euro). Open every day for lunch […]

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Wine bottles in a shop

5e Cru – Cave à Vin & Table d’hôtes, Paris 5 | BKWine Pick

It looks like a wine store and it is a wine store. But also a very inspiring place for a lunch or a dinner, amongst wine bottles and wine cases. The selection of wines is amazingly good, if you – like us – like small, ambitious producers with a penchant for terroir and organic viticulture. […]

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Lavinia, vins fragiles

Lavinia opens new shop in Paris

It is not an exaggeration to say that Lavinia has revolutionised the wine shop scene in Paris. Their wine shop is very centrally located, close to Place de la Madeleine. There you can find 6000 wines and spirits (for comparison, three times as many as the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget offers). The shop extends over three […]

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Restaurant table with knives

La Régalade Saint Honoré, Paris 1 – BKWine Pick

La Régalade Saint Honoré, Paris 1 You are treated to the chef’s home made paté with cornichons as soon as you sit down at your table. It tastes very good but don’t eat too much! There’s a three course meal coming up. Bruno Doucet, owner of success story La Régalade in the 14th since 2004, […]

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Food photography festival in Paris 29 Oct – 14 Nov

The International Festival of Culinary Photography (Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire) will take place for the second year in a row in Paris between Oct 29 and Nov 14. This year’s theme is “I went down in my garden”. Definitely and interesting destination if you happen to be in Paris in the coming weeks! […]

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Wine in Paris – BKWine in Frommer’s

Frommer’s is one of the world’s biggest publishers of travel literature. On their web site they recently published an article on wine in Paris: where to buy wine, where to taste, and what wine bars to go to. The article was written by the internationally well know travel writer Jacquelin Carnegie (read about her on: […]

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New wine department at Galleries Lafayette with focus on Bordeaux

Galleries Lafayette, the big department store in Paris, has just opened a new wine department. It is entirely dedicated to wines from Bordeaux and looks as if it will have a very big selection of bottles (judging from the photos). If the focus will be exclusively on the big & famous or if they also […]

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Restaurant Marie Edith, Paris 15 – BKWine Pick

Not far from métro Cambronne in the 15th in Paris you find this popular Parisian restaurant on a side street. They have a very affordable 29 euro menu (three courses, or two for 26€) that will give you a very traditional French meal. If you have that kind of preferences you can get andouillette (grilled […]

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Ma Cave Fleury, Paris 2 – BKWine Pick

Almost exactly one year ago Morgane Fleury opened the doors to her ’cave éco-logique’ in Paris called Ma Cave Fleury. (The celebration was on February 13 so we say Happy Birthday a bit late.) Ma Cave Fleury is both a wine shop and a wine bar – small but very charming. “Fleury” is the well […]

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