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Port tonic overlooking Porto and the Douro River

Does port need a boost?

The answer is probably yes. Many sweet wines are struggling on the market today. (Excepting of course those table wines that are sold as “dry” but which contain a substantial amount of sugar, sometimes well above 10 grams per litre.) Port is one of the great classic wines, one of the first wines in history […]

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Experimental Commandaria from the Ministry of Agriculture

The legendary crusaders’ wine from Cyprus | Britt on Forbes

Few wines can truly be called legendary. But if the history goes back to 1191 with King Richard Lionheart on crusade then it must be in one of the better positions to claim that title. Commandaria from Cyprus is a sweet wine made from two local grape varieties mavro and  xynisteri. It is a lusciously […]

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Gonzalez Byass sweet sherries

From bone dry to super sweet, sherry on-line with Gonzalez-Byass

At the occasion of the international sherry week (November 7 to 13) Gonzalez-Byass did a tasting over video with several European cities, including Stockholm. The tasting was led, on video, by Gonzalez-Byass’ chief winemaker Antonio Flores, who has been responsible for the production of sherry at Gonzalez Byass since 1980. We tasted eight wines, from […]

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Sales of other fortified wine by Systembolaget in Sweden

Emergency Alarm: We no longer drink sweet and fortified wines

Why do we no longer drink sweet wines? The Swedish monopoly Systembolaget recently presented the market situation for sweet wines and fortified wines in Sweden. It is catastrophic. And perhaps illustrative of what happens in other countries too. Sweet wines disappearing? Over 25 years the consumption of sweet wines has fallen by around 85%. In […]

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Fonseca vintage ports

Old and new among Fonseca’s Port Wine

This year it is 200 years since Fonseca was founded in 1815. In different ways a magical year 1815, the year when Napoleon’s army was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by the English, Scottish and Prussian troops. To the English port have always meant a lot, and so it still does. Of course it […]

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A glass of Ricard pastis on a zinc bar in a cafe in Paris

Time for an aperitif?

Mixed drinks, or cocktails, are becoming more and more popular to drink as an aperitif and you can hardly open a food or wine magazine today without reading about it, or getting the bartender’s best tips. What happened to all the traditional southern French aperitifs such as Byrrh, Dubonnet and pastis? Some of them were […]

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Sherry by Julian Jeffs, the contents

Sherry by Julian Jeffs | book review

[pullquote position=”right”]This book about Sherry is a classic[/pullquote]. It is now in its 6th edition (first published 1961!), so just imagine how many wine enthusiasts and wine professions that have learned about the Spanish wine through this book. And probably enjoyed learning too. This book is thorough. No stones are left unturned, all aspects are […]

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Taylor's Single Harvest Port 1863

Port Wine for Christmas, and for laying down. From vintage 2011 back to 1863!

Taylor’s, a port house with a history and with plenty of good bottles We are many who uncork a bottle of port wine for Christmas. But port is a wine that is really nice the rest of the year too. Taylor’s is one of the most famous port wine houses, with a long history and […]

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Flor in a wine barrel

13 delicious sherries and an introduction to the district with Gonzalez Byass’ head winemaker

A broad selection of sherry with some gorgeous and affordable wines We say it again: sherry is a fantastic wine. There is a big span, from bone dry almost salty finos, to super-sweet blockbuster wines from the Pedro Ximenes grape. It is a wine that is often drunk as an aperitif, with tapas, but that […]

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Tio Pepe fino en rama Gonzalez Byass sherry

Summer (?) aperitif: sherry fino en rama

It is an excellent summer aperitif (remember the time?) but it works just as fine at any time of the year: We just finished a bottle of Tio Pepe Fino En Rama from Gonzalez Byass. This is a powerful fino with intense flavours. The aromas are those of a typical fino, only so much more. […]

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Three Gonzalez Byass sherries

Some delicious sherries that you should not miss, from wallet-friendly to exclusive

BKWine at exclusive sherry tasting, streamed online over the internet, with Gonzalez Byass’ Master Blender Antonio Flores Sherry is a really delicious wine that more people should try. Sherry can range from bone dry to extremely sweet. There are “regular” sherries of different types. And there are speciality sherries. Everything from the little-known “fresh produce” […]

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Kopke colheita 1957

Kopke Colheita 1957 | Magnus’ Wine of the Month

A few weeks ago I was in Portugal, mainly to taste wine and port. Port wine is something I to connect with Christmas (and all other days too). To sit and sip a glass of really good port wine together with a piece of chocolate, a piece of cheese or just with the feet warming […]

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Taylors 20 and 40 year old tawny port

Taylor’s, a pioneer and a traditionalist in Port wine

Young port vs. old port? What about the tawnies? And why are most port wine houses named after ancient Englishmen? Jorge Ramos straightens it all out with a little bit of help from Taylor’s range of port wines. BKWine’s Ulf Bengtsson reports. When I think of port wine, I find the questions just stack up. […]

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A glass of Tintilla de Rota de Finca Moncloa Gonzales Byass

Exclusively sweet, port wine and more

We often talk about port wine as if it were one single type of wine. But there is world of difference between, for example, an aged tawny and a vintage port. No news perhaps but it is worth pointing out again. A tawny is aged for a long time in oak barrels and becomes “oxidized”, […]

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Calem vineyards near Pinhao, Douro Valley

