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Roland Eriksson skriver på BKWine Magazine om provningar hos vinhandlare och vinimportörer i Sverige. Roland har tidigare skrivit en bok om cognac (En handbok: cognac, 2007) liksom en om rom och en om te. - - - - - Roland Eriksson writes on BKWine Magazine on wine tastings with wine merchants and importers. He has written books about cognac, rhum, and tea.
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Concerto di Fonterutoli

Marchesi Mazzei in Tuscany shows some older vintages of Fonterutoli, Concerto and rosé

As is tradition, Marchesi Francesco Mazzei visited Stockholm this spring. He brought his good friend Dario Ceccini, the so-called “world’s best butcher”. He orated as usual and made his show in the sign of the big piece of meat, a “bistecca alla fiorentina” of over 1 kg! The Mazzei family has been active at their […]

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Chateau Pichon Baron, Pauillac, Bordeaux

Bordeaux 2015, and a few older wines, presented by Winefinder

One of last year’s most interesting tastings was organized by the Danish on line wine shop WineFinder in collaboration with the Swede Fredrik Rudebeck, owner of the oldest négociant firm, Maison Beyerman, which dates back to 1620! Fifty Bordeaux chateaux were present. From the late 1960s, almost all of the chateaux take care of their […]

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Tahbilk Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon

Unusual and delicious wines from the Australian Tahbilk Estate

A Rhône-inspired producer in Victoria Tahbilk Estate was founded in 1860 in the Nagambie Region in central Victoria in Australia, and has almost always impressed me, delivering very affordable white wines from the Rhone grape Marsanne. For around ten euros it is wines that can be aged for several decades! I have also been impressed […]

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The vineyard of Chateau du Tertre in Margaux

Favourites from the Winefinder presentation of new Bordeaux wines, “primeurs”

The internet wine merchant Winefinder has for five years arranged tastings of the Bordeaux primeurs at the prestigious Munich Brewery in Stockholm. It is the latest vintage from Bordeaux which is still in barrels, the vintage 2014. Nevertheless it is presented now and already for sale. It will not be delivered to the buyer until […]

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Fonseca vintage ports

Old and new among Fonseca’s Port Wine

This year it is 200 years since Fonseca was founded in 1815. In different ways a magical year 1815, the year when Napoleon’s army was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by the English, Scottish and Prussian troops. To the English port have always meant a lot, and so it still does. Of course it […]

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Tasting Moulin Touchais vintages, copyright Roland Eriksson

Sweet, white and classic from the Loire: Moulin Touchais Anjou

Loire wines from 2001, 2000, 1999, 1997, 1993, 1985, 1983, 1981, 1975, 1964, 1959, 1953, 1949 and approximately 1875 Moulin Touchais was founded in 1787. The appellation is Coteaux du Layon, Anjou-Saumur. The vineyard is still owned by the same family. In the early 1800s they began producing sweet wines from the Chenin Blanc grape […]

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Lou and Roberta Kapcsandy with Lotta Lidén

Kapcsandy Family Winery, an in-depth tasting

By far the best tasting of this spring was when Lou and Roberta (Bobbie) Kapcsandy visited Stockholm. Lou is the American Dream personified. He managed to escape from Hungary and the embattled Budapest when it made an unsuccessful uprising against Soviet powers in 1956. I know many Swedish photographers who were there and risked their […]

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Oak aged vodka? Absolut and its latest declination Absolut Oak

An unusual vodka, descended from the ancient Absolut, tasted by BKWine Magazine’s Roland Eriksson. Our traditional Swedish vodka Absolut became a worldwide success. This was also one of the reasons that the then Swedish government sold off its state-owned and highly profitable producer called Vin & Sprit, and with it our entire cultural heritage of […]

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Masi Costasera amarone and Mezzanella Amandorlato Recioto

Masi’s Valpolicella and Amarone Age with Grace

A pioneer of amarone in Sweden unexpectedly change importer Masi’s amarone and valpolicella were pioneers to make this type of wine popular in Sweden. A big tasting shows that they also age well, even the simpler wines. Although it may be worthwhile to add on a few euros extra. The producer has long been represented […]

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Grappa Cecchini Antica Macelleria

