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Spain, biggest in the world. For vineyards

Wine countries outside of Europe are steadily increasing their surface under vines but it is still a European country that can boast the largest vineyard area in the world. It has long been Spain and it is still Spain with 950,541 hectares. That is 13.6% of the total global vineyard area. The largest region is […]

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New organic pesticide against rot (bytritis)

UK research company Eden Research has developed an organic pesticide, called 3AEY. The product has now been approved for sale in the EU. 3AEY is made of tea tree oil and lemon juice and is said to be effective against rot. The product has so far been found to have the same protection as conventional […]

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Another appellation for Bourgogne, Cote d’Or?

Will Burgundy obtain yet another appellation? The Burgundians already have about 100 appellations, more than any other wine region in France. But this does not deter them. The new appellation now being discussed (again, for it discussed already four years ago) is Bourgogne Côte-d’Or. So far, it is the negociants that are the driving force […]

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Suzukii fly in the vineyard

A brand new insect has made its debut in the French vineyards. This we were told at one of our visits to Champagne a few weeks ago. This insect is called drosophila suzukii and is a fly coming from Japan. It was first seen in Switzerland and in the Rhone Valley, where it lays its […]

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Les Muses Domaine du Joncier, Lirac

Uncorked: Good wines we have tasted recently, December 2014

Uncorked: Under this heading we collect various wines that we have tasted, and liked, recently. It can be wines that we have had during dinner at home, at wine tastings, press lunches, visits to vineyards, or other occasions. We describe the wines just with a few short sentences, tasting notes that we hope will give […]

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Congratulations André Lurton!

We congratulate André Lurton who recently celebrated his 90th anniversary. And we do that by making a toast in a glass of white Bordeaux wine. Because white Bordeaux is André Lurton’s special darling. He wants nothing more than to make it better known and appreciated. We fully agree. White Bordeaux is delicious, whether it is […]

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Bordeaux is so much more than just expensive chateaux, new marketing campaign

A new marketing campaign for Bordeaux wines is being launched in late October in France and the six major export countries, Belgium, Germany, UK, USA, Japan and China. This new campaign highlights Bordeaux diversity and variation rather than luxury and fine chateaux. “The more you look, the more you discover” is the new slogan that […]

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The Clos des Goisses vineyard at Champagnes Philipponnat

Champagne with character for the New Year

Now that the New Year is approaching it is interesting to note that the market for sparkling wine in the world has grown a lot in recent years. In 10 years, production has increased by more than 40% and consumption by more than 30%. The world wants to drink bubbles and no longer only on […]

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Understanding Wine Technology by David Bird

Understanding Wine Technology, by David Bird | Book Review

The making of a wine is much about chemistry. Without knowledge of chemistry it becomes difficult to really understand what is going on inside the winery. It is hard to find good literature about wine chemistry written by people who really know their subject. If you have poor knowledge of chemistry yourself, the books or […]

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Wine fair with Loire wines on February 2-4, 2015

Loire is France’s longest river. About 1000 kilometres long. Along the river there are lots of exciting wines of many different types, ranging from simple everyday wines to magnificent quality wines. The “wine part” of the Loire starts at Sancerre and Pouilly-sur-Loire and continues all the way out to the Atlantic. Along its course the […]

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Esca, a big problem in the French vineyards

The French wine harvest 2014 has largely given the wine producers adequate quantity and a good quality. But all is not rosy in the vineyard. There is a disease that wreaks havoc in the vineyards and it is believed that this disease now affects 12% of the French total vineyard surface. And it is growing. […]

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Gute vin logo

Good year for Swedish wine growers

The beautiful summer in Sweden this year has given the Swedish wine growers a long-awaited perfect harvest. Lauri Pappinen at Gutevin announces that he has picked around 7000 kilos of grapes from his vineyards around Näsudden in the south west part of the island of Gotland. This is the best harvest ever experienced at Näsudden. […]

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New rules in France for hiring harvesting workers

The harvesting machine today replaces hand harvesting in many places around the world. And harvesting machines are not only for simple wines. Small, efficient and gentle machines are also seen in densely planted vineyards where the grapes end up in prestigious wines. More and more grapes are harvested with machine. Today it is around 60%. […]

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Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2006

Champagne Roederer launches Brut Nature

Champagne Roederer has launched a new champagne, the first since Cristal Rosé was launched in 1974. This new Roederer is a vintage (2006) without dosage, that is, with no added sugar, no “dosage”, and no malolactic fermentation. In other words, we can expect a crisp champagne with a fresh acidity. This is the first time […]

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Natural cork, alive and well

Those who believe that natural cork is about to die out should probably think again. Not only do the major wine countries such as France and Italy, in most cases, prefer natural cork, now more and more winemakers in the United States are also convinced of the benefits of the natural cork. There is no […]

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A new Barrique Restaurant in Gothenburg

We have enjoyed Barrique Restaurant & Wine Bar at their different locations in Gothenburg. Recently a new Barrique Restaurant opened on Berzelii street. We had dinner there just a few weeks after the opening and we were not disappointed. Not this time either. We have never been disappointed with Barrique. The concept here at Berzeliigatan […]

