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Bayer buys Monsanto?

To combat pests, diseases, and to remove weeds belong to the everyday tasks of a farmer and a wine grower. There is a lot of money – and controversy – in pesticides so therefore the announcement that the German company Bayer is probably buying the American company Monsanto has caused a lot of speculations. Bayer […]

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High or low alcohol? | New Brief out, #158 | The Wine Newsletter

High or low alcohol Are you one of those consumers who think that the alcohol level in wines is getting higher and higher? Actually, this is an undisputed fact. Wine has more alcohol now than it had in the past. Some consumers do not care, while others look at the label and are horror-struck if […]

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Grapes just in from harvest at Quinta do Noval, Douro

Top wines from Axa Millesimes in France, Portugal, Hungary | Britt on Forbes

It takes a lot of capital to assemble a collection of several world leading properties in just a few decades. Insurance companies have a lot of capital but usually they do not invest in wine. An insurer who has done that is AXA Millesimes in France. In just three decades they have acquired a handful […]

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Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 2010, Product of England | Britt’s Wine of the Month

It’s always fun to find wines that challenge more established wine regions. Like for example Champagne. I tried this English sparkling wine blind at my sister’s and brother in law’s house. Obviously they wanted to set me up. And so they did. My thoughts went directly to Champagne, although I also considered whether it could […]

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Pic Saint Loup is now a proper appellation

Pic Saint Loup Languedoc obtained its own appellation, AOP Pic Saint Loup, on the 7th of September. Not a day too early, according to many people. Pic Saint Loup, located about 20 kilometres north of Montpellier, was until now a sub-district of AOP Languedoc. For a long time it has been a dynamic district with […]

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Honey from Champagne

Honey from Champagne, doesn’t it sound delicious? Now this delicacy exists. Well-known Champagne AR Lenoble will release in in September its third vintage of honey from the village of Chouilly. AR Lenoble works environmentally friendly and sees beekeeping as part of having a living environment around their vineyards. The small Champagne house has the environmental […]

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Safari and golf as add-ons to the wine tour to South Africa

We have (finally?) published all the details on the two exceptional add-ons that you can choose for the wine tour to South Africa. Safari: For this very special safari add-on tour we have put together four days filled with several different experiences to show you the incredible diversity of the African nature and wild-life. Instead […]

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Aromatized wine? Flavoured yeast? Luxury wines without oak? | New Brief out, #157 | The Wine Newsletter

Aromatized wine? Flavoured yeast? Luxury wines without oak? On our trip to the southern Rhone Valley last week we tasted the unfermented grape juice from freshly harvested Grenache. It was delicious and sweet. But it didn’t taste like a wine, of course. A wine’s flavour is developed during the fermentation. Aromas that are already present […]

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South African wines gaining ground in the US

Americans drink more and more South African wine and they drink higher quality South African wines. Sales of South African wines in the United States increased by 14% in the past 12 months and the value increased by 25%. There is an increasing interest in the US at the moment for small South African quality […]

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Setback for blue wine

We must admit that when a blue wine was launched a few months ago we did not think it deserved a mention in the BKWine Brief. It felt too bizarre and somehow so unnecessary. However, now we can tell you about the latest adventure of the blue wine in France. It was recently launched at […]

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Winter and spring wine tours

Our winter tours have been on the program for a few months and now we have also finalised our tours for the spring 2017. All details are or will soon be (for Champagne and Bordeaux) on our website www.bkwinetours.com. Here are the dates: Chile & Argentina, January 28 – February 12, 2017 South Africa, February […]

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Hail destroys vineyards in Languedoc

A violent hailstorm caused great damage in among others the Pic Saint Loup and Grès de Montpellier appellations in Languedoc on 17 August. Grapes from hundreds of hectares were completely destroyed. The vines afterwards were completely naked, not a single leaf or grape bunch remained. Some growers lost their entire harvest and the Pic Saint […]

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Safari in South Africa – an extraordinary extension to the wine tour in South Africa

We have recently finalised all the details for the exceptional “extension module” for the South Africa wine tour. After the wine tour we offer you a four-day trip to private game reserves in the Eastern Cape, one hour flight from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. The reserves are malaria-free. You will have several exciting game […]

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Smoke gets in your wine?

Fires break out now and then in the immediate vicinity of vineyards. It can be violent fires that go on for days, or even weeks. Although the vines may not be affected directly by the fire, will the smoke have an impact on the finished wine? Yes, it is very likely, according to an article […]

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New classification of Rioja wines?