Beef and wine from Tuscany: the Fonterutoli winery and the butcher Dario Cecchini performs at the Restaurant AG

The chef, the butcher and the winemaker Red wine with meat, sure it still works even if one should avoid being too conventional in wine and food pairing. When Francesco Mazzei from the Castello di Fonterutoli and the Marchesi Mazzei winery in Tuscany came to Stockholm he brought with him the legendary butcher Dario Cecchini. […]

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Les Bonnes Mares Chambolle Musigny, Burgundy

Burgundy at its best, two top producers under the loupe

Top quality Burgundy from Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé & Domaine Bonneau du Martray Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé and Domaine Bonneau du Martray are two top producers in Burgundy, whose wines rarely come cheap. In the fall, there have been some exclusive launches from these two Burgundy producers on the Swedish market. BKWine Magazine […]

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Angela Biagiotti from Ciacci Piccolomini

Ciacci Piccolomini Brunello with Angela Biagiotti

I met Angela Biagiotti from Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona at the Italian restaurant Mancini in Stockholm just a few hundred yards from the spot where Prime Minister Olof Palme drew his last breath in February 1986. Angela Biagiotti apologised for the length of the firm’s name but that is what you get when Italian noble families […]

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Scallops at Operakallaren

We meet Gaja: a quality pioneer in Barbaresco and Piedmont

Expensive top wines from northern Italy with Gaia Gaja A little while ago the always equally charming Gaia Gaja made her annual visit to Stockholm to present her and her family’s wines on the Swedish market. BKWine Magazine’s reporter Roland Eriksson met the daughter of the legendary Angelo, who now runs the winery together with […]

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Champagne Jacquesson Ay Vauzelle Terme

Jacquesson, a champagne house that goes against the current

Jacquesson is a champagne house that is different. They don’t do like most others. Instead of making a “house style” with a consistent character year after year and a “cuvée prestige” they make champagnes that underline the vintage variations and special bottlings from small vineyard plots. The house is run by the Chiquet brothers, Jean-Hervé […]

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Pingus and Chateu Rocheyron

Pingus, Chateau la Nerthe, beer, Bollinger and Maya Samuelsson

When Arvid (Nordquist) invites you to its annual brand tasting day it’s not just wine that is on the table. (Arvid Nordquist is a big wine and food import company in Sweden.) Wine is shoulder-to-shoulder with Tabasco bottles, coffee machines, Riesen candy and gluten-free bread, all presented by specialists in each area. What is the […]

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Three Gonzalez Byass sherries

Some delicious sherries that you should not miss, from wallet-friendly to exclusive

BKWine at exclusive sherry tasting, streamed online over the internet, with Gonzalez Byass’ Master Blender Antonio Flores Sherry is a really delicious wine that more people should try. Sherry can range from bone dry to extremely sweet. There are “regular” sherries of different types. And there are speciality sherries. Everything from the little-known “fresh produce” […]

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A wine writer taking pictures at the Nordic Sea Winery

A state-of-the-art winery in Sweden? Yes: Nordic Sea Winery

Business, environment and customer response have given Sweden a winery on the Skåne plains Nordic Sea Winery. It immediately turns very international. An English name on a plant in Sweden, created by a Greek, producing wines from countries such as Italy, Australia, and South Africa. Oenoforos has invested SEK 500 million (almost 50 million euro) […]

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The arena in Verona, Veneto

Amarone in depth and breadth, we taste some top wines from Masi

BKWine meets Mister Amarone in Stockholm In the Valpolicella district in the Veneto region in northern Italy they make the famous Amarone wine. There are both large well-known winemakers and small wineries. Masi is one of the largest. Sandro Boscaini has for many years been a central figure for Amarone and one of those who […]

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Richard "the nose" Paterson, Dalmore

Unique “vintage” whisky with age: Dalmore Constellation Collection

Exclusive distillate at exclusive prices Among the most exclusive of whiskies is the Dalmore Constellation Collection. It is a series of vintage whiskies created by the legendary Master Blender Richard “The Nose” Paterson. The entire collection contains 21 different whiskies back to 1964, priced from about 2000 euro to some 20,000 euro. Per bottle. Richard […]

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Elegant fish dish at Operakallaren in Stockholm

