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Kanonkop Pinotage and Paul Sauer blend

Kanonkop – world’s best Pinotage?

Kanonkop is one of the oldest wineries in South Africa with a history that is more than 100 years old.Today the estate is run by Johann and Paul Krige, fourth generation sons of the founder, Paul Sauer, who has also given his name to the Bordeaux blend, which is the other top wine they do. […]

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Trapiche Gran Medalla and El Esteco Altimus

Impressive depth and breadth in a range of wines from Trapiche in Argentina

Is Argentina the next great wine-trend? Trapiche’s wines poses the question to a head. Grupo Peñaflor is one of Argentina’s biggest wine producers. The group includes the very famous name Trapiche, with a long history on the international market. One of the advantages of being big, as Peñaflor, is that you can experiment with grapes […]

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Argentina’s success and challenges, an interview with Madeleine Stenwreth MW

If you do not have your ear to the (wine) ground, it can be easy to miss the rapid development that Argentina’s wine industry has undergone in recent decades. From having appeared on the world wine scene in the early 90’s as a supplier of decent entry-level wines it has today become a full-fledged producer […]

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Masi oseleta wines

The oseleta grape – the spice that boosts the Valpolicella from Masi

Oseleta is an ancient grape that was rediscovered in the 80s by Sandro Boscaini, Masi’s owner. After having experimented with making wine on a small scale, he planted 18 hectares with oseleta. In 1990 he started to use the grape blended into Masi’s traditional wines and in 2000 came the first vintage of a pure […]

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Peter Logan wines, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo

Logan Wines in Orange shows a new side of Australia

Peter Logan’s father Malcolm began planting vines in Orange 22 years ago and was then one of only five wineries in the area. 2016 marks the family’s twentieth vintage and Peter is the second-generation winemaker. Today there are about 50 wineries in Orange, which the attentive reader notices is ten times more than twenty years […]

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Maja Berthas, head of WOSA Sweden

An insider’s view on why South Africa is one of the most exciting wine countries

There’s a lot going on in the South African vineyards, isn’t that so Maja? When the South African wine fair took place in Stockholm your envoy took the opportunity to talk to the country manager of The Wines of South Africa (WOSA), the wine expert Maja Berthas. South Africa was, until 1990, for the most […]

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Yalumba, Jansz, Pewsy Vale, Dalrymple

Yalumba, Australian wines from “all the land around”

Yalumba is Australia’s oldest family-owned winery with its 165 years. The company is managed today by the fifth generation Smith, Robert Hill-Smith. The name means “all the land around” in Aboriginal language. Yalumba is also one of the twelve members of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW), an association of family-owned wineries. The background to […]

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Nyetimber demi-sec

Does Nyetimber make England’s best sparkling wine?

“Britagne” (*) is British bubble and not a French province misspelled There has been much media noise about the new sparkling wines from north of the Channel, grown on the English limestone and chalk soils that are similar to those found in Champagne. Is England a (or the) future producer of sparkling wines in the […]

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Gambero Rossi tasting

In the company of the Red Shrimp at the edge of Europe – selected Italian wines

Gambero Rosso – the red shrimp – is the name of the inn where Pinocchio once ate supper together with the Fox and the Cat. The inn in the fairy-tale world has given its name to Italy’s most famous wine guide and one of the world’s largest annual wine tastings. Sixty tasters go through approximately […]

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Ethical wine? Systembolaget’s ethical labelling does not mean that no-label wines are unethical

Systembolaget, the Swedish monopoly, launched some years back a special project for “ethical” assessment of their products. It is a question that concerns many producers and buyers around the world. Systembolaget has also begun a sort of “ethical labelling” of the products. BKWine Magazine’s reporter Mikael Karlin met recently with Systembolaget’s staff responsible for the […]

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Kevin Arnold

Rust en Vrede Estate, one of the world’s best wines?

