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AdLibris ranking list for wine books

Top ten wine books: Top ranking on the internet

It’s fun with top lists. Especially when you are in the first place! I just happened to look at AdLibris’s (a leading internet book seller in Sweden) list of wine books. Our new book on Champagne is in the first place. Another book about Champagne is in second place, which underlines the popularity of bubble […]

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Organic wine in a Systembolaget shop

When the Amazon book recommendations make you happy

If you shop at Amazon you are no doubt familiar with their recurring marketing mails. Depending on what you have previously bought and looked at they send you recommendations for other things “that might interest you”. The other day I had one of those mail after having browsed for some technical wine books. At the […]

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BKWine celebrates 20 years of wine on the internet, since 1996

Sweden’s first website on wine? 20 years ago we started writing about wine online. “Wine on the internet since 1996”, as it says on our banner. We were – probably – Sweden’s first “home page” of wine. It was not called BKWine Magazine at the time, and a lot has happened since then. So this […]

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500,000 views on BKWine TV

”BKWine TV” is our video channel on Youtube. Lately we have not been very good at publishing new video material. It takes a lot of time to edit videos so have not quite been able to keep up with all the raw material that we have (any video editing volunteers?). But every once in a […]

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Lots of pictures and videos from the wine regions – on Facebook

Most wine regions are beautiful, have charming landscapes. Actually, I should say “all” and not “most”. Pictures and videos can be an inspiration and can give you a better feeling for different regions. We publish quite a lot of photos and clips on our different Facebook pages. That can also be an inspiration and information […]

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An exciting wine merchant that takes you on a journey of discovery: Caviste

Caviste is a French company which sells French and to some extent also Italian wines to the Swedish market through distance selling. There are several companies which use the same principle to supply customers with wines other than those sold by Systembolaget. (Ed .: Here you can see BKWine’s list of “Swedish” online wine shops […]

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Tasting at the Drop Shop wine bar in Budapest

Wine tours making waves in Hungary on Vinoport.hu

Hungary seems to be the flavour of the month, or rather of the year. And I hope that it will not stop at that. We have had the occasion to taste quite a few Hungarian wines recently (more about that later) and many of them are excellent! (Read for example “Uncorked, June” to be published […]

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The Epicurean Explorer logo[1]

“Biodynamic, Organic, and Natural Winemaking” press release has been noticed in media

“You make it and they will buy it” is a patently mistaken marketing principle. You have to tell the world about what you do too. Even if you think it what you have done is good, or at least OK, you still have to make people aware of it. That’s why we occasionally send out […]

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Two smart-phone tripods / stands

Everyone has a camcorder on the phone today. Improve your videos dramatically

Not much about wine this time, but still, if you are interested in photography and video… If you have started experimenting with making video with your smart-phone then there is an easy thing you can do to improve the video quality. The technical quality of smart phone videos is today very good, excellent. But a […]

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Three Gonzalez Byass sherries

Some delicious sherries that you should not miss, from wallet-friendly to exclusive

BKWine at exclusive sherry tasting, streamed online over the internet, with Gonzalez Byass’ Master Blender Antonio Flores Sherry is a really delicious wine that more people should try. Sherry can range from bone dry to extremely sweet. There are “regular” sherries of different types. And there are speciality sherries. Everything from the little-known “fresh produce” […]

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Grapes on shelves for drying for making amarone in Valpolicella

Terroir Amarone, your online guide to the red wines of Valpolicella

Amarone in particular and Valpolicella wines more broadly has seen a tremendous success in recent decades. Talking about a renaissance is understating it. The powerful, intense amarones and the elegant and stylish Valpolicella wines have joined the ranks of the world’s most famous wines. A new web site, Terroir Amarone, is dedicated to this wine […]

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Digital Wine Communications Conference DWCC logo

What is wine communication and who are the communicators?

The recent DWCC in Rioja included a session on wine communications, what it is and who does it. BKWine was one of the panellists. At the Digital Wine Communications Conference (#DWCC) in Rioja this past autumn, where a large number of online wine communicators gathered, there was one panel discussion titled “What is wine communication […]

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Facebook 1000 likes

1000 Likes on Facebook for BKWine Magazine

It is nice to know that what one does is appreciated . Perhaps we can take it as a sign that at least some wine lovers out there like what we do. We recently passed 1000 “Likes” on Facebook! Thank you to all you readers out there! If you don’t already “Like” us on Facebook […]

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Cheese and wine shop

Sending wines to Sweden: possible and legal. Here’s how.

Sometimes winemakers ask us about the rules around sending wines to Sweden. Most know that there is a monopoly in Sweden but they also have customers from Sweden asking for shipments. In fact, although there is a retail monopoly for alcohol in Sweden it is perfectly legal for Swedes to buy from abroad. Or to […]

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A wine shop in Beaune

Buying wine from a winery or wine shop abroad: “direct import”

There are currently several ways for Swedes to buy wine, although there is supposedly a monopoly. “Direct import”, where you order wine from another country, from a winery or a wine shop, is one. Here is some information on how this works with details on how to do it. Plus some speculation on what the […]

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Reader statistics for web sites (and magazines) and five million articles

For printed publications there are in many countries at least a quasi-official reader statistics for magazines and papers (or on circulation or print run numbers). In Sweden this is called “TS Controlled” edition, in other countries something else. This is primarily interesting for advertiser to evaluate the reach of advertising. But it is also interesting […]

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Google Analytics logo

5 million articles read, yes, but how should you interpret statistics on the internet?