Calem, a port house with a range of ruby, vintage, tawny & colheita

The port wine producer Calem dates back to mid-1850s. Today, like many other port producers, it is part of a group together with several other famous names. It has a wide range of ports, from young ruby to very old tawny. We had the opportunity to taste a number of their wines back to a […]

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Gonzales Byass Tio Pepe Fino En Rama sherry | Roland’s Wine of the Month

My wine of the month wine is a bit special, Tio Pepe Fino en Rama Gonzales Byass is a limited edition of 10,752 bottles of wine bottled directly from the barrels without any filtration or fining when “flor cover” was at its thickest in the spring of 2013. My bottles were bottled on April 8, […]

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Sherry, a great wine which is also available as a perishable good

Try Tio Pepe Fino en Rama for a magnificent wine experience One of the most underrated wines is sherry. I think that is a pity, a great pity. Within this segment there are huge bargains to be found at still very reasonable prices. Tio Pepe Fino en Rama is an excellent example. I am obviously […]

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White port

Viera de Sousa 10 year White Port | Britt’s Wine of the Month

Are you sceptical to white port? Some people are and I was one of them. Until I tasted the 10 year old Viera de Sousa White Port from Sociedade Roncão Pequeno. This is an incredibly good port wine that shows that white port can also be of high quality. The wine is made with long […]

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A bottle of Lillet, the famous Bordeaux aperitif

James Bond’s original favourite drink

We read in Drink Business that alcoholic beverages are a frequent ingredient in the James Bond movies. No big news. However, maybe you would think that dry martini is the most frequent drink, seeing how well established Bond’s shaken-not-stirred-martini is. That is wrong however. Drink Business has counted, both in the books and in the […]

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Old wine bottles in the cellar

December – the port wine month

An introduction to port wine and its markets December is a good month for port. Some people do not drink port wine at any other period. And that is a shame of course. Port wine is well suited for many occasions. The grapes for the port wine are grown in the Douro Valley in northern […]

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Quinta do Crasto, Manuel Lobo, winemaker

Quinta do Crasto #2 with Manuel Lobo, winemaker [E] – BKWine TV

PART 2 of Quinta do Crasto interviews with Manuel Lobo de Vasconcellos, winemaker and oenologist at Crasto. Quinta do Crasto is in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal, the region best known for port wine, the Portuguese fortified wine. But it is also a wine country that makes excellent table wines. So, how do they […]

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Quinta do Crasto, Tomas Roquette

Quinta do Crasto #1 with Tomas Roquette [E] – BKWine TV

PART 1 of Quinta do Crasto interviews. We begin with Tomas Roquette one of the owners. Tomas is the fourth generation at Quinta do Crasto. Crasto produces port wine since more than one hundred years and since 1994 also table wine with the same grape varieties as for port – more than a hundred different […]

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Luis Seabra, Niepoort winemaker

Niepoort Douro #2, Luis Seabra, winemaker [E] – BKWine TV

Interview (Part 2) with Luis Seabra responsible for the vineyards and the winemaking; the Niepoort winemaker. Were sitting at the brand new winery in the Tedo river valley, overlooking the terraced vineyards along the river and the Douro region impressively steep slopes. We are talking about the red wines and about the future of the […]

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Luis Seabra, Niepoort winemaker

Niepoort Douro #1, Luis Seabra, winemaker [E] – BKWine TV

Interview with Luis Seabra responsible for the vineyards and the winemaking; the Niepoort winemaker. Were sitting at the brand new winery in the Tedo river valley, overlooking the terraced vineyards along the river and the Douro region impressively steep slopes. The new winery was opened in 2007 and it has allowed them to do the […]

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Rosé port

There’s a new category of port wine: rosé. The Port Wine Institute (IDVP) has approved rosé port as a denomination. Already last year Croft launched a rosé port: Croft Pink. Formally, it has been considered a very lightly coloured ruby but now it has its own category. Apart from Croft’s there has not been many […]

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New sherry bodega launched: Urium

It is probably quite some time since someone launched a new sherry bodega. But now it has happened. The Spanish Ruiz family, headed by Alonso Ruiz has just launched Bodegas Urium. Undoubtedly a very ambitious and challenging project in times when, unfortunately, sherry is not very easy to sell on the international market. We wish […]

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Drink more sherry

Sherry is another of those wines that definitely deserves to be more appreciated by the wine lovers. Especially the wonderfully dry and crisp fino with some olives or Serrano ham, not to mention manzanilla an amontillado. But forget the cloyingly sweet kinds and above all auntie’s Bristol Cream that was wheeled out of the cupboard […]

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Port and sherry give Australia million dollar grief

The EU and Australia recently signed a new trade agreement. One part of that agreement says that Australia will no longer use the denominations Port, Sherry and Marsala for its fortified wines. Many Australian wines have been called such things, since these kind of naming restrictions simply are governed by international agreements, and no such […]

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More about Sherry

Sherry is not quite the hippest drink around these days. Unfortunately. Many sherries, especially the dry versions, are excellent wines and outstanding value. Not least good to sip as an aperitif now when its summer (if ever it will arrive here in Paris). So we are glad to promote a site that is about nothing […]

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Danish sommelier-chef-duo wins Sherry prize

Chef Jakob Mielcke Hansen and sommelier Alexander Berntsen, both from the restaurant Jan Hurtigkarl in Denmark won first prize in a recent competition in Jerez, the capital of Sherry, on the best combination of sherry with wine. The Danes won in the dry sherry category. Read more in Vinavisen.dk

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