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Champagne GH Mumm in Reims

The ten most popular Champagnes in France

Most French buy their wines in supermarkets, GMS as the category is called here. So which brands are the most popular at the moment? We have the list where we find, not surprisingly, big houses and at the top a cooperative. 1: Nicolas Feuillatte (Centre Vinicole – Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte) 2: Alfred Rothschild (Lanson) 3: […]

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Some recommendations for what remains of the holidays (or after)

If your cellar isn’t already filled up, here are some suggestions from a few of our favourite producers. White Château Lestrille Capmartin 2013, Bordeaux blanc, approx 8 euro Vouvray Sec, Domaine Vincent Carême, Loire Valley, approx 17 euro QM Vinhas Velhas Alvarinho, Vinho Verde Quintas de Melgaço, Portugal, 19 euro Red Château Carsin, Cuvée Noire […]

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A refrigerator with bottles cooling

Serve your wine at the right temperature

Sometimes you need to cool or warm your wine to obtain the right serving temperature. Which way is the best and how do you know how long it will take? An interesting little booklet was published in the 1960s in Sweden by a man called Haqvin Carlheim-Gyllensköld, known for his scientific approach to cooking. The […]

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Wine Christmas gift tips

Maybe you want to find a good wine to offer as a Christmas gift. Or you just want a good wine with your Christmas meal. Here are some suggestions that we recently tasted. Barolo Albe, G.D. Vajra ,Piemonte, Italy, approx 20 euro. Brilliant Barolo with a good balance, aromas of red berries and plums and […]

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Ageing wine in the closet?

On average, the French store 67.7 bottles with a value of 1020 euros in their homes. The average price per bottle is 15 euros. 63% of the French have a “wine cellar”, small or large, at home. 15% of all bottles purchased in France, is purchased to be aged. But there are gaps in the […]

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Carignan on the move in Chile; now challenging Carmenere?

Carignan is a grape loved by many producers in the Languedoc who think that Carignan gives the most typical Languedoc wines. Also in other places you find growers that are fond of the Carignan. In the region of Maule in Chile, there is an association that calls itself VIGNO. It is a group of producers […]

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Two vintages Chateau Angelus, Saint Emilion

Château Angélus shoots to fame in Saint Emilion | Britt on Forbes

It is not enough to be talented in making wine to succeed in wine. You also have to be a good business person. Hubert de Boüard at Chateau Angélus is certainly both. He is a sought after consultant that works with many wine producers around Bordeaux and elsewhere. His own Chateau Angelus was one of […]

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Less spraying with resistant grape varieties

For more than a decade there has been research going on in France in order to obtain grape varieties that are resistant to the fungal diseases oidium and mildiou. The research organization INRA believe that these varieties will be able to come on the market in 2017. 36 different resistance crossings are already out in […]

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What do consumers think about organic wine?

A major market research conducted on behalf of Sudvinbio, a French producer association for organic wines, shows how consumers in four countries – France, Germany, the UK and Sweden – perceive organic wines. A large proportion of the respondents in the different countries drink organic wine from time to time. If they are hesitant to […]

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Chenin Blanc plantings decrease in Anjou

Anjou in the Loire Valley is an important region for the white grape Chenin Blanc. In Anjou you find for example Savennières where they produce great dry Chenin wines and Coteaux du Layon where they make some fabulous sweet Chenin wines. Today there are 5000 hectares of Chenin Blanc in Anjou. The black grapes have […]

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Tasting a few wines of various vintages at the chateau

Bordeaux: Médoc and Graves, an introduction

Médoc is the perfect location for viticulture with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gironde bay on the other. The vineyards are located along the Gironde and the pine forest along the Atlantic coast protects vineyards from rain and sea breezes. In total Médoc consists of 11 000 hectares, ie about one tenth […]

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Harvest workers picking grapes

The harvest 2015 in France

Overall it has been a very good year in France. We have seen many happy faces in the vineyards. But nothing is perfect and some regions have had problems. Burgundy: Very high quality. Early flowering, very hot and dry summer and the rain that came in August were much needed. No diseases and the producers […]

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Champagne Roederer has its own nursery

Champagne Louis Roederer has, as one of the few wine producers in France, been approved as a “pepiniériste privé”, ie as a private nursery for vines. Roederer will now grow their own American root stocks. On these they will graft cuttings taken from their own vineyards. It is very unusual for wine producers to do […]

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The barrel ageing cellar at Bodegas Baigorri

Time for a comeback in Rioja with Bodegas Baigorri | Britt on Forbes

Anyone else has the feeling that Rioja has been lingering in the background for quite a few years? But that today it is time for a renaissance? That is at least the feeling we have had when we have travelled in this northern Spanish wine regions recently. We have seen a lot of new thinking […]

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Delas buys Jaboulet house and winery

The big northern Rhône Valley wine merchant Delas, now owned by Champagne Deutz, recently bought the family Jaboulet’s beautiful estate in the centre of Tain l’Hermitage. The houses are to be renovated and the winery will be demolished and rebuilt again, in a more modern style. Jaboulet was run by the Jaboulet family from 1834 […]