Are the statistics true and accurate? And comparable? We recently passed the five million page views mark, but how does one interpret the numbers on visitor statistics? It is notoriously difficult, both because of what the numbers actually mean varies and because there is no “official” statistics. Per explains more about Internet statistics in this […]

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5,024,483 page views on BKWine.com

Five million articles read on BKWine… On web statistics

We have passed 5 million “page views”, but it is difficult to interpret web statistics We have recently passed the five million “page loads” mark, which roughly can be interpreted as the number of articles read on BKWine. We say thank you to all the readers! Sweden’s first wine site! (?) Five million article read, […]

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A small girl looking at a red car

Travel, wine and food on the internet, how to fit it all together

The “wine bloggers conference” is after all much easier to say than the Digital Wine Communications Conference… How can you communicate, tell stories, write articles on wine, travel and food and make them more engaging and readable? That was the theme for one of the panel debates at the #EWBC in Izmir in Turkey recently. […]

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DIX jours de panne sur le réseau internet chez Numéricable – quelle galère

Numericable incapable de fournir un service réseau internet, même modeste, pendant dix onze douze treize quatorze jours (et plus) ! Non, VINGT-TROIS (23) JOURS DE PANNE RESEAU Numericable ! ET CA CONTINUE ! Depuis plus de dix jour Numericable n’arrive pas à fournir un service de réseau de qualité même modeste chez nous à Paris […]

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There are a lot of things on the Digital Wine Communictions conference program, EWBC 2012

It is soon time to got to the EWBC 2012, or if you prefer, the Digital Wine Communications Conference in Izmir, Turkey. (tags #EWBC and #EWBC12) Not shying from hyperbole it is called “the most important wine event of the year” and is filled with discussions, workshops, presentations etc about wine. About Turkish wines of […]

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A Swedish cow in profile on a green field

The profile of a wine blogger

Wine blogging probably started in the US an has been slowly spreading across the world. France was rather slow to catch on (has always been a bit of a laggard on the internet) but in recent years it has become a very active wine blogging scene. A French business student made a survey of the […]

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Swedish Wine Blogs

Some free help from us to wine marketing people This is our attempt to make an (as much as possible) comprehensive list of Swedish wine blogs. On BKWine Magazine (this site) you can find this list in the menu Resources > Swedish Wine Blogs. Why on earth would you be interested in a list of […]

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BKWine twice on the list of AOL Travel’s best wine tours

Being twice mentioned on a list of the top ten wine tours is an honour that we certainly did not expect. We are very honoured and happy. But that is exactly what happened when AOL Travel made their list of, as they call it, “the ten best wine tasting holidays”. It is our tours to […]

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Will you also come to Turkey to taste wine in November?

The European Wine Bloggers Conference (apparently has changed name to The Digital Wine Communications Conference but is still EWBC for short) will take place in Izmir in Turkey in November. It is a fun event that brings together a wide variety of people who are closely or vaguely involved in communication around wine online, for […]

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In the wine cellar at Quinta do Tedo in the Douro Valley

On the travelog travel blog

You do read our travel blog, don’t you? You really should! With info around wine travel (not only our own) and other fun things. For example, some recent articles: Fantastic Sicily – new wine travel destination! James Halliday’s Wine Companion on BKWine wine tours. James Halliday is probably Australia’s most famous wine writer. He has […]

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Wine bloggers' motivation

Wine bloggers: profile, motivation and influence

A survey of French wine bloggers Guillaume Lempérière has recently published a study on French wine bloggers. It is part of his marketing research work at the Rouen Business School. Here are some of his findings (just a selection of some of the things I found most interesting). The objective is to see how blogs […]

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European Wine Bloggers conference in Izmir, Turkey. Are you as confused as I?

My personal overview of the schedule and program for the EWBC conference, pre-, and post-trips in November Have you signed up for the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Izmir in Turkey in November? I have. I started to look at the planning for the event (prompted by the ominous message that registration for the add-on […]

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A glass of wine

A wine blog to visit: Svenssonsmakaren

Bear with me for just a little bit. I am not crazy. Svenssonsmakaren is a Swedish wine blog but I do recommend that you go there and take a look. It is not easy to make pictures of wine bottles or glasses (or food), especially not if you are at a wine tasting or dinner. […]

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The monk Dom Ruinart writing

One of 900 million? Like us on Facebook!

Are you one of the 900 million people on Facebook? Then it would be nice if you “liked” our new Facebook pages. We actually have four of them: www.facebook.com/BKWineMagazine – where we write ”editorial” things, for example on articles and other things on BKWine Magazine, our editorial site. www.facebook.com/BKWineTours – This is about our wine […]

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