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Dominio do Bibei vineyards in Ribeira Sacra

Tradition and innovation in Ribeira Sacra with Dominio do Bibei

Dominio do Bibei have a super modern facility in southern Spain but only uses traditional varieties. When the producer came to visit Stockholm BKWine Magazine’s Peter Cronström was there. Ribeira Sacra, which translated means the sacred river valley, is located in southern Galicia near the border to Portugal along the rivers Miño and Sil. The […]

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Cecchi wines

Cecchi in Chianti, Montalcino, and Maremma

The Cecchi family has for 120 years been one of the premier producers in the Chianti region. Through acquisitions and partnerships they have started making wine in other areas in Tuscany. This tasting with Andrea Cecchi offered a mix of wines from their regular range and also one unique wine. BKWine Magazine’s reporter Peter Cronström […]

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Jasmine Hirsch from Hirsch Vineyards, Sonoma, California

Hirsch Vineyards, Sonoma Coast, California

David Hirsch was one of the first to plant wine in the coastal area of Sonoma County in the wine region known today as the Sonoma Coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The farm has nearly 30 hectares (68 acres) of cultivated land with pinot noir and chardonnay. It is a rolling landscape and although it […]

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Tasting wines by Louis Jadot

Louis Jadot’s new American adventure

Oregon and Burgundy with Jacques Lardière, Louis Jadot’s winemaker Jacques Lardière is the retired winemaker at Louis Jadot who could not keep away from making wine. He was recently in Stockholm to present Jadot’s new wine from Oregon in the United States and met with BKWine Magazine’s Peter Cronström. The tasting also came to include […]

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Grand noir experimental cuvee from JM da Fonseca

Jose Maria da Fonseca is not only Periquita!

Domingos Soares Franco, who is Jose Maria da Fonseca’s chief winemaker, was recently in Stockholm for the Portuguese wine day and had a separate tasting of his wines. Jose Maria da Fonseca is one of Portugal’s most renowned wine producers and has been producing wines since the mid-1800s. Most famous are the Perquita and Moscatel […]

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Red wines from Philippe Pacalet

Delicious Burgundy wines from Philippe Pacalet

Philippe Pacalet is known as one of the first natural wine producers in France. He currently has a comparatively large production where he rents land from various land owners and produces about 30 different wines in Burgundy. The number of different wines is not uncommon for a Burgundy producer but that all is natural wines […]

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Lumiere Petillant & Aruga Branca Brilhante, Japanese sparkling wine

Unique wines from Japan

Yes, it sounds strange. For me it was completely unknown until I saw an invitation to the tasting of Japanese wines. But it’s no stranger than wine grown in Sweden. Japan has mostly a better climate than northern Europe for viticulture. BKWine Magazine’s reporter Peter Cronström had the opportunity to try some very unusual wines. […]

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Generation Riesling logo

Generation Riesling, an initiative to increase the quality of German wines

BKWine met Generation Riesling, a group of young, forward-thinking German winemakers. There were many good Riesling wines, and others, in the presentation. BKWine’s Peter Cronström reports. The German Wine Institute recently invited us to an event to make us acquainted with modern German wines. They wanted to show that the new generation of winemakers in […]

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The vineyards at Catena Zapata in Mendoza

An illustration of the importance of altitude for a wine by Catena Zapata, Mendoza, Argentina

The altitude where a vineyard is has a great impact on the result, on the wine. At higher altitude the temperature is cooler. A rule of thumb is that 100 metres makes a difference of 1 degree Centigrade. The winery Bodega Catena Zapata in Mendoza in Argentina has vineyards at several different locations, up to […]

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Swedish wine under screw cap

From lettuce to wine. A Swedish winery is born

A visit to Westervin in Härna, Östergötland Not everyone happens to have a few acres of greenhouses that you do not know what to do with. But it helps if you want to grow wine in Sweden or in other northern climes. To cultivate wine far north is a challenge. The climate is not such […]

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Six wineries and 21 wines from Washington

Washington is the second largest wine producer in the USA. Only California makes more wine. But only a few wines and wineries from Washington are familiar names. So when the wine importer Fine Wines Sweden, who is specialised in American wines, showed off several producers from Washington there was every reason to pay attention. BKWine’s […]

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Grapes drying for amarone in Valpolicella

New wines and old wines from Allegrini; La Poja, amarone, Bolgheri etc

A meeting and a tasting with Marilisa Allegrini Marilisa Allegrini is part of the family Allegrini that runs the well-known wine producer Allegrini in Veneto. They are perhaps best known for their amarone, but they also make a wide range of other wines. BKWine met Marilisa when she recently was on brief visit to Stockholm. […]

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