Ferrari, an Italian producer of high quality sparkling wines

Sparkling wines are growing in popularity. Champagne is the most prestigious of bubbly, but how does an ambitious wine grower making quality wines in Italy compare with the French product? We decided to verify: a tasting of a series of wines from the quality winemaker Ferrari, from non-vintage brut, over rosé, to the prestige cuvée […]

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Bollinger RD 2002

Bollinger RD 2002, with 11 years on the lees. Part 1: a bit of history

Bollinger RD 2002 has just been launched. The first vintage from the 2000s of Bollinger RD. A champagne that has been resting on its lees in the bottle for 11 Years! It also marks the 50th anniversary of the RD series, from 1952 to 2002. Bollinger’s export manager (who is also a trained winemaker) Karl-Frédéric […]

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Tasting Yamazaki whiskies

A series of very exclusive Japanese malt whisky from Yamazaki

Japan, it’s not just Sushi & Sake! Japan is actually an important whisky country. In Japan they consume a lot of whisky but it is also a prominent producer of whisky, both of the type called “blends” and malt whisky. One of the most famous producers of Japanese whisky is Suntory. Their series of premium […]

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Louis Jadot door sign, Burgundy

The 2011 vintage in Burgundy at Louis Jadot

Sigfried Pic from Maison Louis Jadot presents a selection of wines Early after the harvest 2011 in Burgundy the wines were said to be of mixed quality, some outstanding, others of more modest quality. What is assessment today? BKWine recently had the opportunity to taste a range of wines from 2011 from the big Burgundy […]

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Magnum tasting of Champagne Palmer & Co

Palmer & Co., a magnum class champagne cooperative

Champagne in magnum is always impressive. Palmer & Co. is a champagne producer who ages their magnums longer than usual before being put on the market: for ten years. The currently available vintage (1998) and the soon to be launched (1999) were presented along with some older magnums at a recent tasting. BKWine’s reporter Roland […]

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Wild boar

Calvados & Doves

A meeting with Vincent Boulard and with his calvados Calvados can be a deliciously refreshing digestif, or a multi-faceted, complex post-dinner drink. Calvados is a kind of apple spirit, distilled cider, which really deserves to be appreciated more! With a fruit and freshness that few other spirits have. Calvados Boulard is one of the largest […]

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Onions at Gastrologik

Dr. Loosen’s good regimen: exquisite Riesling wines from the Mosel Valley

Winemaker lunch with Ernst Loosen Ernst Loosen has during his time at the helm of the Dr. Loosen vineyards and winery managed to create a series of very good wines. He has also had great success in marketing wines internationally. When Ernst Loosen was in Sweden to present a selection of his wines on a […]

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Wine from Sardinia: Agricola Punica with winemaker Sebastiano Rosa

A new Sassicaia from carignan? Agricola Punica is a new vineyard in Sardinia with close ties to the legendary Tenuta San Guido (Sassicaia) in Tuscany. In Sardinia they make two wines, “entry level” Montessu and the more ambitious Barrua . Winemaker Sebastiano Rosa was in Stockholm to present his wines. BKWine’s Roland Eriksson reports . […]

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Gonzales Byass Tio Pepe Fino En Rama sherry | Roland’s Wine of the Month

My wine of the month wine is a bit special, Tio Pepe Fino en Rama Gonzales Byass is a limited edition of 10,752 bottles of wine bottled directly from the barrels without any filtration or fining when “flor cover” was at its thickest in the spring of 2013. My bottles were bottled on April 8, […]

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Tasting Allegrini's La Grola

Allegrini’s La Grola in Valpolicella celebrates 30 year anniversary!

La Grola from Allegrini was created thirty years ago. A tasting report and producer profile. Marilisa Allegrini came to Stockholm to celebrate the thirty year anniversary since the first vintage of La Grola. It was not only an occasion for a great vertical tasting of La Grola but also one of their prestige cuvee La […]

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Sherry, a great wine which is also available as a perishable good

Try Tio Pepe Fino en Rama for a magnificent wine experience One of the most underrated wines is sherry. I think that is a pity, a great pity. Within this segment there are huge bargains to be found at still very reasonable prices. Tio Pepe Fino en Rama is an excellent example. I am obviously […]

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