Rust en Vrede is not only South Africa’s first specialist in red wines only, but also one of the very best. A vertical tasting of ten vintages of the Estate wine 1995-2013 provides a great opportunity to take a close look. It is also an illustration of the differences between the work of all of […]

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Revolution bottles, Australia

Australia – An evolving wine history, sometimes a revolution

When Mark Davidson was asked to describe with a single word Australian wines, he was stumped. There is no one word that can describe Australian wines, so he chose three: “History, Evolution, Revolution”. This became the name of a Master Class of Australian wines recently held in Stockholm by Mark, who is the Education Director […]

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Castello Brolio Vin Santo from Barone Ricasoli

Barone Ricasoli, inventor and re-inventor of Chianti

“I want to make wines that should be drunk in good company, not only tasted” says Francesco, the 32nd Baron Ricasoli with a liberating simplicity founded on a long family tradition. Francesco is the great grandson of the 28th Baron Bettino Ricasoli who in 1872 wrote the Chianti formula in a letter to Prof. Cesare […]

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Allegrini La Poja

La Poja, a vertical tasting with Marilisa Allegrini

Allegrini has recently been nominated for “Best Winery” in Italy by Gambero Rosso. Of course there is an element of luck in this. Is it the luck that a talented and hardworking winemaking family deserves? Marilisa Allegrini and her brother Franco is the sixth generation, but it is their father Giovanni who laid the foundation […]

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Chateau Belgrave, Haut Medoc, Bordeaux

Chateau Belgrave; can you tell how close it is to Saint-Julien?

Chateau Belgrave is located very close to Saint-Julien and has no clear terroir limit that can be detect even by an attentive wine traveller. However, the limit was already fixed in 1855 and the property has since been classified as a fifth cru in the Médoc, not in St. Julien. The current owner, Dourthe, bought […]

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Piedra Negra and Chacayes from Francois Lurton

An uneven battle against 400 wines and three prejudices

Amarone is dried raisin juice. Argentina only makes bulk wine. Barolo is overpriced. True or prejudice? Vingruppen is Sweden’s second largest wine importer and consists of six different companies: VinUnic, Wineworld, The Wine Agency, Vinovum, Valid Wines and Opentable. When they invite you to taste their range, it feels like there are more bottles than […]

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Kathy Jordan of Jordan Wine Estate

Jordan in Stellenbosch, fine wines with clever names

Since I last visited Jordan Wine Estate in May 2009 a lot has happened in the vineyard. The restaurant, which opened six months later, is one of the ten best restaurants in the Cape region, it is possible to stay overnight at the vineyard, and there are more wines / product lines and many other […]

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Earth’s Essence KWV | Mikael’s Wine of the Month

A while back BKWine Magazine published a text on the wine from South Africa where they refrained from using sulphur and instead used rooibos, a South African wood species. BKWine Magazine’s reporter Mikael Karlin became curious and decided to try the wine. I was curious about the wine “Earth’s Essence”, which consists of 100% Pinotage […]

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Anselmo Mendes Curtimenta

A small selection of wines from Portugal from the Portuguese Wine Day, and Anselmo Mendes

Is it possible to describe a wine country with over 300 indigenous grape varieties? Yes, but it takes a while. Is it possible to try 300 wines in three hours? Yes, if you do not talk to any of all 36 producers present at the Portuguese wine day. Then you would not know that the […]

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AA Badenhorst winery in Swartland

Adi Badenhorst, South Africa: “maybe not the world’s best wine, but the most natural”

Four wines from Badenhorst Family Wines with winemaker and owner AA Badenhorst “I may not make the world’s best wines, but the most natural” was Adi Badenhorsts opening line. And so it is, bunches are not destemmed, the wine ferments with natural yeasts and the only additive is a little sulphur. He says he cannot […]

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Rick Sayre, winemaker at Rodney Strong Wines

Six wines from Rodney Strong Vineyards with winemaker Rick Sayre

When Rodney Strong was a ballet dancer at the Lido in Paris his interest in wine took off seriously. He decided to start a second career as a winemaker in the relatively unknown Sonoma County in 1959. It was the thirteenth winery in Sonoma at the time, with much pioneering work to do. Most neighbours […]

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