Act before it is too late. Save this excellent Bordeaux wine from oblivion!

One of the best wines in Bordeaux is on its way to disappear. Production is in what seems to be permanent decline. Is it because there is no demand? Is it because the wine has been forgotten? Consumers no longer know about it? Or is it that it is being crowded out by another wine?

Since the seventies, production has fallen by around 80%. Today the production is very small. Now BKWine can reveal the truth, what it is that has led to that this excellent wine is almost forgotten.

Read Per’s article on BKWine Magazine: The tragic demise of one of Bordeaux’s great wines. We reveal the truth!

(With an extra bonus: a charming 70s pop song.)

Gravely soil, Graves, Bordeaux

Gravely soil, Graves, Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography

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