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Nicolas Feuillatte dies, 88 years old

Sometimes you wonder who the person behind the name is, or if there is a person at all. In the case of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte there really was a person named Nicolas Feuillatte. He was an enterprising man who created his own champagne brand before he teamed up with what would later become Champagne’s biggest […]

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A glass of sparkling wine

California Champagne and bullying Gallo

The best-selling sparkling wine in the United States, excluding champagne, is nevertheless a champagne. The brand André, owned by the giant E & J Gallo, is a California Champagne which also is clearly stated on the label. Since a few years ago, it is forbidden for wine producers in the United States to call their […]

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Chateau Carsin 2003, Bordeaux

Château Carsin 2003, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux | Britt’s Wine of the Month

It was a delight to drink this red wine from Premières Côtes de Bordeaux. It did not cost much but it turned out to have a very good ageing potential. We picked it from our cellar recently and it turned out to be a fantastic wine with a clear Bordeaux style. It was mature yet […]

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Tio Pepe fino en rama Gonzalez Byass sherry

Summer (?) aperitif: sherry fino en rama

It is an excellent summer aperitif (remember the time?) but it works just as fine at any time of the year: We just finished a bottle of Tio Pepe Fino En Rama from Gonzalez Byass. This is a powerful fino with intense flavours. The aromas are those of a typical fino, only so much more. […]

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Quinta do Noval 2012 Vintage Port

Quinta do Noval is one of the most famous port wine houses. Nowadays, it is owned by French insurance company AXA, which also owns several prestige châteaux in Bordeaux. Recently Quinta do Noval declared a new vintage, namely 2012. This year was not an obvious vintage for all port wine houses. But the director of […]

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Mendoza – wine travel on a high level | A travel chronicle

A trip to the wine country of Mendoza is a fabulous experience. You will find large, spectacular wineries like Salentein with its art museum and smaller family-owned ones like Tempus Alba where they also do research work trying to find the best Malbec clone. The ambition is high everywhere. The meat is fantastic. The Andes […]

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Lightweight bottles against climate change. Extra charge for over-weight to come

Have you tried lifting a box of 12 bottles of champagne? It’s heavy, I can tell you. Champagne bottles are heavy, but out of necessity. Too thin glass would not withstand the pressure in the bottle. But for still wines, how much need a bottle weigh? 420 grams, says Systembolaget, the Swedish state monopoly for […]

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Vineyards and mountains in Savoie

A new sparkling wine – Crémant de Savoie

Crémant de Savoie is a brand new member of the Crémant-family. With Savoie this family now includes eight 8 different regions: Savoie, Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Die, Jura, Limoux and Loire. Crémant de Savoie will, at least initially, have a small production of 300 000 bottles per year. A drop in the ocean compared to for […]

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Chateau de Beaucastel blanc vieilles vignes 1991

Château de Beaucastel Vieilles Vignes blanc 1991, Châteauneuf-du-Pape | Britt’s Wine of the Month

This is a magnificent white wine, probably the best white in the entire Rhone Valley. A full-bodied wine made with the Roussanne grape. The nose is intense with aromas of beeswax, honey, ripe apricot. Full-bodied, rich, almost oily in the mouth. Very long finish. The wine has a great ageing potential and this 1991 is […]

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To irrigate or not to irrigate in the vineyard?

The summer started with a lot of rain in some parts of France. But in Languedoc-Roussillon it is getting dry. During a hot summer with hardly any rain, some vineyards will have problems, especially those with young vines. It was taboo in the old days in France to talk about irrigation. But times change. Now […]

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Claude Bourguignon, vineyard consultant

The importance of long roots: We meet Claude and Lydia Bourguignon in Cahors

Claude and Lydia Bourguignon are two well-known microbiologists who work as consultants worldwide. They advise wine producers and other farmers on all aspects of the soil. They analyse the soil, measure the microbiological activity, make recommendations about rootstocks, grape varieties, plant density, cover crops, fertilizers and so on. Their home base is northern Burgundy and […]

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French wine – a national heritage

Finally it’s official. The wine belongs to the French cultural heritage. On July 9, the French wine industry had a reason to celebrate. On that day it was confirmed, finally, by the parliament that the French wine is a part of the French national heritage (le patrimoine français). Maybe this confirmation came just in time. […]

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Prices are stable for vineyard land in France, according to SAFER

131.600 euro/ha in AOP, 12.100 euro/ha outside At the SAFER press conference in late May, it was announced that the average price in France of vineyard land with AOP status in 2013 was 131.600 euros per hectare. This was virtually the same as in 2012. However, it has become almost 11% more expensive to buy […]

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Ambitious cooperatives in the Rhône Valley merge

Two ambitious cooperative in the southern Rhone Valley have merged. It is the Caves des Vignerons de Caractère in Vacqueyras and Balma Venitia in Beaumes de Venise. There are both quite small cooperatives that work well and are investing heavily in sustainable wine growing. Together, they will account for 8 million bottles of wine from […]

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