The style of a Rioja wine is determined by whether it is a crianza, a reserva or gran reserva. And the different levels are determined by how long the wine has been aged by the producer, in oak barrels and in bottle. For consumers, this is a way to identify different Rioja wines. But many […]

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Small increase in Spanish vine surface

If the Spanish winegrowers were allowed to decide, the Spanish vineyard surface would this year increase by 13 500 hectares. But Spanish authorities, after lobbying from co-operatives and other agricultural organisations, have set the limit at 4,173 hectares, which corresponds to an increase of the Spanish surface of just 0.43%. Other EU countries are allowed […]

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Chateau de Gaudou, Cahors

Chateau de Gaudou 2012 Renaissance, Cahors | Britt’s Wine of the Month 2

The winemaker Fabrice Durou took over the family estate in 2000. The family’s Cahors wines were then known as powerful wines for laying in you cellar. Wines that you should rather not touch the first years of their life. But Fabrice realized that today’s consumers do not want to wait 10-15 years for their wines. […]

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Terroir, desirable or despicable? | New Brief out, #156 | The Wine Newsletter

Terroir, desirable or despicable? It is interesting to see how a word can be reassessed. Take the word terroir. A word that every wine lover uses about ten times a day. And always in a very positive spirit. A wine that tastes of its terroir is a successful wine, a wine that stands out, a […]

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Veneto, wine champion in Italy

Vineyards are everywhere in Italy. The vineyard surface is as large as France – around 800 000 hectares – but the country is very much smaller. In contrast to France, Italy have vineyards in all its regions. Since quite some time now, the largest wine production region is Veneto in the northeast part of the […]

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Serralunga in Barolo, Piedmont

Prestige “Barbaresco” will be Barbaresco once more

Angelo Gaja’s children obviously do not agree with their father’s decision to sell the estate’s three single vineyard Barbaresco – Costa Russi, Sori Tildin and Sori San Lorenzo – as DOC Langhe instead of DOCG Barbaresco. Angelo Gaja starting doing this in 1996, possibly because he wanted to include some Barbera in the wines. Something […]

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The favourite grape in Napa is Cabernet Sauvignon

In Napa Valley they like Cabernet Sauvignon. The grape accounts for 40% of the Napa grape surface and 60% of the value of its wines. Now, says Chris Carpenter, cabernet specialist and winemaker, this dependence on Cabernet Sauvignon can be dangerous. Napa would be hit hard if a disease or a virus that affects that […]

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Oldenburg Vineyards Syrah 2013, Stellenbosch | Britt’s Wine of the Month 1

South Africa has a number of exciting and delicious wines. We go there once a year and we have our favourite wine estates that we return to every year. But we always make new discoveries as well. One discovery from this year’s trip in February was the Oldenburg Vineyards. The visit was very memorable. This […]

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Who sells wine in Denmark?

It is not only in Sweden that the Italian wines are popular. Also in Denmark, Italy is the largest wine country with a market share of 21.5%. Chile is in second place with 13.3%, closely followed by Spain, France and South Africa. In sixth place is Australia with 6.8%. In Denmark, the supermarket chains have […]

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Is the world heading for a wine shortage?

So far there has never been any shortage of wine in the world. Rather the opposite. For a long time there was a large surplus but since some years back this surplus is gone. Now the world makes about as much wine as it drinks. But this year the issue has become topical. The start […]

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Vineyards at Casa Valduga in Brazil

The best wine producers in Brazil are in Vale dos Vinhedos | Britt on Forbes

While the world’s top athletes are fighting it out in the Brazilian metropoles the best wines are made in the very southernmost remote parts of the country, in the Vale dos Vinhedos on the border to Uruguay. Brazilian wines have not yet made a great impression on the world of wine but that is perhaps […]

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Celebrate with a glass of wine from Brazil | Britt on Forbes

Brazil is on the front page of every media these days. The Olympic Games does give a lot of attention. But it is rare that Brazilian wines are given much coverage. That is a pity. Brazilian wine has come a long way since the first plantings were done in the Vale dos Vinhedos (The Valley […]

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True or not true on wine? | New Brief out, #155 | The Wine Newsletter

True or not true? You can find tons of information about wine on the Internet. Who look things up in books nowadays? (Actually, as we write wine books, we hope that many do!) It is practical to be able to find everything quickly and smoothly in your computer or phone, but it is also dangerous. […]

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A vine leaf affected by mildiou

Less pesticides? New, environmentally friendly treatment of mildiou

Whether you are organic or not, you have to spray against fungal diseases like downy mildew and powdery mildew. The organic growers use copper and sulphur and the conventional growers use synthetic chemical pesticides. To reduce the use of all these products would be a blessing for both the vineyards and the people that are […]

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Spraying vines with a vineyard tractor

Can organic wine production continue to grow? | Britt on Forbes

Organic viticulture has seen some astonishing growth. Today almost 10% of world wine production is estimated to be organic. A year like 2016 with very difficult weather conditions in many parts of Europe, that still accounts for the majority of the world’s wine, the growth in organics will no doubt be dampened. Bad weather is […]

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Caviar d’Aquitaine with Sauternes wine

Caviar. It is not for every day eating, but it is delicious. Not least the caviar from Bordeaux. In the past, there were wild sturgeons in the Gironde. But today the Bordeaux caviar, the caviar d’aquitaine, comes from farmed sturgeon. It takes about ten years from the birth of the fish until the valuable caviar […]

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