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Indigena from Pares Balta

Indigena Garnacha 2012, Parés Baltà, Penedès, Catalonia, Spain | Britt’s Wine of the Month

One of our favourites in Penedès is Parés Baltà, an organic and biodynamic estate (certified Demeter), run by the brothers Joan and Josep Cusiné. But the winemakers are their wives, Elena Jiménez and Marta Casas. I fell for this wine, Indigena Garnacha 2012, immediately. It is well built, quite powerful, but balanced and even with […]

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Sparkling wine bottles in a cooling bath

Disgorging sparkling wine – how to get the yeast out of the bottle

A video explanation on how sparkling wine is made Many better sparkling wines have a second fermentation in the bottle. It is this second fermentation in the bottle that makes the wine bubbly. This is the method known as “the traditional method” methode traditionnelle. In the past it was called “champagne method” but the champagne […]

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Disgorging a sparkling wine

This is how you disgorge a sparkling wine

What? Disgorge? Simple. You put the bottle upside down in freezer liquid, you take of the temporary cork, you fill it up with a little bit of extra wine (if needed), bang in a new cork, put on the wire cage (don’t want any unintended popping do we?). And you have your finished bottle. To […]

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Making paella, a video

A Spanish signature dish: how to make a paella

Paella is a very Spanish dish. Usually one thinks of Paella Valenciana (from Valencia) when talking about it. But it is made in many different places in Spain. Want to discover some genuine paella? Here you can see how a real paella catalana is done. You start with frying some shrimps, add garlic, onion, la […]

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Travelling in Catalonia, a video

Catalonia in north-east Spain produces some wonderful wine and is home to a fantastic gastronomy. On the wine side it is of course also famous for the cava, Spain’s sparkling wine. Catalonia also makes some delicious red and white wines in the Penedes region. Almost as well-known as Penedes are the wines from Priorat. They […]

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Bottles of cava waiting to be disgorged, Catalonia

A tour of Spain in 18 selected wines

No other country in the world has a greater area under vines than Spain. It is truly a country where the wine is produced in every corner. Thus, there are many different types of wine and many different styles. Fortunately, there is an excellent chance to learn more about Spanish wine, the annual Spanish wine […]

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A wine tour to the Wine Region of the Year 2016, Priorat, with BKWine

Priorat has been named Wine Region of the Year 2016. And after a few years’ absence on our travel schedule it is now back on our program for the autumn. It is a breathtakingly beautiful wine region, far up in the mountains in Catalonia. A few decades ago, the wines from here were almost overwhelmingly […]

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The forgotten Catalonian grapes found by Torres

The large wine company Torres of Catalonia in Northern Spain continues its work with so-called forgotten grape varieties. Torres has been working on this project in Catalonia for 30 years now. One reason for the project is that they hope that some of these grapes will prove to be well suited for the future when […]

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Black llicorella soil, Priorato, Catalonia, Spain

Priorat named Wine Region of the Year

Priorat, just south of Barcelona, has been named Wine Region of the Year 2016 by the Swedish wine tasting association Munskänkarna (with more than 20,000 members), according to confirmed unofficial sources. Wine Region of the Year is an award that Munskänkarna gives to a wine region that they think deserves more attention, that makes outstanding […]

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Maius Barranc de la Bruixa Priorat

Maius M Barranc de la Bruixa 2011, Priorat | Per’s Wine of the Month

There has been ups and downs for the Priorat wine region. It soared to international fame some fifteen years ago with a few producers almost achieving cult status. And cult prices. Then suddenly one heard less of them. Today many new producers have started and the style has developed to focus more on fruit and […]

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Uncorked: Good wines we have tasted recently, May 2014

Uncorked: Under this heading we collect various wines that we have tasted, and liked, recently. It can be wines that we have had during dinner at home, at wine tastings, press lunches, visits to vineyards, or other occasions. We describe the wines just with a few short sentences, tasting notes that we hope will give […]

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Ton Mata Moliner from Recaredo

Recaredo: a cava producer in Catalonia with wines worth discovering

Tasting with an original producer of sparkling wine Recaredo is a small family-owned cava producer with big ambitions and wines that are somewhat different that the usual. They are organic and even biodynamic and make wine without any dosage. Ton Mata Moliner was recently in Sweden to lead a tasting of his wines. Magnus Hoffstein […]

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How might a wine tour to Catalonia or Bordeaux look?

We don’t always have all our destinations on our scheduled tours list (in particular in English – we currently have a much broader selection in Swedish). So how can you get a feeling for how a wine tour to, say, Catalonia would look when we don’t have it on our schedule? We want to help […]

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