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Successful harvest for Chile

2015 has so far been a good year for the Chilean wines. The harvest was a record-high 12.86 million hectolitres. It’s a good recovery from last year’s very low figure. It is even a bit higher than the previous record year, 2012. Chilean export of wines in bottle is also doing well, with growth both […]

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Barefoot, the bestseller in US

Which wine is the bestseller in the US? Looking at the top-ten list recently published by The Wine Economist, it is a wine called Barefoot, which is made by the large wine company Gallo. The average price for this wine is $ 5.64 and Barefoot made $ 622 million between June 15 2014 and June […]

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Female journalists’ favourites in Languedoc (wines, of course…)

Agricultural cooperatives in France are numerous and influential. Not least in the wine business. In Languedoc almost 2/3 of the surface planted with vines are owned by wine growers belonging to a cooperative. This means 150,000 hectares and 15,000 cooperative wine growers. Every year the cooperatives compete with their wines in a prestigious competition held […]

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Roses in the garden

Rosé gets brighter and brighter

Rosé wines are not only getting more and more popular. They are also getting lighter and lighter in colour. In eleven years, the intensity of the colour has fallen by half. Today you can have rosé wines so light in colour that they can easily be mistaken for white wines. But despite consumer preference for […]

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Vineyards protected with a net against hail, Zuccardi, Mendoza, Argentina

Nets to protect from hail, how do they affect the wine?

We hope that hail nets reduce the damage to grapes and vines if it hails, but how do the nets affect the ripening of the grapes, the development of the vines and the finished wine? Soon they will know in Burgundy. Hail nets are being tested here during a three-year period to see what happens […]

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South Africa is “dynamic and exciting”. Tim Atkin’s top wines

Tim Atkin, Master of Wine, says South Africa is the most dynamic and exciting wine country in the New World. He has recently published his third annual report on the South African wines. In the report he also makes a classification of the, according to him, best estates. He was inspired by the Bordeaux classification […]

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The vineyards at Champagne Heucq

Champagne Heucq Cuvée Antique 2005 | Britt’s Wine of the Month

As soon as you put your nose in the glass you realize that this is not just any Champagne. The nose is delightfully complex. There are hints of toasted bread and ripe apples. The flavour is rich, deep and dense with ripe fruit and a certain softness. But the acidity and the freshness are there […]

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Fermentation: wild yeast or cultivated? Or wild AND cultured?

The vast majority of wines in the world, probably around 90%, ferment with added cultivated yeast. Most wine producers believe this provides a safer fermentation and a better wine. But a small group of winemakers prefer to use the natural yeast present on the grape skins and in the vineyard environment. The Dubernet Laboratory in […]

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2015 harvest in France

The summer has been nice and warm in France, not least in the wine regions. So the harvest is early this year. In Languedoc they picked the first grapes already on the 7th of August. In Champagne, the harvest will probably start on September 7. The French Ministry of Agriculture estimates that the grape harvest […]

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Cork oaks in Provence

Portugal is the world’s largest cork producer but now competition is coming from Provence. Well, France will never have the volumes they have in Portugal. Portugal is still by far the world’s biggest cork producer. But this year 800,000 bottles will to be sealed with wine corks from cork oaks growing in the Massif des […]

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Oak barrels in a wine cellar in Piedmont

Oak chips without oak flavours

It is not allowed to aromatize wine. With one exception. You can age the wine in oak barrels. The oak gives flavours to the wine although many producers now claim that they are not looking for the flavours, only the gentle oxidation of the wine that you get from barrel ageing. It is also possible […]

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Strada del Vino de Montefalco del Sagrantino

Sagrantino di Montefalco, a challenger to Barolo | Britt on Forbes

There are many more exciting high-quality wine districts than the handfull of world famous names. One wine to discover is certainly Sagrantino di Montefalco. Montefalco is in Umbria, just south of Tuscany. In some ways it is similar to Tuscany, for example it is just as beautiful, and there’s also a lot of Sangiovese here. […]

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How much do I have to pay for a vineyard in France?

The differences in price for one hectare of vineyard in various French wine regions have never been as big as they are today. If you are thinking of becoming a wine producer you should avoid the Grand Cru vineyards of Burgundy. One hectare Grand Cru will cost you over 4 million euros. And besides, they […]

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South Africa: Breedekloof Chenin Blanc Initiative

One of our favourite grapes among the whites is Chenin blanc and not least the one coming from South Africa. Of South Africa’s nearly 100 000 hectares of vineyards Chenin blanc is grown on more than 18 000 hectares. The Chenin plantings used to be larger but then, on the other hand, the quality was […]

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Bordeaux Clairet from Château Lestrille, a favorite producer in Entre-deux-Mers

Château Lestrille is one of our favourite Bordeaux producers. They have just very successfully launched a wine on the Swedish market, it quickly sold out, so we take the opportunity to congratulate them! Lestrille is located in the Entre-deux-Mers region and they make red, white, rosé and Bordeaux Clairet. This last category is a speciality […]

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